Posted on February 7, 2020

Jennifer Rubin’s About Face

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, February 7, 2020

Almost every major media outlet has its token conservative, the ideological equivalent of affirmative action. The token isn’t the voice of the grassroots. Instead, he mostly lectures the grassroots about why conservatives should conserve leftist power.

We got a good look at this during the 2015–2016 Republican primary. Conservatism Inc. “Never Trumpers” such as Erick Erickson, Jonah Goldberg, and Glenn Beck, supported Evan McMullin. Some have crawled back to the GOP and submitted to President Trump, but others have become unhinged.

At the top of the unhinged list is Jennifer Rubin, the Washington Post’s lapdog “conservative.” Week after week, she attacks the GOP, the President, and anyone who supports him. She’s blasted Brett Kavanaugh, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and Rand Paul. Senator Ted Cruz is “Putin’s stooge.” The people must “burn down the Republican Party” lest there be any “survivors” who support President Trump. The GOP must be “destroyed” so a “rational center-right party can emerge.”

Even though she’s used this borderline violent language for years, The Hill called her a “conservative columnist” just two weeks ago.

Jennifer Rubin

Finally, the mask is off. Now, Miss Rubin says she’s a “19th century liberal or a Wet Tory.” Yesterday, she wrote an extraordinary attack on Rush Limbaugh, who was awarded the Medal of Freedom during the State of the Union address. “What’s next — giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom to David Duke?” she asked. “He [Mr. Limbaugh] is the embodiment of divisive, hateful right-wing media rhetoric,” she wrote, “which, just like Trump, casts Democrats as evil and the media as enemies of the people.” She accuses Mr. Limbaugh of “hateful statements” and says “Trump’s great lie is convincing white males” that they are “victims of elites.” It’s not surprising that she also wants “respectable companies” to stop advertising on Tucker Carlson’s program, the one television show that sympathetically discusses the “deaths of despair” plaguing European-Americans.

Moral outrage is a powerful force in politics. However, it’s hard to take Miss Rubin’s fury about Rush Limbaugh seriously. In 2011, she tweeted that people should “stop calling Rush and others racists” if they want to put an end to competitive victimhood.

Somehow, today, Rush Limbaugh is the “embodiment” of hate. Let us not forget that Mr. Limbaugh’s most controversial statements, including jabs at the NAACP and Nelson Mandela, were made years before Jennifer Rubin defended him in 2011.

We shouldn’t be surprised by Miss Rubin. She’s yet another journalist who simultaneously dismisses and celebrates white America’s demographic decline. In August 2019, she said nationalist arguments are nonsensical.

“As for certain Fox News hosts, Trump-toadying Republicans and virulent anti-immigrant groups who deny they are ‘white nationalists,’ let’s be clear: They regularly parrot key components of white supremacist/nationalist ideology: the belief that American identity is tied to race, the hysteria that the United States is being overrun by nonwhites, the notion that whites are being ‘replaced’ (a key component of white nationalism) by nonwhites who will change the essence of America; and the belief that nonwhites (contrary to all available evidence) are more dangerous than whites.”

Miss Rubin clearly hasn’t read “The Color of Crime.”

But sometimes she actually recognizes what is happening. In 2017, she said the demographic decline of white Christians “has had a huge impact on our politics” and that “numbers ultimately matter” so that Trump’s opponents can simply “outvote Trump’s base.” In 2018, she wrote that Northern Virginia “is increasingly moderate thanks to an influx of nonwhite voters, government workers, college-educated suburbanites and high-tech employees.” In October 2019, she said “Republicans have created a zero-sum game wherein the increasingly racist and radical appeals to white Christians needed to drive high turnout alienates a substantial segment of the growing nonwhite and/or unaffiliated electorate,” and that eventually the math becomes “impossible” for the GOP.

The Washington Post hired Jennifer Rubin after conservatives lobbied for “one of their own” to be on staff. They thought Dave Weigel was too biased to cover the conservative movement even though Mr. Weigel is far less biased and histrionic than the supposedly “conservative” Jennifer Rubin.

President Trump is not perfect, but he has forced our opponents to reveal themselves. Jennifer Rubin is not a conservative but just another far-lefty. Let her write paeans to Nancy Pelosi. However, after this attack on Rush Limbaugh, even liberal reporters must concede she has nothing to do with conservatism, the Republican Party, or the historic, white American nation.