Officers Kill Knife-Wielding Man near St. Louis, Police Say

Yahoo! News, April 18, 2015

A 23-year-old African-American man who barricaded himself in his mother’s house in a St. Louis suburb was shot and killed by police when he rushed at them with a knife in one hand and a Bible in the other, authorities said on Saturday.

The St. Louis County police chief described the encounter as one that left his officers with no choice but to open fire.


According to a police statement, a woman told officers her son, Thaddeus McCarroll, had locked her out of her house, was armed with a knife and had mentioned a “black revolution.”

Police said they called on the man, who they could see was armed with knives and a sword, to leave the house and that when he finally did emerge from the home he held a knife in one hand and a Bible in the other.

Police tried to negotiate with McCaroll, telling him to drop the weapon. He did not comply, despite being shot at first with a “non-lethal round.” Instead he charged at the officers, the statement said.


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  • superlloyd

    Sounds like Mike Brown version 2.0. Why can’t blacks obey simple instructions? Don’t they force the consequences of their actions? These are rhetorical questions. St. Thaddeus, the crazed gun toting criminal. He was a good Christian ‘n’ sheeit.

    • Reynardine

      Aspiring rapper feetsball scholar who wanted to be an afronaut after gettin’ hid lyfe togeddah.

      • APaige

        Just right after he learned not to bring a knife to a gunfight.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        …and den sumkina brane docter…

    • A Freespeechzone

      Obama, Holder, the media and liberals embolden defiance and want to outlaw self defense.

      Thankfully LE won’t just lie down and allow violent negroes harm them and DO invoke self defense.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      He was gonna be a preacher, you see…. in the likeness of Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.

    • nordicman

      “Why can’t blacks obey simple instructions?”

      Because that requires them to think rationally, long term, obey the law, be civilized. They are jungle people at their core. Doesn’t matter whether they’re in Africa or America or Europe or Asian or the Middle East. Same behavior. Like the old ‘racists’ used to say “You can take the black man out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the black man.”

    • ElComadreja

      All of these dead blacks have one thing in common. Resisting arrest.

    • bv


  • IstvanIN

    This guy was a nut, unlike say Martin or Brown, or were just thugs. I do wonder why they didn’t taze him, though.

  • The cops were wearing and using body cams, so this is an open and shut case.

    Except…I keep forgetting that actual evidence doesn’t mean anything to Africanus Bellcurvius. They want the cops to wear these cameras, then turn right around and disbelieve what the body cams show.

    In related news, just one suburb to the west:

    • They will claim the footage was “hacked”.

      • John Smith

        A negro was killed a a St. Louis convenience store a couple months ago and the negroes were claiming the police edited the gun into his hand before the cop shot him.

      • Lexonaut

        Or that if [whatever] isn’t on the cop’s video then [whatever] never happened.

    • Dave West

      5 years from now after body cams are common in 90% of American police forces; blacks will be complaining that they “criminalize black youth.” Yet another liberal “fix everything” program that will come back to bite their pets in the azz.

      • nordicman

        You can’t win with blacks. Move away from blacks, you’re a racist engaging in white flight. Move into black neighborhoods, now it’s gentrification. Ignore blacks, you’re guilty of selfish racism white privilege. Help blacks out, you’re being elitist, condescending.

        • bv

          Segregation and then support them financially like an ex wife.

  • TomIron361

    how many rounds did they hit him with?

    • Jason Lewis

      Sounded like automatic gun fire. ( I know it wasnt)

    • Reynardine

      Police (and regular folks, if you take the same courses) are taught to keep shooting at center mass until the suspect hits the ground.

      If you read about lethal police encounters, you’ll understand that sometimes suspects can absorb dozens of rounds and still keep on doing damage to officers, people and property. The propensity of especially blacks to ignore lethal damage has caused a explosion in both the power and capacity of police weapons.

      Instead of the meager 6-shot .38 specials once issued, police are now equipped with 9mm’s, .40 S&W, 10mm’s and .45’s with 10+ round magazines.

      • During the early 1980’s, thought a small-frame revolver in a new .41″ Special chambering would be ideal, but the immediate trend was “spray and pray” with high-capacity 9mm semis. Only wildcatters played around with the .41″ Special.

        • John Smith

          In an N-frame platform (model 57/58), I don’t see an advantage over a .44 Spl. or .44 mag loaded with .44 Spl.

          • Exactly. One of the things that killed the idea of production .41″ Special was that the large-frame revolvers offered no advantage over .44″.

          • John Smith

            It didn’t work. One problem I have with my Webley Mk. IV is finding ammo that’s heavy enough to shoot to the point of aim with sights regulated for 176gr jacketed .38/200 rounds that no one makes anymore. Another problem is that some folks load .38Spl. bullets into .38S&W cases, but the diameter is a few thousands less. I probably should get a set of dies for the round.

          • Try hollow-base wadcutters or semi-wadcutters. These will upset rather like a Minie ball and expand to engage the rifling. I had to do that with my .455″ Webley Mk-IV (the officers’ model with a six-inch barrel), as US-made .45″ pistol bullets run a bit undersized at .452″.

        • InAFreeCountry

          .41 Special is one of the few calibers I haven’t had the pleasure of firing. I do prefer the hi-cap semis, if only for their better concealment profile.

      • John Smith

        And accuracy went down after they started getting semi-autos. Why aim when you can “spray-and-pray”?

  • To quote Pastor Manning, the black Pastor in Harlem who talks sense: “You n***ers are crazy.” Pastor Manning addressed that remark to all blacks. I think he spoke truth.

