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He’s now talking about “touchback” amnesty.

Leftists bemoan the “racist” origins of our National Parks.

Paul Gottfried first described the Alternative Right in 2008.

Is Donald Trump backing down?

Soros has bankrolled voter registration campaigns for non-whites and challenges to voter ID laws.

North America and Europe are particularly vulnerable to “biological pollution.”

Conscription was dropped in 2011 but may be brought back because of terrorism.

BuzzFeed claimed he was waffling.

Half of those surveyed in 22 countries agree with that claim.

There are special scholarships and services offered only to illegals.

There are now more Salvadorans than Mexicans in deportation proceedings.

Mayor of town deliberately created seven jobs for them.

It’s been standard since even before America’s founding.

The attack took place on Near Year’s Day.

Soros group says European refugee crisis is “the new normal.”

Would-be immigrants will have to pass a test of “American” values.

Just a $10.00 donation to law firm that helps illegals gets you a break on parking tickets.

Judges often delay immigration hearings requiring Q’anjob’al, K’iché, and Mam interpreters.

“There are strict instructions from the top not to report offenses committed by refugees.”

At press conference for black and Hispanic journalists.

It has dropped 28 percent since the migrant crisis began.

Former Border Agency chief says UK doesn’t have the “resources or political levers” to deport them.

Women scream while men smash each other with chairs.

Corporate Greed and H-1B Visas


Tech companies bribe Congress to betray American workers.


Sensible sentiments published in North Carolina newspaper.

73 percent are men; 53 percent are between ages 18 and 34.

ICE will not arrest illegals at schools, churches, or public demonstrations.

Muslims are far underrepresented in the US military, and some have killed fellow soldiers.

They can stay in the US for the next 18 months regardless of legal status.

Kun Shan Chun was naturalized in 1985 and started work for the FBI in 1997.

Their slogan was “Merkel must go.”

“In many ways, this election is a referendum on immigration reform.”

Says it will be “an order of magnitude greater than any diaspora we have seen before.”

The country’s second-largest party takes a stand.

She claims “The terrorists want us to lose sight of what is important to us.”

Police chief says it’s a case of “taharrush”–mass Muslim sex assault.

He told Telemundo that Republicans will back amnesty under Paul Ryan.

100,000 Central American “refugees” have already crossed the border illegally this year.

Some anchor babies weren’t getting the “benefits to which they are entitled.”

Vowed Germans “won’t be able to sleep peacefully anymore.”

She was pregnant.

But prosecutors say there are “no grounds for allegations of terrorism.”

“I am with you, I will fight for you, and I will win for you.”

They were previously released due to a California law protecting illegals.

Wilders says Trump is part of the “Patriotic Spring” sweeping Europe.

Administration wants another chance at executive amnesty.

Judge scolds a couple for having a private Facebook group critical of immigration.

He’s Not on Our Side, American Thinker

Obama has handcuffed the Border Patrol.

Common sense in Australia.

Prime Minister: “Serbia must protect its national interests.”