Posted on November 4, 2022

What Do We Owe This Country? Part II

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, November 4, 2022

No more loyalty than it has for us.

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Last week I summarized how dramatically the United States has changed: It used to admire and honor its founders and the European people who built this country. Now it officially despises and discriminates against them.

How can whites be patriots in such a country? And yet we are. The yellow highlights are the percentages of whites who are “extremely proud” to be American. The number declined by 5 percent over the last five years, but 49 percent of us are still “extremely proud.”

Another 20 percent are “very proud,” for a total of 69 percent.

As you can see in the blue highlight, the number of non-whites who are “very proud” dropped by 21 percent, and only 24 percent are very proud. The more our country promotes diversity and race preferences for non-whites, the less they like the country. These data from Gallup do not count blacks separately, but their patriotism have been low for a long time.

At the 1968 Olympics, two black medal winners stared at the ground and did a black power salute during the national anthem.

In 2008, jazz singer Rene Marie agreed to sing the national anthem before the Denver State of the City Address.

Instead, she sang the Black National Anthem, Lift Every Voice and Sing.

She said it was because she didn’t feel like an American.

That same year, Josh Howard, basketball player with the Dallas Mavericks, was caught on video saying these words as the national anthem was played.

“The Star-Spangled Banner is going on. I don’t celebrate this shit. I’m black.”

As this black academic explains, “Patriotism is racist.”

“While founding fathers’ slaves are footnotes in white supremacist-patriotic tellings of history — they are the whole story in mine.”

The whole story.

This alienation, this sense of not being American, is old. And this brings me to another athlete.

In 2020 we got this: “Brittney Griner says she will protest during the national anthem all season.”

She said she didn’t like the song being played before basketball games and if it were, she would stay in the locker room.

In February, Miss Griner was arrested for smuggling hashish oil into Russia. She was tried and sentenced to nine years in prison. I don’t know if that changed her mind about the anthem, but she wrote to the President of the United States, asking for help. Twelve hundred prominent black women also put pressure on the president to “make a deal” with the Russians to get her out.

Even Al “Sharpton Asks Biden to Set Up Visit With Brittney Griner in Russia” so he and other black preachers can pray over her.

Before long, we read that “National security advisor Jake Sullivan, said earlier this year that the government was going ‘through every available channel’ and making ‘every effort to bring home Brittney’.” To get her back, we are willing to trade convicted Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, who is doing 25 years for conspiracy to kill Americans.

You probably never heard of this: “Ex-US diplomat Marc Fogel jailed in Russia for weed possession.” Just this year he got 14 years for bringing in medical marijuana.

Until last year, he worked at the American embassy in Moscow. I bet he stands for the national anthem. But Jake Sullivan is offering no deals for this white guy.

Blacks and other non-whites are favored by this government at every turn, yet have little love for the country. Whites are disfavored at every turn, but are the most patriotic. This will not go on forever.

Americans, like all people, want to love their country. They want to live in a nation for which, if necessary, they would be willing to die. Whites will not die for a country their rulers tell them was founded by brutal colonizers and that was born of slavery and genocide. Why would anyone die for such a place? Why would anyone even pay taxes? And, indeed, many foreigners come here only to make money. For them, America is a cow to be milked. For the most part, it is only for whites that America is something deeper, and who go misty-eyed when they hear The Star-Spangled Banner.

Whites seem to think this is still the nation of their ancestors because the flag is the same, the constitution is the same, and the institutions have the same names. But those institutions are filled with strangers, and the constitution is now a pretext for our dispossession.

Does America serve us overseas? It is the world’s greatest enemy of nationalism — certainly for Europeans. It is the sworn opponent of those Eastern European countries that are not completely subjugated and do not want to commit national suicide through diversity.

The United States also make enemies for us all around the world by killing people in the name of ideas — such as gay pride and democracy — which are meaningless to them.

It would be better for us and for everyone else if the United States had no more world influence than Uganda.

What allegiance should we have to such a country? Let us ask Frederick Douglass.

When blacks were slaves or kept out of public life, they could not be patriots. Douglass explained this in his 1852 Independence Day address, “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?”

It’s a great and eloquent speech. Douglass, born a slave, began with far more praise for America than you ever hear from a Democrat today. He called the Founders “very great men” “statesmen, patriots, and heroes.” But he also said this to an audience of white people: “This Fourth of July is yours, not mine. You may rejoice, I must mourn. To drag a man in fetters into the grand illuminated temple of liberty, and call upon him to join you in joyous anthems, were inhuman mockery and sacrilegious irony.”

Douglass was right.

Do we owe the government any more allegiance than Douglass did? We owe it less. Today, whites are not slaves, but we work for a regime that scorns us even as it taxes us to benefit people who despise us. Douglass was one of the most famous men of the 19th century and was a spokesman for a mass movement to change the country the way he wanted it changed.

We can’t even have Facebook accounts. Douglass was the friend of senators and governors, but today, not one elected official anywhere explicitly defends the interests of whites. Every institution, private and public, unites to silence us. And every year, American immigration policy works to replace us. Our government imports foreigners who, in time and in sufficient numbers, will rule us.

We have passports, but we essentially are stateless. Our security establishment works “through every available channel” to free a black woman who won’t sing the national anthem. What is it doing for a white former diplomat? In what sense, then, is it “our” security establishment?

Frederick Douglass was a citizen, but his loyalty was to his race, not to the United States. We are no different. We have more in common with Frenchmen or Germans than with Bhutanese who hold US passports — or with the government that gave them those passports.

The jazz singer who wouldn’t sing the national anthem is a citizen, but she doesn’t feel American. Frederick Douglass was a citizen, but did he think he was American? Some of us have always been Americans. There was an American nation before there was a US government. By the 1730s, the British stopped calling us “colonials” and called us “Americans.” The American nation they founded was a nation of white people.

They wanted to keep it that way, but they failed. The presence of blacks and Indians may have made failure inevitable. Whites are today the biological and spiritual heirs of that founding American nation, which the regime now scorns.

How can we be loyal to a system that is not loyal to the people who brought it forth, nurtured it, and made it great?

This does not mean that we renounce citizenship. We have nowhere to go. We live in this country, and we obey its laws.

Nor should we abandon politics. If the Supreme Court finally bans race discrimination in college admissions, it will do so for just one reason: Donald Trump, rather than Hillary Clinton became president in 2016.

Mr. Trump also banned diversity and CRT training in the executive branch. Politics make a difference. But politics isn’t everything.

Governments are not eternal. Borders are not permanent. History is an endless succession of nations that broke apart, reunited, changed names, got new forms of government, or even disappeared.

What endures — if it has the will and a land of its own — is a people.

We cannot be patriots if we get contempt in return. We do not serve a regime that does not serve us. If the regime changes, so will we, but if not, it has become an enemy of the American nation.

Our people are not the same as this UN member — this regime. And our people come first.