    • Dave West

      Pastor Manning, Allen West, and Samuel L Jackson’s character from Django…………

      The only sane black men ever to exist!

      • Paleoconn

        Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Clarence Thomas. There are a few more, including that man who helped the elderly White lady at the gas station only to get swarmed by black hoods.

        • InAFreeCountry

          I commented in another article about how you could probably fit them all into the banquet room of a smallish restaurant. The guy at the gas station has a big heart and a bigger pair putting himself in harm’s way for that little old lady.

          • Alexandra1973

            If all blacks were like him jail guards would be unemployed.

        • Peter L. Giamatti

          Jesse Lee Peterson! A reformed thug who states “The crisis of the black man in America will never be overcome until the white man overcomes his fear of being called a racist” Youtube: “Rev Peterson Raymond Santana HEATED DEBATE Piers morgan”

      • nordicman

        I think even these public ‘conservative blacks’ are in it for the money and fame. I think (I could be wrong) these guys hate whites as much as Jesse Jackson or Louis Farrakhan or the average streeth ghetto black,but they’re making money saying and doing things white men are too scared to say.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          Whites are always suckers for the conservative black talk show hosts. Take Herman Cain, for example. He knows he commands a largely white following. You should listen to the drivel and the confessions of former prejudices whites spill on the air while Mr. Cain, listens, and listens, and listens, and listens, without ever interrupting.

          Meanwhile, Mr. Cain guest-hosted a few years back on a black-oriented station called the “voice of the community” (read: black community) where the topic was privatization of social security. Mr. Cain, of course, has racially, black advantageous reasons for promoting the privatization of S.S. A black caller complained why should old white women get his S.S. that is left with the government after he dies? to that, Mr. Cain replied, “Amen, Brothah”

          • A rebuttal is that while fewer blacks live to reach age 65, how many are collecting Social Security disability payments on questionable grounds? My objection to Social Security is that it’s a Ponzi Scheme, which requires successively larger numbers of people paying into it. If you and I started our own similar plan, we would quickly find ourselves sharing a cell with Bernie Madoff.

        • bv

          That sounds just about right.

      • bv

        When they’re in trouble and in need they’ll play the race card when it’s convenient for them.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Just think of the scene if the good pastor Manning showed up at Jeremiah Wright’s fiefdom in Chicago, and say the same things there. Now that would be the price of admission. Just give me my coke and popcorn and enjoy the fireworks.

  • Speedy Steve

    Oh! Thaddeus! I thought the cop was calling it fat ass.

  • Speedy Steve

    Skip to 3:39. Show’s over 5 seconds later. Thaddeus had no reason to be upset, and now I don’t either.

  • MekongDelta69

    Oh man, oh man, oh man. How will my social life continue, now that I’ve seen this terrible, ‘racist‘ tragedy?
    Ok – I’m over it now. What were you saying again?

  • Irishgirl



  • A Freespeechzone

    No loss.

    People who challenge LE can expect to be dead.

    Obviously negroes don’t grasp that axiom–not my problem.

    No Apologies.

  • LHathaway

    Nearly 400 White men were killed by police last year. The number of Black men killed was less than 80.

  • Paleoconn

    We only hear about the imbeciles who bring a knife to a gunfight. The ones who kill a cop or a White citizen are never heard of.

  • I’m not religious, but I have a Bible here at home, published by Watchtower, so it is a Latter-Day Saints (i.e. Jehova’s Witnesses) Bible. They gave it to me for free, so I have read it, and curiously it doesn’t suggest knifing cops.

    • Reynardine

      The LDS are not Jehovah’s Witnesses, which does publish a lot of books under the Watchtower label.

      Jehovah’s Witnesses were a millenalist movement started by Charles Taze Russel in the 1870’s, which is heavy on the end-times theology.

      LDS is a Christian spin-off religion that was started by Joseph Smith in the 1820’s. They consider the Book of Mormon to be “another” (under some LDS teaching superior to the Bible) testament of Jesus Christ, one set in North America. For all its flaws, the Book of Mormon describes a fight between the dark-skinned Lamanites and the flawless, civilized white Nephi over North America. The Lamanites win, but cause an untold dark age in which all the previous age’s technology, spirituality, and art are destroyed. They eventually become the Amerindians.

      • Fixed it.

        • Reynardine

          Sorry, I didn’t make myself clear:

          Watchtower is a Jehovah’s Witness publication/organization.

  • John Smith

    First rule of race wars – don’t bring a knife to a gun-fight.

  • Rob

    Knife in one hand and a Bible in the other. What did this man think he was? the african version of the Grim Reaper?

  • Light from the East

    Black thugs cannot control themselves in front of the police as always.

    • nordicman

      But it’s the fault of white racists, don’t you know? (joking)

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Crack don’t bees no good fo no livvin thangs, includin dem spirin rap artests, and dem footure felons of Amerika…

  • voiceofstl

    If thats a body cam filming this it is useless.

  • Hilis Hatki

    Well, he believed in something beyond this zombie society. Its better than spending your whole life being a mindless, souless consumer. Thank goodness the Pentagon Police Force was able to send a combat team to take him out before he disrupted the flow of goods and services.

    • I think I would rather be a consumer than be shot dead by cops for stupid $#!& on the front lawn. The former seems a tad more pleasant. I did the consumer bit this morning, and bought a blueberry bush at Wal Mart: much less fuss and bother.

      • Hilis Hatki

        I pushed the “read between the lines” limit on that post. I hear that they are pushing for people who go against the “majority thinking” to be declared abnormal in the DSM. Normallity is not going to stop the changes being made.