Posted on May 3, 2023

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Investigating Chokehold Death of Homeless Man on NYC Subway

Craig McCarthy and Jorge Fitz-Gibbon, New York Post, May 3, 2023

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office confirmed Wednesday it was investigating the death of a disturbed homeless man placed in a chokehold by a straphanger on a train this week.

Prosecutors’ probe includes whether to pursue charges against the passenger, who stepped in when Jordan Neely, 30, went on an aggressive rant on an F train in lower Manhattan Monday afternoon {snip}


The straphanger, who sources said is a 24-year-old Marine, was taken into custody after the deadly encounter and then released without criminal charges. {snip}

Outrage grew over the deadly encounter Wednesday after disturbing footage emerged showing the vigilante holding Neely in a headlock as another rider helped pin the man down on the train floor.

Neely passed out and could not be revived by EMS, police said.

Alberto Vazquez, a freelance journalist who filmed video of the shocking incident, told The Post Neely was unhinged, yelling at riders that he didn’t have food or drinks and “doesn’t care if he goes to jail.”

Police previously said he had been threatening other riders and throwing garbage at them.

The straphanger then approached the homeless man from behind and took him to the ground with a chokehold for around 15 minutes {snip}

Neely at first continued to move his legs and arms while being restrained, Vasquez said.

“None of us who were there thought he was in danger of dying,” Vasquez told The Post Tuesday. {snip}


Police sources said authorities are waiting for the results of his autopsy to rule out another cause of death, such as a heart attack, before potentially moving forward with charges. {snip}