Water-Cooler White Nationalism

By John Ingram

How I Learned the Truth About Race

By Eric Gustafson

Promoting Hatred in America

By Jared Taylor

July 31, 2014

Blacks and whites were divided then, divided now.

The sex-trafficking law applies only to young immigrants with no relatives in the US.

Poor families get generous federal handouts to live in “opportunity areas.”

Experience and aptitude are less important than “diversity.”

A report from a border we’re told is secured.

White woman is tired of white women in movies, especially if they are blonde and blue-eyed.

Black gang claims its third recent victim.

Caribbean dancers, fancy cars, and fights.

Eleven states and DC give licenses to illegals.

Women are not passing at the same rate as men.

Victims don’t seek treatment because they think the disease is sorcery.

July 30, 2014

Liberian native was returning to Michigan from Africa.

Perps are now to walk off with $40 million.

47 percent of whites think police should profile Arabs.

Harry Reid sees “an opening” for a legislative conference on amnesty.

He thinks Obama will grant amnesty by executive order.

Governor doesn’t want the eight young illegals dumped in his state.

Immigrants consume more resources in America than they would have at home.

Only non-whites can teach non-whites about being non-white.

Perps caught on at least four surveillance cameras.

A “nationally certified speech pathologist” was going to strip them of their drawl.

July 29, 2014

Industry spokesman: Tech firms must “expand the definitions of merit.”

Your chance to pick up some extra cash.

They don’t meet ICE’s “enforcement priorities.”

“What we see is not immigration, but an invasion, a deliberate invasion.”

Obama: Muslims helped build “the very fabric of our nation.”

Perp likely to be deported after serving sentence.

He flopped in front of the garbage trucks to protest.

Doctors at fertility clinic say mixed-race children will have trouble with racial identity.

British PM announces several reforms, including a “deport first, appeal later” policy.

37 percent of Australians think Aborigines are lazy.

July 28, 2014

Obama may grant executive amnesty to five million illegals by summer’s end.

57 percent think they’re coming for amnesty.

When we deport gang members they start gangs back home.

Already Here, Daily Citizen


30 immigrant teenagers dumped in Georgia town don’t speak either English or Spanish.

Chinese don’t like black and Hispanic bums in their neighborhood.

Even the people of Massachusetts have had enough.

Will picket to demand a place at the table.

Typical terrorist is a “Caucasian.”

More discrimination to fret about.

The mother of the “Florida boy” is a Muslim convert.

Chinese in Australia show their loyalties.

July 25, 2014

One is the opportunity for cloistered whites to meet real-world blacks.

Honduras’ president brings up DACA.

“He either enforces the laws on the books . . . or he leaves Congress no option.”

Forty-five percent say he has abused executive power.

Activists weren’t fooled.

Janet Murgia says protesters have “cloaked their hatred in patriotism.”

Mother says we must dismantle the “preschool-to-prison pipeline.”

Redskins mascot gives young Indians mental problems.

Kerry Bentivolio calls Chamber’s policy “morally repugnant.”

Man who shouted slur may face charges of criminal mischief and harassment.

A green card costs $500,000. Plenty of people have their eyes on that half million.

30 frivolous cases in four years was too much even for the British.

July 24, 2014

Ranchers find scores of corpses on their properties.

Media are giving them the Trayvon treatment.

Texas has already decided to put 1,000 national guardsmen on the border.

Nat’l Guard will detain illegals “only if they interfere with their mission.”

When there is a racial incident all prisoners of that race are locked down.

Twitter is white and Asian, just like all the other tech companies.

Non-whites who push “diversity” are seen as less competent.

The idea is to remove the “stigma” from ID card for illegals.

She was a rising star in the New York City school district.

Africans spend months repeatedly trying to climb the fence into Spanish enclaves in North Africa.

July 23, 2014

$1.5 billion plan promises quick deportations of young illegals.

Including 3,000 homicides.

Catholic Charities USA has even opened “welcome centers” at the border.

Researchers say the cause may not be genetic.

Forty-six percent of young immigrants fail to appear for their hearings

Company says the government’s inquiries violate the Fourth Amendment.

The state will appeal.

They’re stoking fears of voter suppression to boost turnout.

He says company executives should give their own jobs to blacks.

Legal permanent residents are not entitled to Japanese welfare.

July 22, 2014

Officials were “ringing alarm bells” as early as 2012.

That would be the result of basing admissions on “holistic” criteria than test scores.

New citizens would punish us gringos at the polls.

They overcharged for shoddy work, lived the high life.

Victim had been accused of stealing jars of money.

Police superintendent blames lax gun laws.

Report says the problem is population loss and retiree costs.

Told officers they could not arrest him because his mother was a judge.

They attacked at least 50 bums in just the last few months.

Files class-action suit against the city.