Posted on December 11, 2014

African-American Lawyers Association Seeks Revocation of Darren Wilson’s Police Officer License

Paul Hampel, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 8, 2014

The National Bar Association, led by an attorney for Michael Brown’s family, says it has filed a “lawsuit” with the Missouri Department of Public Safety, demanding the revocation of Darren Wilson’s police officer license.

The department acknowledged receiving a document but said it is being treated as a complaint because the agency is not a venue for a suit. Spokesman Mike O’Connell said he could not reveal specifics.

{snip} Wilson resigned from the force Nov. 29, five days after a St. Louis County grand jury decided not to indict him in Brown’s death.

Neil Bruntrager, a lawyer for Wilson, said being a police officer “is off the table forever” but that, “Keeping his license in good standing is a matter of pride.” Bruntrager added, “He didn’t resign under any criminal charges and he didn’t do anything wrong.”

The association, which says it represents African-American lawyers and judges, is headed by Benjamin Crump, who represents Brown’s family. Its press release alleges that Wilson “committed a criminal act.”

The release also says Wilson’s comment in a TV interview that Brown had “looked like a demon” led the association to “challenge his suitability to ever wear a badge and carry a gun ever again.”