Posted on May 21, 2022

The Left is at War with Reality

Jason Sullivan, American Renaissance, May 21, 2022

The irony of the Left’s insulting terms for conservatives is that they are true in the sense that they describe real phenomena, but the words are propaganda, because the Leftist turns reality into a pejorative.

For example, “the patriarchy” is real, but it isn’t bad. It’s a normal part of healthy society.

‪“White privilege” is real in the sense that whites outperform most non-whites on IQ tests and in saving money, avoiding prison, etc., but this is not a result of some nefarious plot by whites to “oppress” non-whites. And, to the extent there is some privilege or benefit to members of the majority racial group of any country, this is right and proper.

‪“Racism” is real in the sense that all races in general prefer to congregate with their own race, and this is not a bad thing. Nor is it something deliberately taught or propagated in “white supremacist” societies. It is the natural order of things. A member of one’s race is part of one’s extended family.

‪“Islamophobia” is real in the sense that many white Westerners are wary of Arab Muslims, but it isn’t an irrational fear or hatred, as the word suggests. It’s normal for people of one racial group to be wary of those of another, especially if there is a history of violence from the other.

‪“Homophobia” or “transphobia” is real. Well-adjusted, normal people feel a sense of unease or revulsion at sexual oddities, and this is healthy and proper.

In short, the Left has managed to create propaganda terms out of normal, healthy aspects of human nature. The denotations of the terms are true, but the connotations are bad. The left is fighting reality. It hates nature and reality itself, and it asks — even demands — that we share its delusions.