Posted on May 4, 2015

Nebraska State Senator Says He’d Shoot A Cop ‘And Then Ask Questions Later’

CBS St. Louis, March 27, 2015

Nebraska State Sen. Ernie Chambers made a series of controversial comments regarding police officers, saying that if he carried a gun he’d shoot an officer first and ask questions later.

An audio recording from KFOR 1240 uncovered Chambers, who represents North Omaha’s 11th District and is the state’s only African-American senator, comparing law enforcement to Islamic State militants and saying he’d shoot a cop if he owned a weapon.

Chambers said he “wouldn’t go to Syria . . . wouldn’t go to Iraq . . . wouldn’t go to Afghanistan . . .” because local police terrorize residents daily.

“My ISIS is the police. Nobody from ISIS ever terrorized us as a people as the police do us daily. And they get away with it,” said Chambers, WOWT-TV reports. “You know what the [Douglas] County Attorney said, Don Kleine, if the officer makes a mistake–if he’s wrong–but he had reason to think he was right, then he’s clear. I cannot get away with that and shoot you and say ‘I thought he was going to do something.’

“The police are licensed to kill us–children, old people,” he said.

Chambers said that if he owned a gun, he’d use it as police officers use weapons against residents of Omaha.

“If I was going to carry a weapon, it wouldn’t be against you or the people who come here that I might have a dispute with. Mine would be with the police,” said Chambers. “And if I carried a gun I’d want to shoot him first and then ask questions later like they say a cop ought to do.”