Posted on October 4, 2021

Black Americans Protest Against Vaccine Mandates in NYC

Enrico Trigoso, Epoch Times, October 4, 2021

A group of almost 100 people, mostly African Americans, gathered at The Brooklyn Bank in New York to express their opposition to vaccine mandates on Oct. 2.

New York City has implemented vaccine mandates on healthcare workers, school staff, and all those who work or patronize restaurants, bars, nightclubs, catering halls, event spaces, gyms, fitness centers, pools, theaters, museums, aquariums, and zoos.

According to recent data, blacks are the least vaccinated ethnic group, with 40 percent of them considered fully vaccinated.


It was hosted and organized by Angela Stanton King, founder of the American King Foundation, and Kevin Jenkins, CEO of Urban Global Health Alliance.

“Black Americans all across America are waking up! They realize modern-day slavery is upon them again,” Jenkins told The Epoch Times.

“In black communities, they are starting to have serious dialogue and are strategizing on how to fight back! They are saying no to the vaccine/slave passport and no to segregation. We have a long, dark history with bigotry and exploitation, and we are asking the world to stand with us! It’s time to fight back!”


King, who hosted the meeting, told The Epoch Times: “Medical apartheid is population control. Population control comes in different forms: vaccines, abortions, mass incarceration, and perverted sexual agendas targeting children. Population control is racist, from the womb to the tomb. It’s time y’all!”