Posted on October 28, 2020

Twelve Steps to White Recovery

Frank Ellis, American Renaissance, October 28, 2020

The University of Minnesota’s School of Social Work and Continuing Education Series came up with a program to cure white people of various afflictions, specifically “Whiteness.” The 12-Step Program is modeled on the one used by Alcoholics Anonymous. In response, I offer my own 12-Step program designed to help whites to break free of politically-correct conditioning. If enough whites resist the organized and often state-sponsored contempt directed at them, there is hope for revival and, above all, survival. Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote:

If we manage to stand our ground then it shall only be on the stony path of our own resources, on the extensiveness and duration of our statehood, culture and Orthodox faith. And if we do not stand our ground, that means we go under.

Let us also not hope that some kind of miracle will turn up and will of itself save us. All of us are Russia. We have made her what she is and it is up to us to get her back on her feet. So that the twenty-first century will not become the last for Russians we must find in ourselves the strength and ability to resist the decline here and now, and the greater the destructive forces that bear down on our country, the greater must be the resistance. (Rossiia v obvale (Russia in Ruins) Russkii put’, Moscow, 1998, p.45 & p.159.)

The 12 steps:

Step 1: I admit that as I passed through primary, secondary and tertiary education, I was subjected to agitation and propaganda, the aim of which was to condition me to accept that the neo-Marxist ideology of diversity was a good thing and that white people — my people — were the worst of all people. When someone spat in my face, I believed — because I wanted to believe — that he had kissed me;

Step 2: I recognize that it is possible to escape the ideological captivity known as diversity and so recover my intellectual freedom;

Step 3: Although the imposition of politically-correct thinking and behavior relies on group and collectivist pressure — a powerful social force — I recognize that liberation begins in a man’s heart and soul. I, as an individual, succumbed to this depravity. I, as an individual, must conquer the demon in me;

Step 4: I wandered alone but not lonely for I felt God’s hand on my shoulder and I pondered and rejected the false doctrine of diversity and its monstrous assault on white people, their culture, and civilization;

Step 5: I confess that in succumbing to the evils of diversity, I betrayed myself, my family, my culture, my history, my people, the spirit of July 4, 1776, the Marines who perished on Iwo Jima, and the Founding Fathers. I shall never forsake the First and Second Amendments;

Step 6: I recognize that if the West succumbs to the false doctrine that truth is merely a social and political construct, the West shall fall;

Step 7: In order better to understand the nature of the threat to the West, I gathered knowledge and understanding of my opponents. I became wise in the ways of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and their successors and imitators;

Step 8: I recognize that those who accuse me of white supremacy resent the West. They are committed to the destruction of the West so that all will live under their hegemony;

Step 9: The West and its achievements are the foundation of the modern world. Ours is a noble and honorable struggle;

Step 10: I suggest to non-whites that if they find life in a society created by whites too much of a burden, they should return whence they came;

Step 11: Every day I marvel at the scientific achievements of the West that have taken men to the Moon and sent probes to the planets. My thoughts reach out to Voyagers1 and 2. The Moon pines for our return and Mars beckons;

Step 12: Our opponents use the language of peace and caring, they talk of tolerance and compassion. But their smiles are serpentine and cold. Our very existence offends them. If they are successful, future generations may never know we even existed.