Posted on August 6, 2020

Portland Protester Violence Continues, Spreads to Suburbs Despite Claim That “If Feds Leave, We’ll Leave’

RT, August 6, 2020

Despite claims to the contrary, protests and violence have continued in Portland following the withdrawal of federal police. Tear gas and flashbang grenades were used to disperse crowds that have now moved to the city’s suburbs.

Local authorities declared a riot for the second night in a row on Wednesday, as violence continued in the city for the 70th consecutive night since the death of Geroge Floyd in police custody.

A crowd of approximately 100 people gathered outside the Portland Police East Precinct shortly after 9pm, growing to over 200 shortly thereafter.

Portland police had declared the gathering unlawful by 9:45pm local time, after several agitators in the crowd began spray-painting security cameras, tearing away plywood hoardings from the police building, and forming barricades in the streets with dumpsters.

Police also raised the alarm when a suspected explosive device was found outside the precinct, though it later turned out to be a false alarm.

At least four people were arrested as Portland police in riot gear launched tear gas and stun grenades into the crowd.

On Tuesday night, police also declared a riot outside the Portland Police Association, claiming several protesters had broken into the building.

Clashes in the city have shifted from downtown, outside the federal courthouse and justice center, to police buildings elsewhere in the city, in the suburbs.

Violence at downtown protests had subsided since July 29 when federal officers began winding down their operations in the city following widespread outcry at their heavy-handed tactics and claims they were an “occupying force.”

Local Portland police then assumed command of the situation after an apparent but short-lived easing of tensions, only for the violence to flare up once again last week.