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Official Census Bureau Projection for 2060


Whites will be just 43.6 percent of the population.


They won’t have the staff to have face-to-face interviews with executive amnesty applicants.

Steve King says “This is the signal of capitulation.”

“The first large-scale federal probe of birth-tourism.”

Lega Nord is making a comeback with a new leader.

Despite prime minister’s promise to cut to less than 100,000.

Amnesty: Talk about it and they will come.

“The Hungarian man, by nature, is politically incorrect.”

Nigel Farage warns against mass immigration and multiculturalism at CPAC.

Or a “President Chen.”

Documentary of immigrant neighborhood would “encourage social division and hostility.”

Most popular speaker snubbed without explanation.

This is the kind of column that keeps Ann Coulter out of CPAC.

They’d be able to get tax benefits for the past four years.

Two tweets and you’re out.

Senate Republicans want to leave stopping amnesty to the courts.

Deportations of criminals are down 43 percent since 2012.

Kazakhi and Uzbeki immigrants also had plans to kill Obama and bomb Coney Island.

Will spend state money to send 500 agents to help guard the border.

43% of Democrats say Obama should ignore court rulings.

The government was to begin accepting amnesty applications this week.

. . . and a white president granted them amnesty?

Even if it does not overturn executive amnesty, it may delay it by months.

Tells Republicans: “This will come back to haunt you.”

But it would just be “in the low thousands.”

Texas attorney general calls it a “victory for the rule of law in America.”

It’s lengthy.

ID information for NYC illegals would be destroyed if a conservative takes office.

LA Times says the program displaces American workers.

Republicans threaten serious action against executive amnesty.

Hispanic home prices led both the bubble and the crash.

She proposed that foreigners be let in to work but live apart from Japanese.

Driver’s licenses and social security numbers will make it easy.

Hispanics stage sit-ins and chant loudly in Spanish.

Another route for backdoor immigration.

The cascading effects of Obama’s amnesty.

Workers and congressmen are furious.

“Over the long term . . . this country just becomes more and more of a hodgepodge of folks.”

She decries media and politicians’ cowardice about Islam.

You may call in either English or Spanish.

In 2012, 10,000 Chinese women came to the US to give birth.

There are 46 million fully-assimilated Germans in America.

Number has doubled since 2000.

Protesters chanted “Nazi scum!”

Expected Republican presidential candidates are hopeless on immigration.

Five hundred Americans being replaced with H-1B workers.

Illegal-immigrant perp has a “Mexican pride” tattoo.

They could get billions of dollars.

Report finds 5.5 million work permits since 2009 that were not authorized by Congress.

They get a shrink and other “transition-related care.”