Posted on November 27, 2020

BLM Flag Can Fly, but Only If 21 Others Do Too, City Decides

Associated Press, November 23, 2020

A Vermont city approved raising the Black Lives Matter Flag, the “Thin Blue Line” flag and 20 other flags in a resolution that one city councilor called a “compromise” to satisfy opponents of a BLM proposal.


Barre City Councilor John Steinman said Nov. 18 that the “compromise” resolution aims to “diffuse a contentious, divisive council, and to be responsive to all the citizens of the City of Barre.”


Following the Black Lives Matter Flag, the Thin Blue Line flag will be raised in January, then a flag for the Green Mountain Boys in February, and then an Irish heritage flag in March.

Others included are multiple flags of other countries, the U.S. Marines, Autism Acceptance and the Star of David.

The resolution comes after Barre’s city government had been mulling a request to fly a Black Lives Matter flag since late spring, when Councilor Ericka Reil proposed raising the banner in City Hall Park in response to the killing of George Floyd.