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Three quarters of voters say immigration is an important issue.

Some have never attended school and speak only Q’anjob’al, Kachiquel, or Mam.

Immigration-control party now the third-largest in Sweden.

Jeff Sessions hammers the “powerful interest groups” now pushing for executive amnesty.

Guarantees executive amnesty before year’s end.

Just 319 of the recent 59,000 Central American illegals have been deported.

They say policy requiring drivers not to stink is “discrimination.”

Obama is still promising executive amnesty.

And some “may refuse to learn English.”

Citizens pick up where the Border Patrol falls short.

It was hard to choose our favorites.

Obama says he will act after the elections, but before year’s end.

There are a million legal black immigrants in the US.

Germany welcoming immigrants to make up for falling birth rates.

Nigerian immigrant helped illegals get British residency.

Brits can enter Canada without a visa; about 500 have joined ISIS.

Straight talk from a man who has to deal with underage illegals.

“We want to stop the immigrant invasion not just in Calais but in the whole of Europe.”

DOJ argues that child illegals do not have a constitutional right to a lawyer.

One Austin, Muchas Comunidades, Austin American-Statesman

Mexicans to outnumber whites in state capital by 2038.

It’s the pro-illegal demonstrators who were charged.

58 percent of California illegals have no health insurance.

And wishes them a wonderful time in school.

ICE official: “Some of them could be here to do us harm.”

“Perhaps thousands” of illegals will be allowed back into the US.

Typical “loyalty” pattern for illegal immigrants.

“The anger is palpable.”

Illegals landed on neighborhood beach in broad daylight.

Local Impact of Illegal Border Surge, Center for Immigration Studies

They mayor of Lynn, Massachusetts, explains what the surge means for her town.

DOJ prohibits age checks.

Behind the Surge from Guatemala


An eye-opening account of Central American dystopia.

Review by Thomas Jackson

He may argue Congress hasn’t allocated enough money for immigration enforcement.

Impounding the cars of unlicensed drivers unfairly punishes illegal immigrants.

“I would compare it to a kid asking his parents for Christmas [presents].”

Pena: “This is the other Mexico.”

Claims Americans love foreign high-tech workers.

Cubans smuggled first to Mexico, then the US.

Their own countries refuse to take them back.

TSA insisted the initial reports were “completely wrong.”

Businesses want executive action for more green cards.

She says she was recently among people with Ebola.

Unilateral amnesty before the elections could hurt Obama’s fellow Democrats.

They have access to dentists, doctors, dietitians, counselors, and “culturally sensitive music.”

Many have never been to school.

“When immigrants are Hispanic, white Americans worry a lot more.”

38,000 young illegals have been released to family members or “adult sponsors.”

ICE kept the releases secret.

The judges are “the most lenient in the country.”

Says the “criminal element” at the border is increasing.

They are bringing tuberculosis and chicken pox.