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More speed, better stability.

22 percent of French have a favorable opinion of nationalist politician.

French interior minister says illegals will be deported, whether they are children or not.

Black immigration official in Britain promised woman asylum for sex.

Foreign born can’t be politicians, judges, policemen, or firefighters.

Vote Proves New Orleans Likes his Style, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Ray Nagin re-elected as mayor of “Chocolate City.”

FBI sting catches black congressman accepting $100,000 in bribery plan.

Senate immigration bill contains amnesty for employers, too.

New Jersey Supreme Court rules illegals injured by uninsured drivers can get compensation.

Groups give border-crossers food, water, and medical aid.

Children of illegal aliens cost Texas schools $4 billion a year.

12 percent of black and 4 percent of Hispanic men aged 25-29 in prison or jail.

Congressman’s new book warns American headed for the dustbin of history.