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Border Patrol chief says South Texas could use another 1,500 agents.

20 percent of Germans disapprove of miscegenation; 46 percent won’t give their opinion.

ICE made half as many arrests in 2015 as it did in 2013.

Over 500 women reported sex attacks on New Year’s Eve.

In exit polls across the country, about two-thirds of Republican voters support the temporary ban.

1,000 new migrants are arriving in Sicily each week.

Hispanics are 21 percent of all millennials.

Environmental groups were bribed to go soft on immigration.

The number is 40 percent higher than the previous record of 2014.

He and nine Somali friends in Minnesota hoped to go join ISIS or attack the U.S.

Company claims it can’t find American workers to meet its needs.

“I did not put my kid in harm’s way when he went to school that day. You did.”

They were on their way to the U.S.

Speakers critical of Islam regularly draw crowds in the hundreds.

Human traffickers packed too many migrants onto an already full ship.

Unaccompanied illegal alien minors are now becoming gang members.

80 percent of illegal Central American child immigrants were placed with other illegals.

A split court would mean the programs remain blocked.

Hundreds of migrants clash with Frenchmen calling themselves the “anti-crime brigade.”

Trump supporters and Hispanic groups debated across the fence.

He’s now accused of carrying bags containing the explosives that killed 32 people.

The office would help both legal and illegal immigrants.

It’s costing taxpayers $300,000 every day.

Suit would be based on 10th-Amendment states’ rights.

Sicily may be “the new Lesbos.”

EU president calls the number of would-be migrants in Libya “alarming.”

“We used to have a safe, monocultural society. Now our welfare state is under huge pressure.”

When Pieties Collide, City-Journal

The Third World invasion takes precedence over feminism.

He’s been in Europe for six months.

“Migrants” show their true colors.

Syrian migrant says he did the hate hoax to protest cramped living conditions.

Trumpeted raids are no doubt meant to have a chilling effect.

In 2013, the U.S. took more migrants from Pakistan than from Britain.

A “staggering number” of ISIS fighters may be posing as refugees.

Brits will finally learn how many foreigners are on the dole.

67 percent still favor a temporary ban of Muslim immigration.

Direct flights of Syrian migrants into Europe have also begun.

German Development Minister: Eight to 10 million migrants are gathering on the Libyan coast.

U.S. is pressuring Mexico to stop Central Americans from reaching its border.

“The mandatory European quotas increase the terrorist risk in Europe and imperils our culture.”

Tiptoeing towards the truth.

VP of European Commission writes the West’s suicide note.

Mexico accepted as refugees just 56 of the 35,704 migrant children it caught in 2014.

Die Welt and Breitbart report on the “Rivers of Blood” speech.

“Therefore a tight immigration policy is important.”

“A specter is haunting the dinner parties, fundraisers and think-tanks of the Establishment . . .”

Just yesterday, the Italian coastguard picked up 1,600 migrants off the coast of Libya.

Migrants head for Paris after authorities shut down their camp in Calais.

28 percent of Australians are now foreign-born.

71 percent of Republican voters and 34 percent of Democratic voters agree.