Posted on September 21, 2022

Commission Recommends Renaming Hundreds of Military Assets Linked to Confederacy

Eleanor Watson, CBS News, September 19, 2022

The commission tasked with reviewing Confederate-inspired names of military assets has recommended in its final report to Congress that the Defense Department rename or remove hundreds of items.


Congress’ 2021 defense bill mandated a new entity, the Naming Commission, identify whether hundreds of military assets, including U.S. military bases, memorialize the Confederacy and should be renamed.

Earlier this summer, the commission recommended the U.S. Army rename nine bases that originally honored Confederate leaders. The commission suggested new names for the nine bases to recognize more diverse heroes, like Gen. Richard Cavazos, the Army’s first Latino four-star general, and Lt. Col. Charity Adams, the leader of the all-Black, all-female 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion in World War II

The commission estimates it will cost about $21 million to rename the nine bases.

The second part of the commission’s report identified items at U.S. military academies that should be removed or renamed, and the third part of its report, released to the public on Monday, lists hundreds of assets like street and building names the commission recommends the Defense Department rename or remove. In total, the commission estimates it will cost $62.5 million to implement the recommendations in the three parts of its final report.