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But only 39 percent of Americans want less immigration.

She says anyone living in the US has a “right” to be working.

Claims executive amnesty violates the Constitution.

She’s likely to give the nod to Obama’s immigrant amnesty.

Immigration agents now must act as immigrant advocates.

More welfare, more immigrants.

South Africans resent immigrants.

Says it would “be a beautiful sign of brotherhood and help for immigrants.”

So Mexicans can come live in the United States.

Illegal was released even though he admitted ties to the Mexican Mafia.

New policy may be intended to shield illegals from deportation.

ICE does not vet them carefully.

White Brits are already a minority in London’s capital.

The Left Contradicts Itself on Race


Its absurd positions cannot be reconciled.


The Progressive Case for Reducing Immigration, Chronicle of Higher Education

Reducing immigration raises wages and protects the environment.

Jeff Sessions will head the Senate immigration subcommittee.

First bill in “piecemeal” approach is only a small piece.

We’ll know by January 30th.

Ethiopian wore a latex mask that made him look white.

The Return of Fear, UNZ Review

Violence among Arabs is probably due to genes, not religion.

Only the Spanish version said GOP wants “permanent solutions” to immigration.

Don’t Give Up the Fight, National Review

National Review suggests a effective approach to blocking amnesty.

Their bill to defund Obama’s amnesty is not expected to pass the Senate.

The real danger is when they return “home.”

“Border Patrol agents are now being trained to be social workers, not law enforcement.”

In defiance of Angela Merkel, 25,000 Germans protest Islamization.

“We would like to keep Hungary as Hungary.”

They will try to withhold funding for amnesty.

Immigrants are 27.1 percent of the population of California; 1.4 percent of West Virginia.

Graffiti claimed that border was “illegal,” not the people who cross it.

Healthy nationalism from Breitbart.

But what will they do when Obama vetoes their bill?

Angela Merkel’s criticism brushed aside.

Refugees thought the icy roads looked dangerous.

That’s more than a third of the southern border.

A new way to get more “refugees” to Italy.

1.4 million illegals are expected to apply in the next three years.

And 29 percent think the marches are justified.

. . . days after a similar ship of 700 was rescued.

Left and “Right” unite to stifle dissent.

More discretionary law enforcement in favor of illegals.

Because illegals will now try to get non-farm jobs.

Surprisingly traditional view from the Los Angeles Times.

New bureaucracy likely to cost nearly $50 million a year.

They could get millions of new members.

70 percent do not report back to ICE as ordered.

“It doesn’t look like it’s going to end any time soon.”

It’s a fast track to citizenship.

Éric Zemmour says Muslims should be deported “to avoid civil war.”

Two-thirds of students who were approached signed this hoax petition.