Posted on September 14, 2021

Verified Hate: Biting the White Hand

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, September 14, 2021

Syracuse University professor Jenn M. Jackson had a curious take on the September 11 attacks. Among other statements, she said she was “disturbed by how many white pundits and correspondents talk about it.”

She has since hidden her posts, but the internet is forever.

I agree that the systems many white Americans fight to protect are a problem. They give her a living. Who depends on whom? Who has “privilege?” Professor Jackson is a product of the system. Is it worth protecting?

In its trending topics section, Twitter turned the attacks into sympathy for Muslims.

Again, whom does the system reward? Islam was marginal before September 11, 2001. In the years since, Keith Ellison, Ilhan Omar, Andre Carson and Rashida Tlaib all became members of Congress. The number of Muslims in the United States is growing rapidly and the followers of Muhammed will be the second largest religion in the country by 2040.

Since 9/11, US Muslims Have Gained Unprecedented Political, Cultural Influence,” reported Newsweek. Besides losing thousands of lives, trillions of dollars, and the war itself, the main impact of the Afghanistan war will be tens of thousands of Afghans in the United States. The next Ilhan Omar — if not Omar Mateen (an American-born child of Afghans) — may be among them.

A group of College Republicans at Washington University put out flags to commemorate the September 11 attacks. Fadel Alkilani, chairman of the student finance committee, removed them.

He claims that he wasn’t going to remove the flags but wanted to add information about “pro-imperialist sentiment” and “Islamophobia.”

In 2019, Mr. Alkilani wrote an article in the Washington University Political Review:

I walk through the high school, and I see shirts and red hats. One of my best friends stands in support of Trump and I get sick to my stomach, realizing that my humanity was a compromise for them. . . .  I think about my sister, her hijab a bright target, and I get angry. I sigh with relief when another potentially Islamophobic comment ends, my existence not obviously offending. . . . Hate crimes surge once more. The KKK masks that covered online profiles are removed, and Neo-Nazis exalt in their newfound mainstream support. The “alt-right” mobilizes, the media giving them a platform to spread Neo-Nazi ideology. . . . Old, white retirees on their couches soak it up, their Facebook feeds filled with self-selected content that affirms their ideas. Their weird looks in shopping malls, the fake smile, and tone of voice when they speak to a non-white Christian person grates on my nerves.

I missed the “mainstream support” for Neo-Nazis. “Contact theory” is wrong. Mixing different groups together doesn’t make them like each other.

Former Democratic congressional candidate Pam Keith:

It’s worth reminding everyone that the only people who died that day were Trump supporters. A black man shot an unarmed white woman. On NBC, he said that he saved “countless lives.”

Perhaps the January 6 riot really was worse than September 11, but not in the way Pam Keith thinks. It showed that the federal government does not believe in the rule of law. Consider the federal government’s leniency in prosecuting the 2017 riots during President Trump’s inauguration (during which Richard Spencer was assaulted on camera) and the hugely destructive Black Lives Matter riots all last year. Those who committed far lesser crimes on January 6 are rigorously prosecuted pour encourager les autres.

An activist with over 125,000 followers on Twitter posted a video that blasts whites who say “black lives matter” but don’t “do the work.”

It’s important to support these efforts. “Woke” whites must understand that under Critical Race Theory, they are racist no matter what they do.

An old standby, “Bishop” Talbert Swan, makes the same point.


You’ve been warned.

It’s always fun to see liberal whites mocked.

Apparently, there are sacred words that can be used only by certain people. If whites use them, their power is “stolen.”

No affirmative-action American is in any position to talk about “stealing” culture. If we’re going to play that game, non-whites should stop using anything that contains uses transistors, which were invented by William B. Shockley. While they’re at it, they should stop speaking English.

There is certainly a case for that!

A journalist has written a book about Surviving the White Gaze. If looking at blacks is a threat, they should want to live away from us. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Again, “doing the work” to be anti-racist doesn’t get you any credit.

Well, it looks like The Great Replacement is real again and not just a conspiracy theory. Except that a Media Matters researcher just noticed something Matt Walsh said.

False alarm: It’s a conspiracy theory after all.

Becoming “anti-racist” is a journey. Luckily, there are wise guides to help you along the way.

Jay Nordlinger is hardest hit. Reagan Republicans are still racists.

This isn’t from a verified account, but I may have found a real “white ally.”

John Brown and his friends were bloodthirsty terrorists. The first man Brown’s party killed during his “raid” was a free black man. “Progressives” can preach violence on Twitter, but we can’t talk about the biological reality of race.

Last night, the Metropolitan Museum of Art held its gala to raise money for its “Costume Institute.” Tickets reportedly cost $35,000 each. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wore a gown that said “Tax The Rich.” Another example of those who are in power masquerading as rebels.

I’m saddened to report that there was a straight white male at the event.

Celebrity degenerates have a long way to go if they want true diversity.

Not even classical music is a bastion of high culture.

One suspects this is part of the plan deliberately to kill it off.

That’s just a sampling of what’s happening on Twitter, where Jared Taylor and American Renaissance still can’t have accounts.

Did we miss any especially absurd tweets? Be sure to let us know in the comments.