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The Tea Party core was always skeptical of immigration.

The “xenophobic” character turns out to be the hero.

“Immigration is by far the best issue for the ‘Leave’ campaign.”

They lied about Obama’s executive amnesty.

Just as it wants to fill the United States with Mexicans.

People infected elsewhere could infect the local mosquitoes.

He has been charged several times previously with Re-Entry after Deportation.

Britain needs at least 220,000 new houses each year.

One hundred migrants rushed the police.

“Alien” is “harmful, dehumanizing.”

Third World holding the West hostage.

Cockneys are going extinct.

This is the third time they have burned it down.

When called out, the response is always, “Glitch. Mistake. Sorry.”

It’s about time.

They charge $3,400-$6,800 per customer.

In 1989, the plan was to eradicate it by 2010.

Half a million women and girls in the US are potential victims.

Cubans pouring in to get “parolee” status.

Austria could get a “right-wing populist” head of state.

They pretend they’re from Somalia.

Last year’s oil revenue: $19 billion. Remittances: $25 billion.

Flouts the will of 80 percent of the voters.

Transgender illegal immigrants are held in “deplorable conditions.”

This is not just about avoiding rape. It’s actually about how to have sex.

The largest government union has endorsed Hillary.

Boris Johnson accuses politicians of “dishonesty” and says high immigration is “without consent.”

Federal police: They migrated “in a targeted, organised way in order to launch attacks in Germany.”

“I can smell smouldering whilst we hum to the music of liberal self-delusion.”

Trump says he was “happy” to see Sadiq Khan elected mayor of London.

New report breaks down welfare cost per household by race.

The FPO’s success is undermining the centrist parties.

There were 480,000 visa overstays in fiscal 2015.

Apprehensions of unaccompanied children are up 78 percent over this period in 2015.

He was asked if he’d back down on his ban on Muslim immigration.

“It took 20 years to count the votes, but Pat Buchanan won.”

Over the last three years, only one person was deported for being a public charge.

The EU may give member states that ultimatum.

Total is expected to be $1.3 billion in fiscal 2017.

The end of America would shut her up.

The usual rabble.

Border Patrol chief says South Texas could use another 1,500 agents.

20 percent of Germans disapprove of miscegenation; 46 percent won’t give their opinion.

ICE made half as many arrests in 2015 as it did in 2013.

Over 500 women reported sex attacks on New Year’s Eve.

In exit polls across the country, about two-thirds of Republican voters support the temporary ban.

1,000 new migrants are arriving in Sicily each week.

Hispanics are 21 percent of all millennials.

Environmental groups were bribed to go soft on immigration.

The number is 40 percent higher than the previous record of 2014.