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He is a “DREAMer.”

He raped the child–who is under 13 years old–over a four-month period.

David Cameron says a “swarm” of Africans is trying to break into Britain.

That doesn’t stop Republicans from betraying those who vote for them.

Illegal immigrant tried to rape a 14 year old, shot one woman, and killed another.

David Frum points out the facts.

An analysis of a new term for spineless “conservatives.”

Says immigrants should actually benefit the country.

One in nine Virginians is foreign-born.

The Mexican border isn’t our only problem.

Very strong talk about lax enforcement.

British welfare is quite a draw.

“The election is a choice between mass immigration and welfare. You choose.”

Man from Kiribati wanted to live in New Zealand.

Veterans view Trump more favorably than McCain.

But the border, we’re told, is secure.

Fighting the Mexican Drug Lords–in Brown and White


A review of the documentary film Cartel Land.


New guidelines halve the number of illegals considered “enforcement priorities.”

Nearly 8,000 rapes.

Straight Talk About Immigrant Crime, Center for Immigration Studies

Hispanics have low crime rates only if they are compared to blacks.

Northern League is now Italy’s third-most popular party.

It relaxes the criteria for amnesty.

Meanwhile Trump takes his campaign to the southern border.

Says “It feels good to be heard.”

He was released because of a 2013 case a judge said “will not flood our streets with fearsome criminals.”

Sarah Saldaña doesn’t want a crackdown on sanctuary cities.

They need only cite a “deeply held moral or ethical code” to be exempted.

Because the arresting officers did not speak Spanish.

Swedish bureaucrat calls anyone who points it out “Islamophobic.”

They’re “white,” too.

Both suspects are ICE fugitives.

Why Donald Trump Is Leading the Pack


He’s the one candidate with backbone.


68 percent of Republican primary voters say he is “basically right” on immigration.

Mexicans doing the job Americans won’t.

Italians protest immigrant “invasion.”

Shooter is a naturalized citizen from Kuwait.

Ann Coulter dismantles studies that claim immigrants are less criminal than natives.

Deportable criminal was turned loose on the community.

Says Kansas City “is very proud of the work of National Council of La Raza.”

SPLC helped the workers bring suit.

Indian says at least 300 million should emigrate to solve overpopulation problem.

They want to choose their destination.

That’s net of those who go back home.

ICE spokesman: “Going forward, ICE will generally not detain mothers with children.”

Government started building the 13-foot-high fence this week.

Who knows what chain migration could bring us.

Hispanics probably aren’t.

Hans Herman Hoppe’s classic response to open-borders libertarianism.

Some went on to commit new crimes such as child sex abuse.

Responding to hecklers, Trump said “Don’t worry, we’ll take our country back.”