Posted on April 5, 2024

The Teaching of Hmong and Asian American Histories to Be Required in Wisconsin Under a New Law

Associated Press, April 4, 2024

Gov. Tony Evers on Thursday signed into law a bipartisan bill requiring Wisconsin schools to teach Asian American and Hmong American histories.

Evers signed the bill at an elementary school in Wausau, which is home to about 4,700 Hmong. That is 12% of the city’s residents, making Wausau the highest per-capita Hmong population in the state and country, according to the Hmong American Center.

“The Hmong and Asian American communities are a critical part of our state’s history, culture, economy, and our future,” Evers said in a statement. {snip}


Wisconsin’s Hmong population of 50,000 places it third highest behind California at 80,000 and Minnesota at 70,000 {snip}

Current Wisconsin law requires K-12 schools to teach Black, Hispanic and Native American histories. {snip}