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Police chief says it’s a case of “taharrush”–mass Muslim sex assault.

He told Telemundo that Republicans will back amnesty under Paul Ryan.

100,000 Central American “refugees” have already crossed the border illegally this year.

Some anchor babies weren’t getting the “benefits to which they are entitled.”

Vowed Germans “won’t be able to sleep peacefully anymore.”

She was pregnant.

But prosecutors say there are “no grounds for allegations of terrorism.”

“I am with you, I will fight for you, and I will win for you.”

They were previously released due to a California law protecting illegals.

Wilders says Trump is part of the “Patriotic Spring” sweeping Europe.

Administration wants another chance at executive amnesty.

Judge scolds a couple for having a private Facebook group critical of immigration.

He’s Not on Our Side, American Thinker

Obama has handcuffed the Border Patrol.

Common sense in Australia.

Prime Minister: “Serbia must protect its national interests.”

FAIR says he has a mixed record on immigration.

That’s not including chain migration of Syrian refugees’ family members.

NYT lets rightists speak for themselves.

It calls for a wall that “must cover the entirety of the southern border.”

$680 is just too much for them.

Germany welcomed 2.1 million newcomers.

Poll suggests US may be the most brainwashed Western country.

States don’t have to count all the income of illegals when calculating eligibility for handouts.

He’s been in the US only two months.

She shocked Australia in the 1990s. Now she’s back in politics.

The basic platform for Pauline Hanson’s One Australia Party.

But “advocates for refugees” oppose new law that makes it easier to deport perps.

Internal memo says “surge in sex crimes” has “given us grave cause for concern.”

Americans say they don’t mind non-white immigrants; they just don’t want leeches.

Not if Barack Obama has his way.

They listen to lobbyists rather than voters.

“Foreign young men” are accused of five rapes and 40 gropings at two festivals.

925,000 Aliens Ordered Removed Have Not Departed, Center for Immigration Studies

Including 170,000 convicted criminals.

Unaccompanied Central American minors “are committing horrific crimes, such as decapitation and stoning.”

He has confessed to a triple homicide.

And whites are afraid of being called racists.

The backlog has increased 1,400 percent since 2011.

Mother came to US to have baby who, of course, is now a citizen.

A spasm of common sense from the Boston Globe.

Only six percent of migrants told last year to go back to Africa actually left.

Author thinks if Africans can feed themselves they’ll stay home.

Is he breaking his campaign promises or only trying to appeal to the center?

“Our borders are our borders.”

Not exactly–though he may be moderating his position.

Poll suggests most Americans don’t like Trump’s signature policy positions.

Most of the 100,000 Africans in Guangzhou, China have left.

Both countries are rejecting elite consensus.

Obama says the decision “takes us further from the country we aspire to be.”

Analyst: “The battle lines are drawn and the coalitions are formed.”

Senators Sessions and Cruz prodded the DOJ for months for the data.