Posted on August 2, 2016

Flint: No Trash Collection After Contract Expires

Laura Ly, CNN, August 2, 2016

Flint, Michigan, a city known for its water crisis, may have another noxious situation on its hands.

There will be no trash collection in the city until further notice, according to a statement from Flint Mayor Karen Weaver. City residents have been instructed to not put their garbage out on the curb for collection, because no one will pick it up, at least for now.

Flint city leaders, including Weaver and the Flint City Council, have yet to secure a new waste collection contract for the city. Their previous service agreement, with a company called Republic Services, has expired.


Weaver hopes to resolve the issue by sometime this week, according to her statement.

Flint City Council President Kerry L. Nelson said in a statement that “the interruption of waste collection services in the city of Flint is exclusively the decision of Mayor Karen Weaver.”