Posted on November 4, 2020

BLM Activists Storm Seattle News Station for Reporting on Their Arrests, Get Arrested

Mia Cathell, Post Millennial, October 29, 2020

Leftist activists stormed a Seattle news station for reporting on public arrest records related to the Black Lives Matter riots. The activists claimed that reporting on their arrests was “doxxing.” Then responding police officers arrested at least one member of the mob.

Virtual channel 5 KING-TV, an NBC-affiliated television station, assigned its investigative team to pour over nearly 100 public arrest records in connection to widespread violence and civil unrest throughout Seattle.


“Are you f—ing serious? You’re going to get people killed. This is psychotic,” commented Dylan Austin, creative director at Five Senses Reeling, an “event production company specializing in LGBTQ (and allied) artists.”


“There’s not a large number of us so if they did choose to make arrests, it would be relatively easy. I would encourage anybody and everybody to please come down here just to reduce the likelihood of the protests here today,” videographer Joey Wieser stated on camera, calling attention to mothers present with their children.

According to a list of Seattle-based broadcasters compiled by social justice collective Cascadia Undergrounds, Wieser serves as the communication chair for 43rd District Democrats and live streamed the early days of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

One male individual was arrested presumably for trespassing on private property, “because he did not leave the lobby,” Wieser downplayed.


“I’m trying to protect the lives of protesters, because they’re trying to dox them and put them in the public. We have hate groups out here that are looking to kill and harm protesters,” social media personality Tia of Black Girl Rev Media alleged while streaming inside the building, urging the doxing of Seattle police officers “that kill people, harass people, and rape people.”