Posted on January 6, 2021

Verified Hate: The Great Replacement

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, January 6, 2020

The “Great Replacement” is getting attention again, this time from a researcher at Syracuse University.

Of course, the point is correct. “Stopping the steal” is a sideshow compared to the fact that conservatism has no future in a majority non-white America. A changing population means removing whites from power. For decades, people warned Republicans about this; the Cassandras were purged. Now, the consequences are obvious to everyone. Just look at what happened in Georgia last night. The Democrats are taking the Senate, thanks to heavy black turnout.

In case you hadn’t noticed, black women have saved America — again.

This woman understands white liberals better than they understand themselves.

Black women almost universally support Democratic candidates. For example, in 2018, an astonishing 98 percent supported Democratic senator Doug Jones and helped the Democrats take a Senate seat in Alabama. Voting for Democrats means saving not just democracy but the whole country.

This is just a few of the hymns of praise to our black saviors. Why do black women vote Democrat? One explanation is that they need handouts. A 2010 study found that black women in their prime working years had a median net worth of just five dollars. In 2013, another study found a median net worth of just $200. In 2017, another study showed that older, single black women have just $11,000 in net assets.

In other words, black women are a dependent class. They have the most to gain from “equity,” which is redistribution of wealth from whites to blacks. They “save democracy” by taking from white and Asian taxpayers.

Black Democrats understand that race drives politics. Republicans refuse to.

A writer from The Nation:

If Republicans were the white identitarian party of liberal fantasies, the GOP would be a lot stronger.

Here is advice on how to understand your feelings:

How long before all this really is “racist”?

Can we have our own programs, too?

I’d call this projection.

Modern America’s guiding principle.

Some whites are also suffering, but blacks are not likely to care.

That was a typical comment. We’re on our own, guys.