FGM Affects 137,000 Women in England and Wales, Reveals Shocking New Study

Radhika Sanghani, Telegraph (London), July 22, 2014

The number of women living in the UK who have experienced female genital mutilation and cutting (FGM/C) has risen dramatically, a new report suggests.

It shows that the practice has been carried out on 137,000 women and girls living in England and Wales.

The City University London and Equality Now study comes as the Prime Minister today hosts the UK’s first ever Girl Summit, which aims to end FGM/C and forced marriage.

It shows that there are around 103,00 FGM/C survivors aged 15-49 in the UK, 24,000 women aged 50 and over, and 10,000 young girls aged under 15. These women and girls are thought to have migrated from countries where the practice of cutting girls’ genitalia–illegal in the UK–is carried out in the name of culture, tradition and religion.

The study suggests that the numbers are a significant increase since the last comparable report in 2001, as the number of women living in the UK originally from FGM/C practising countries has risen from 182,000 in 2001 to 283,000 in 2011.

Experts suggest this means a rise in the amount of women living in the UK who have experienced FGM/C abroad.

Alison Macfarlane, professor of perinatal health at City University London, who lead the study, said: “[These estimates] are needed as it is difficult to collect data directly about the numbers of women affected.

“They should be used as signposts to guide professionals in planning services for affected women and their daughters, rather than hard and fast facts.

“It is also important to set [FGM/C] in context with other problems experienced by migrant women, many of whom have come to England and Wales from areas in conflict.”

Globally, more than 130 million girls and women have experienced some form of FGM/C, according to new UNICEF data. There has been an overall decline in the last three decades, but if action to prevent it is not taken, as many as 30 million girls alive today could be cut in the next decade.

Up to 63 million more could be cut by 2050, even with current declining rates, because of high population growth.

UNICEF executive director Anthony Lake said: “The numbers tell us we must accelerate our efforts. And let’s not forget that these numbers represent real lives.

“While these are problems on a global scale, the solutions must be local, driven by communities, families and girls themselves to change mindsets and break the cycles that perpetuate FGM/C and child marriage.”

FGM/C is also practised illegally in the UK. There are no figures but the Government’s forced marriage unit gave advice in more than 1,300 cases in the UK last year and 20,000 are thought to be at risk each year.

Home secretary Theresa May, who is leading Girl Summit alongside International development secretary Justine Greening, wrote exclusively for Telegraph Wonder Women on how the Government plans to end FGM/C and forced marriage here in the UK.

She said: “It is heartbreaking that these hidden crimes still exist in our society and threaten the well-being of a generation of girls.

“We know that legislation alone is not enough, but it sends a clear message: that this practice is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated in the UK.

“Every case of FGM/C is a tragedy and its very nature means that many cases go unreported. However, we are determined to see perpetrators of FGM/C brought to account in court. We are also working with community and religious leaders, as we know the important role they play in changing attitudes.”

The Girl Summit will bring together heads of state, survivors and charities from across the world to try and end FGM/C, forced marriage and child marriage–both in the UK and overseas.

More than 700 million women alive today were married as children, according to UNICEF, and more than 250 million of these before the age of 15.

If there is no reduction, up to 280 million girls alive today are at risk of becoming brides by the time they’re 18, and this will reach 320 million by 2050.

Lake said: “FGM and child marriage profoundly and permanently harm girls, denying them their right to make their own decisions and to reach their full potential.

“They are detriments to the girls themselves, their families and their societies.

“Girls are not property; they have the right to determine their destiny. When they do so, everyone benefits.”

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  • Any suggestion that people from FGM/C practicing countries should not be admitted as immigrants into the UK?

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      As long as they’re not white, Westminster does not care where the immigrants come from. The government only cares about stuffing as many warm bodies as fast as they can into Britain so they can reduce whites to a minority in the shortest amount of time possible, before whites realize it’s too late and they’re surrounded by their racial enemies.

    • kikz2

      of course not, but that’s a great idea, if anyone to do w/immigration gave a flying……..

  • MekongDelta69

    You import the Third Word, you get the Third World.

  • Truthseeker

    The glorious culture of Britain is profaned by the very presence of these people. They don’t belong there. Get them out.

  • Mary

    Gee, they enthusiastically import these people, promote unbridled diversity, and then feign concern and disapproval when the people actually exhibit their cultures. What a crock.

  • If you stop and think about, who invented FGM? Why? I never heard of it in high school or college back in the day.

    The globalists say it’s my problem? I say screw the globalists.

    I once worked with a white woman who said, “You put a monkey in a suit and what you have is a monkey wearing a suit.” She was referring to New Orleans blacks, as the company we worked for was being forced to hire them by the government. Her point is that black culture is quite different from civilization.

