Posted on September 21, 2020

Black Lives Matter Prosecutions Claim a Life

Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Magazine, September 21, 2020

The wave of Black Lives Matter culture war has permeated most American institutions. And quite a number of prosecutors have begun filling cases that they know that they won’t win a trial to score political points.

These were usually trials aimed at police officers, but in some cases, also against civilians defending themselves against racist Black Lives Matter violence.

Where the police officers do usually have the backing of unions and of a community of fellow law enforcement officers and supporters around the country, the random civilians who face prosecution generally don’t. The McCloskeys were one notable exception. But the couple had wealth and won the political support of conservatives.

Jake Gardner, an Omaha bar owner assaulted by a Black Lives Matter thug, who shot him in self-defense wasn’t one of those. And when the Democrat authorities, after initially recognizing that there were no valid grounds for indicting Gardner, decided to put on a full court press of finding some reason, any reason, to drag him into a trial, Gardner committed suicide.

The entire process that led to Gardner’s death was badly tainted by support for Black Lives Matter pressure. After an initial decision not to charge Gardner, a special prosecutor, an unheard of concept for an ordinary person, was put into place to find some, any, grounds for lynching the bar owner.

And Gardner, who was already facing death threats and massive harassment, decided to end it all.

Frankly, this isn’t suicide. It’s murder.

It’s a murder aided and abetted by the media, by the entire rotten howling mob shouting for a man’s blood because it was politically useful.

Supporters of the Black Lives Matter mob falsely claim that they want to make the justice system more fair. Appointing a special prosecutor to go after a bar owner isn’t fair. It’s corrupting the system to lynch a man because of his skin color.