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At least one governor remains defiant.

Women and children are taking advantage of a policy not to detain them.

From 2003 to 2013, hundreds of refugees were deported for violent felonies.

Plus over 100,000 Syrian refugees.

Tensions there “are no longer exceptional” in Sweden.

“The strongest response to terrorists is to carry on living our lives . . . .”

VDARE.com reports from a Trump rally.

They used old data to draw conclusions about current trends.

Luis Gutierrez calls it “a victory to celebrate.”

A net 140,000 have left over the last five years.

Yes, due to dysgenic fertility and non-white immigration.

You can give them clothes and money or turn over your spare bedroom.

Just 28 percent want to let Syrian refugees into the US.

Being Canadian will instead be based on squishy “values.”

Many were classified as refugees.

Says it’s the country’s “humanitarian duty.”

Eight suspected ISIS militants posing as “refugees” were arrested in Istanbul.

Thirty and counting.

Merkel was to attend the match to show Germany wouldn’t bow to terrorism.

NPR runs 4.5-minute interview with Marine Le Pen.

Officials now say three terrorists may have posed as refugees.

Even “refugees” think Europe’s lax security is a mistake.

He’s half-Japanese.

Twelve governors have said they want no Syrian refugees in their states.

Interior minister wants “systematic and coordinated checks on borders inside the European Union.”

Police seize a rocket launcher, flak jackets, and weapons caches.

Country rejects EU’s imposed refugee quota.

Crime happened in Dallas, a sanctuary city.

It will be the first barrier between two members of the Schengen zone.

On Sunday, his party saw its best results ever.

49 percent say Trump will handle the issue best; next closest is Rubio at 10 percent.

He thinks lefties are importing sympathetic voters.

Ted Cruz also took a strong stance.

Says “We have to do what we have to do.”

More workers training their replacements.

But the Greeks must continue to face austerity.

An appeals court has upheld the injunction against Obama’s expanded amnesty.

It is IRS policy not to inform victims of identity theft.

“Will Europe remain Europe if she is repopulated by Arabs, Muslims, Asians and Africans?”

Atheists also favor immigration.

City spokesman: “We stand for a cosmopolitan and tolerant Leipzig.”

“Hungary was totally justified in what it is doing to try to stem the flow.”

“Who in Europe voted to allow people to arrive illegally in their millions?”

“The issue is what were they doing there in the first place?”

Deport Racism PAC also released a video of Hispanic children cursing Trump.

Most are staying with relatives in the US.

Columnist says “very existence of our European culture and heritage is under mortal threat.”

Says non-Europeans threaten “European cultural identity.”

Illegal immigrant: “We need the world to show us a bit of humanity.”

They have gone from 80,000 in 1970 to 1.8 million in 2013.