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Former fraud-prevention official expects “astronomical” fraud in amnesty applications.

He said his party would wants “fewer Moroccans” in the Netherlands.

Rich Europeans don’t want refugees living near them.

Hispanic woman will head ICE.

Judge says Obama’s action goes “beyond prosecutorial discretion.”

Republicans are still thirsty for cheap labor.

Each detainee will cost taxpayers $296 a day.

The US Hispanic population has risen 592 percent since 1970.

Doc: When constituents bring up immigration, keep “moving the conversation on.”

Another British institution that’s “frightened of appearing racist.”

Sweden Democrats may get nearly 20 percent of the vote in March elections.

That includes 800 murderers and 600 rapists.

Some congressmen are sponsoring an amendment to defund it.

Firing millions of “legal” workers would be economically disruptive.

Will the GOP do anything substantive to oppose executive amnesty?

That number is up 2 million since 2007.

“The schools are a base of organization for the gangs.”

That was to house only 2,400 illegal alien children.

Substantive opposition to executive amnesty will not come until January.

73 percent of Hispanics say executive amnesty should be expanded.

Author says we owe between $22,000 and $101,000 to each illegal.

States say executive amnesty “tramples” the Constitution.

WaPo editorial board: Obama’s amnesty is unjustified.

Just seven will be charged with fraud prevention.

Group is called “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West.”

It would temporarily fund Obama’s executive amnesty.

Says all Europeans have a common enemy in multiculturalism.

Illegal immigrants bilking the government.

The measure would have cut immigration from 80,000 to 16,000 per year.

Hispanics want to cover illegals.

Immigrants are only 1.8 percent of the population.

Report from the Congressional Research Service.

UKIP is forcing him to the right on immigration.

Whether they are in the country legally or not.

He says protests are “rooted in realities.”

Employers won’t have to pay a penalty for not insuring amnestied illegals.

LA Times is worried about fake “helpers,” not fake amnesty applicants.

Governments are delighted their people aren’t coming back.

Professor at University of Maryland realizes what is happening.

Kris Kobach to file suit against executive amnesty.

Hispanics held signs outside the White House that read “Gracias, Presidente Obama.”

Buchanan: US will be “Third World country . . . no more a Western nation.”

Obama is doing more than just shielding illegals from deportation.

The terrible legacy of the last amnesty.

He thinks it will shore up his “legacy.”

They will get work permits, too.

He once said he would have to be “Emperor” to take such action.

Who Might Benefit from Executive Amnesty?, Center for Immigration Studies

Not necessarily people we would want as countrymen.

Says “mighty big things” can be done by executive order.

There are no limits to “prosecutorial discretion.”