Posted on October 21, 2020

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Ohio Black Lives Matter Protesters

Jared Leone, WPIX, October 17, 2020

An Ohio real estate company has filed a class-action lawsuit against 90 people who were arrested during Black Lives Matter protests in Cincinnati that devolved into violence leaving storefronts damaged.


The lawsuit was filed on behalf of multiple businesses in downtown Cincinnati that were “broken into, looted, vandalized, damaged, defaced, or destroyed.”

The lawsuit also wants to “punish (defendants) for their wrongful conduct and to deter each such defendant from engaging in that conduct in the future.”

Attorney William Blessing is representing Court Street Executive Suites. Blessing’s office is at the building, which he is associated with the ownership of, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

“Those who participated, connived, conspired, tacitly consented to, aided, abetted, ratified, or encouraged the rioting are just as responsible for the injuries and damages as are the specific perpetrators,” Blessing wrote in the lawsuit.