Posted on December 9, 2021

Verified Hate: Is Math Racist?

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, December 9, 2021

According to USA Today, many “students of color” struggle with math. (Somehow, I don’t think they mean Asians.)

Thus, the solution is to change the way the subject is taught.

Does this mean Hidden Figures is a lie? I thought we couldn’t get to the moon without the mathematical supremacy of people of color.

Many people are laughing at this in the comments. However, it’s all logical. Unless you are willing to accept racial reality, you are left with “disparate impact.” If the premise is that different groups must perform equally absent racism, this is a reasonable response. If you say the premise is wrong, well, welcome to the “far right.”

Remember, The Great Replacement is a dangerous conspiracy theory.

David Brooks was trending on Twitter for a typically foolish column. David Reaboi points out the critical flaw in Mr. Brooks’s lament for conservatism.

Of course, Mr. Brooks’s column contains a grain of truth. If you concede the racial argument, you will ultimately end up conceding all American history before 1965. “Respectable” conservatives like David Brooks legitimize this process of dispossession.

Speaking of abandoning American history, Charlottesville has given the Robert E. Lee statue to a black museum that will supposedly create “art that will represent racial justice.”

I suspect it will be an unintentional insult to “racial justice,” much like the current state of cities like Baltimore, Selma, Jackson and countless others.

I think this is a direct insult to Jared Taylor.

I mean, there is Europe – but I suspect that if we went back to Europe, we’d have blacks begging at the gates soon afterward.

Meanwhile, from the Jussie Smollett trial:

This is a metaphor for America today. What most people think is offensive is not what’s happening — crime, corruption, waste, dispassion. What’s offensive is the wrong people drawing attention to it.

A new legal precedent is born:

The logical conclusion of this way of thinking is separation, which is fine by me.

“I’d like to speak to your manager.”

Washington DC public schools are majority non-white. Figures from the public schools system show white students were outperforming black and Hispanic students in 2019. Overall, students in the Washington DC public school system lag behind other students in the country. Will changing the race of the teachers help? It would probably mean more to change the race of the students.

Some vibrant scenes of American life:

A long thread from a “White Backlash” teacher.

Let’s stop there. “Deadly” to whom exactly? A black officer shot an unarmed white woman, Ashli Babbitt. NBC News then gave a platform for black Capitol Police officer Lt. Michael Byrd to claim he saved “countless” lives.

Consider the amount of privilege and official protection required just to have a student union dedicated to your race.

The end result of a historical dispute about the actions of the murderer and traitor John Brown.

The latest crisis:

I feel like they should stop appropriating our culture anyway.


It’s like you wouldn’t even know we’re in the grip of a crime wave right now.

The New York Times also posted a “guest essay” on the important topic of “Is My Little Library Contributing to the Gentrification of My Black Neighborhood?” There’s a lot to unpack here, notably the assumption that it is legitimate for a community to preserve its racial identity and that The Gray Lady should give a platform to this argument. However, this is probably the best quote:

Again, we aren’t resented because of anything we or our ancestors did. It’s because of who we are.