    Blacks put on the trappings of civilization, but never get it right. They’re gonna fall back on that culture every time, no matter the laws or customs of the formerly white host nation.

  • none of your business

    Feminazis vs african and arab muslims. Go at it and kill each other off.

  • JohnEngelman

    I sometimes have arguments with those who blame the West for everything wrong with the third world. Female Genital Mutilation is native to Africa. The only reason Europeans are complicit is that Europeans did not stamp out the practice when they ruled Africa.

    • LHathaway

      Thank you, John.

    • They tried to eradicate it. The European colonial powers also tried stamping out slavery and tribal warfare.

      In baseball, three strikes means a batter is out, but bleeding-heart white do-gooders still haven’t given up on these Afritard savages.

  • none of your business

    I re read the piece. Note the answer must come from the community. That means the creation of numerous do nothing government jobs for arab and african muslims to deal with the problem. Nothing will be done, but many imans and arabs and africans will not just be on life long benefit but get government paychecks.
    That is how liberals exist. Create a problem by inviting FGM arabs and africans into the UK. Create a solution to the problem, community effort. Extort taxpayer money to pay for the solution to the problem.

    I bet the anti FGM arab and african executive directors, advocates, consultants, coordinators, program directors will let FGM go unchecked while working for the anti FGM govt programs.
    Reminds me of all those community programs and affirmative action jobs designed to keep blacks out of prison.

  • none of your business

    Englemann will no one rid of us of this pest?
    I’m sure he never argues with his people AWRs anti White racists about anything.

  • Spikeygrrl

    “FGM and child marriage profoundly and permanently harm girls, denying them their right to make their own decisions and to reach their full potential.”

    Forced child marriage is a “gift” which keeps on giving; in many cases it is only the beginning a lifetime of neglect and/or abuse.

    But will someone please remind me why FGM denies girls the opportunity “to reach their full potential”?

    This statement makes three unwarranted assumptions: 1) That clitoridectomy permanently removes the potential for female orgasm, 2) that making one bad health decision for a young woman forever robs her of the ability to make any future decisions on her own behalf, and — most insidiously — 3) that an inorgasmic woman’s life is not worth living.

    Let’s take those one by one, shall we?
    1) The genital erectile tissue in women is not limited to the visible clitoris. It runs throughout both the exterior and interior vulva, and in many cases can be stimulated to orgasm via the use of sex toys and other “unorthodox” methods.
    2) How does one bad decision made for a girl remove her capacity to make good decisions on her own behalf in the future? Wouldn’t that work the other way around?: “From now on I will make my OWN decisions, dammit!”
    3) Suffice it to say that a startling percentage of women EVEN HERE IN MILLENNIAL AMERICA remain inorgasmic for their entire lives. Cue the mob of husbands blustering that any woman with a good man — especially their own wives! — never had this “problem.” (If she did, how would you even know? Women have been faking orgasm since prehistory. Why? BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU, ya knuckleheaded galoots, and don’t want to bruise your fragile egos!)
    3) Should now be self-explanatory. MILLIONS of women live fulfilling lives without ever experiencing a single orgasm…and for men to suggest otherwise is profoundly to infantilize every other worthwhile aspect of women’s lives.

    • “Reach/realize their full potential” is my permanent drinking game.

  • HE2

    The “problem” of FGM is thrust upon Britain’s enforcement of prohibition of a practice performed in secret? Now, how would that realistically be carried out?
    It would require the posting of a law enforcement officer in every Afro-muzzie household.
    The woman performing these grisly procedures is usually someone who serves her immediate community in this capacity. The girls’ mothers and other female relatives hold the girl down.
    I saw a video of it being done.
    The little girl was screaming for her mum to make them stop, crying, “mum, she’s cutting my bits.”
    The child could not walk for days.

  • Lagerstrom

    What’s going on in England? And why have Mrs Harris and Mrs Drinkwater started mutilating their daughters’ genitals?

  • Femghazi

    MGM affects millions upon millions of men, boys and infants every year and…. nothing but the chirping of crickets. Colour me unimpressed by the suffering of women over this issue..

  • kikz2

    being a realist.. hate to say it, but possibly this will impede the lightening fast reproductive habits of these people, as cutting sometimes causes death at the time of the event, and sometimes maternal death at birth. however, more than likely, it will be a further drain on taxpayer monies, as they’ll end up being cared for by the state in hospital w/expensive cesarean births, and aftercare. :/

  • What these morons do with their own daughters is absolutely not my concern. I just do not give a rip.