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How to Lose a Nation


The history of American immigration.


Quite a record for the “deporter in chief.”

John Boehner is “hellbent on getting this done this year.”

She wants to “honor the dignity and work of immigrants.”

He might face “degrading treatment” back in Jamaica.

“Fixes” mean de facto amnesty for more illegals.

Education secretary: “And it’s frankly inspiring.”

For counties, a 1% increase in immigrant share of population reduces Republican vote by 0.6%.

Without passage of amnesty legislation, that’s probably what he will do.

Philadelphia won’t honor detainer requests for illegals convicted of misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies.

Political strategy for the long term.

Over 500 “Britons” have gone to fight in Syria.

And that’s why Republicans won’t vote for amnesty.

Residents will celebrate “a large and growing population in the city of Minneapolis.”

Thousands are pouring in, attracted by lax enforcement.

Immigrant mothers more likely to stay home with children.

Because Latin American economies are doing poorly.

15,000 migrants have landed on the Italian coast this year.

Illegals now calling themselves “undocumented and unafraid.”

They may have been protecting drug runners.

NYT editorial board decries “neo-nativist Republicans” and calls for unilateral executive action.

The White House awarded her the title for being like Cesar Chavez.

“They had no other means to work to be able to provide for their family.”

Authorities make camp so unpleasant that illegals go home “voluntarily.”

34,000 children entered illegally in 2013.

They will cross any bit of unprotected border.

They want amnesty for “DREAMers” who join the military.

Amnesty is yet another farm subsidy.

Nigerians call American blacks “akata,” or “wild animals.”

“If you are a run-of-the-mill immigrant here illegally, your odds of getting deported are close to zero.”

Gains could be significant in the May elections.

There are a million more Puerto Ricans on the US mainland than in Puerto Rico.

Ukip: “Government has virtually no control over our borders.”

ICE knows of 870,000 aliens who have been ordered out of the US, but refuse to go.

The Front won 1,200 municipal seats and probably have mayors in 8 cities.

A remarkable column by Diana West.

They want a chance to help build “the next great American century.”

He made the remarks at a meeting of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

More detailed results of the French elections.

“Some 1,328 former inmates have been fighting deportation for at least six years.”

Almost no illegals who make it past the border and avoid arrest are deported.

Even criminal illegals are eligible for waivers to stay in the country.

Even native English speakers must take lessons in English as a second language.

He wanted secure borders.

Illegals were locked into a 1,500-square-foot house in residential neighborhood.

Camp of the Saints, the movie.

Wants amnesty for Irish illegals.

Six hundred Africans tried to force their way into Spanish territory.

Good Bye, Older Brother, Special to AR News

David Yeagley is gathered to his people.

Immigration gatekeeper will be wooed at $10,000-a-plate fundraiser.