Posted on January 6, 2020

New Year; Same Anti-White Tweeting

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, January 6, 2020

Some progressives say whites don’t belong in America, because the “first Americans” were “Native Americans.” If that’s true, shouldn’t Europe belong to whites? We’re the indigenous people of Europe, after all.

Not according to the BBC.

The BBC doesn’t approve of the Afrikaners’ efforts to preserve their culture and language.

#ItsOkToBeWhite trended last week. Many protested.

The preferred term is “People of Light,” Mr. Waltham.


I’m afraid he needs education. Robin DiAngelo assures us all whites are racist, no matter what we do. If racism is not ok, neither is being white.

It is OK not to be white. Can we have a “conversation” now?

Being proud of homosexuality is fine, though.

There’s a revealing exchange.

Don’t worry everyone, the problem is “nonexistent,” which is why you get fired, attacked or investigated if you say otherwise.

Sadly, there’s more evidence that whites will sacrifice their first born to avoid accusations of racism.

It’s always our fault.

Why do journalists think “we” need to know about the victims?

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