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SPLC testified in favor of birthright citizenship.

Permitting birth tourism is apparently now an American principle.

Yet another legacy of apartheid.

The “Task Force on New Americans” will help them naturalize so they can vote.

Deportations–even of criminals–continue to decline.

Government softens up “the receiving community” before bringing in refugees.

Beneficiaries of executive amnesty could bring in their families from Central America.

Suit is on behalf of Americans who were fired and had to train H1-B replacements.

Victims of criminal gangs could also be considered refugees.

Swedish MEP attacks immigration control advocates.

White Man: Why Are You Giving Away Your Country?


A Hispanic student wants to know.


As immigration declined from 1945 to 1970, middle-class incomes rose 83 percent.

Michael Bloomberg and the Chamber of Commerce want even more than that.

That’s nearly 75 percent of all refugees in the U.S.

Map of population trends for Europe and Africa puts Mediterranean debate in perspective.

The rest would be sent back under a “rapid-return” program.

UN: “If you think you can close the gates to people then you are clinging to a fantasy.”

He supports Australia’s approach of sending boat people back home.

Talk of reducing legal immigration has liberals in a tizzy.

NYT: It’s Europe’s fault that illegal immigrants are drowning in the Mediterranean.

He says if boat people aren’t turned back, “millions” will flood into Europe.

He wants to protect American workers and wages.

Black lawyers have filed the charge.

900 people may have drowned in one day.

Two of the appellate judges are conservative and one is liberal.

Cameras catch illegals smuggling guns and drugs in unpatrolled areas.

Muslims tossed Christians overboard on their way to Italy.

Governor of Veneto: “We are totally opposed to taking any more migrants.”

Black South Africans attack black immigrants and their shops.

Makes it much cheaper to hire a foreigner than an equally qualified American.

Last year’s “children” now charged with murder and rape.

FAIR estimates that illegal immigrants cost us $113 billion a year.

Full title: ¡Adios America! The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hell Hole.

SSN is the key to getting EITC payments from the treasury.

Ex-border hoppers run the show.

Arrests and deportations of criminal aliens are down 30 percent.

She herself carries one of the cheat sheets.

Camp of the Saints.

South African blacks are burning out stores run by African immigrants.

Hispanics call him a “rogue sheriff.”

More coddling for immigrants.

Sen. Jeff Sessions makes a few good points.

Activist view of voting: It’s a “Path to Power.”

He is 26 years old.

Nearly 10 percent of US blacks are foreign-born.

They’re likely to be sent to areas already under strain from last year’s wave.

Rwandan refugee wants Canada to give him more “socio-economic opportunities.”

Confirms the position of the 26 states that sued to block amnesty.

While not as many as last year, there are still more than in 2012 and 2013.

Left and Right are competing to be toughest on immigration.