Posted on July 17, 2023

Group Seeks To Stop Williamson County, Tennessee, From Removing Confederate Flag From County Seal

Anita Wadhwani, Tennessee Lookout, July 15, 2023

A decision over whether Williamson County can remove an image of the Confederate flag from its official seal rests with a Chancery Court judge.

The Maj. Nathaniel Cheairs Camp 2138 Sons of Confederate Veterans filed suit against the county and the Tennessee Historical Commission in December seeking to keep the so-called Great Seal of Williamson County — with its image of a cannon draped by a Confederate flag — intact.

The lawsuit alleged that Williamson County and the Historical Commission followed an unlawful procedure when the county sought — and the Historical Commission granted — an official declaration that the seal is not a historic monument and, therefore, not subject to the state’s historic preservation law, which generally disfavors altering or removing monuments and markers of Tennessee’s history.


Wilson Buntin Sr., an assistant state attorney general representing the Tennessee Historical Commission, said the commission’s decision follows the Tennessee Heritage Protection Act, the law that requires historic monuments — a broad term that encompasses public statues, street names and art — to be preserved and protected.

“Their interpretation that the seal is not a monument is a reasonable interpretation of the act,” Buntin said.


In the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, the seal drew increased public criticism. A task force convened by the county recommended removing the Confederate flag image.