As Syrian Refugees Develop Roots, Jordan Grows Wary

Norimitsu Onishi, New York Times, October 6, 2013

For Jordan, a small desert nation that is one of the world’s driest, the recent home improvement trends at its biggest camp for Syrian refugees may prove particularly unsettling.

“This helps us forget the war,” said Dalal al-Mansour, 35, smiling at her children who were splashing around inside the four-level family fountain one recent afternoon.

With no end to the 30-month-old war back home, some Syrian refugees are seemingly settling in for the long haul by recreating fixtures of their past domestic lives: paved courtyards with decorative water fountains. One man even built a swimming pool in his courtyard.

That growing look of permanence is deeply unsettling to Jordan, which over the decades has weathered large-scale migrations of refugees, among them Iraqis and Palestinians, as well as the accompanying, existential threats to its fragile demographic balance.

The latest arrivals, nearly 600,000 Syrians, have weighed heavily even as Jordan’s importance to the United States as an Arab ally in the Middle East has increased with Egypt’s instability. They are among the roughly two million Syrians who have fled their country, most of them this year, and registered as refugees in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Hundreds of thousands more are believed to be living in the region illegally.

Like previous generations of refugees, the Syrians are quickly developing ties to their surrounding areas, increasing fears that they will stay and that their huge numbers will cause a sudden, and potentially destabilizing, redrawing of the demographic map.


Like his predecessors, King Abdullah II depends on the support of the land’s original inhabitants, Bedouin tribes known as the East Bankers. Pampered politically, the East Bankers have been losing their influence to the Palestinian-Jordanians who came to Jordan as refugees in 1948 and 1967, and risk further losses if the Syrians stay. Tens of thousands of Iraqi refugees who came to Jordan in the past decade have also stayed.

In a country of only six million, the long-term presence of 600,000 Syrians—the Jordanian government says there are actually hundreds of thousands more—could further decrease the percentage of East Bankers. “If the Syrians stay, we will be destroyed,” said Raad al-Nisah, 30, who owns a small coffee stand in Marka, a neighborhood in Amman, the capital. “We will become minorities and guests in our own nation.”


Ibrahim Saif, the minister of planning and international cooperation, said the presence of the Syrians in Jordan was tantamount to “the United States absorbing the entire population of Canada.” Jordan has said the cost of hosting the refugees is $1 billion a year.

Mr. Saif said that the “backlash, animosity and all kind of negative feelings emerging” toward the Syrian refugees was a source of worry for the government. While providing assistance, he said, it was necessary to ensure that the refugee population remained a “temporary phenomenon.”

“You try to restrict their access to the labor market,” he said. “You try to restrict their access to areas that could enhance sustainability. You provide the minimum education, health and food, but not anything further. You don’t want to enhance their engagement with the rest of the society.”


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  • Spartacus

    “If the Syrians stay, we will be destroyed,” said Raad al-Nisah, 30, who
    owns a small coffee stand in Marka, a neighborhood in Amman, the
    capital. “We will become minorities and guests in our own nation.”


    Keep in mind – Syrians are of the same culture/language/religion/racial stock as the Jordanians, and yet the latter still feel threatened… And yet, we’re supposed to welcome the cockroaches as if our Nations are their home, or risk being ostracized, fired, persecuted or even jailed …

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      The truth really is stranger than fiction. It’s as though I’m in a Twilight Zone episode from which I can’t awake. I have no doubts as to why the NYT isn’t permitting comments on this one. More bizarre, however, is why this piece was allowed to slip past their Marxist censors.

      That growing look of permanence is deeply unsettling to Jordan, which
      over the decades has weathered large-scale migrations of refugees, among
      them Iraqis and Palestinians, as well as the accompanying, existential
      threats to its fragile demographic balance.

      The fact that the libtard author can write something so hypocritical without any trace of irony just demonstrates the libtards’ immense power of self-delusion. Meanwhile, they’ll keep droning stupidly “four legs good, two legs bad!”, or its modern equivalent, “dark skin good, white skin bad!”

      • Spartacus

        “More bizarre, however, is why this piece was allowed to slip past their Marxist censors.”


        It didn’t slip. The scum want to mock us, rub it in our faces .

        • Jesse James

          I remember something Theodore Dalyrymple wrote,

          “Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my studies of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded with reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to compromise with evil, and in some small way to become evil onself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine it political correctness it has the same effect and is intended to.”

          Yes this quote made my black book of dark enlightenment.

          • pcmustgo

            Wow, that quote is amazing…

          • Spartacus

            Yes, it really is.

          • Talltrees

            See my post to Franklyn_Ryckaert above yours.

          • Jesse James

            Perhaps not the best fit for this particular article but too good not to share with you guys and it certainly fits most of what the “press” produces.

          • Jesse James

            Some people might criticize this constant flight by whites as cowardly
            but there is really little real choice. The white South tried massive
            resistance as a tactic to stop the integration of the schools and the
            destruction of whites right to freedom of association. We weren’t all
            on the same page though and it was a movement that was strongest in
            rural areas. Remember that at the time it was rural southerners who were most likely surrounded by a sea of blacks, the cities were still firmly held by whites. The Southern business class led by the leaders of
            corporations like Coca-Cola, the “educated” liberal middle class in the
            cities and the “Jesus loves the little children” Christians undermined
            our racial solidarity. After that the Federal courts and the threat of
            military force and a second Reconstruction by the Executive branch
            pretty much smashed our efforts to retain our predominance in our own

            The grass roots organizations like the local
            Klan groups weren’t so much destroyed by the government, though there
            was a lot of FBI surveillance and subsequent prosecutions, as they were
            abandoned but what I think of as the Southern “Optimate” class. Decent
            Southern whites also were turned off by the violence aimed at keeping
            the blacks in “their place” especially the Church bombing in Birmingham
            that killed those little black girls in the basement of their church.
            That particular incident was an embarrassment even to a lot of hard core
            racists because most all of them were active Christians and blowing up
            little girls at Sunday School counts as all kinds of bad. If they
            could have flash fowarded to what our society has become now with
            constant black violence against whites, tens of thousands of white women
            raped every year by blacks, destruction of our school systems,
            mismanagement of our cities, punitive wealth transfers from whites to
            blacks by all levels of government, denial of public areas and mass
            transit to whites through black aggression, and shameful levels of race
            mixing they might have fought harder and longer. Now there hardly
            seems anything left intact to try and preserve.

            What is it the radicals say? That which is falling should be pushed?

          • Talltrees

            I hope everyone following the 1.2 Million White Bikers that rode their bikes from as far as Alaska. I heard a few from Hawaii (flew their bikes?).

            Now, it’s the Truckers Ride For The Constitution through DC, October 11-13. See Facebook. They are calling for a three day strike, bikers, cars, and all trucks welcome. Also, don’t purchase anything for three days. That means stocking up before October 11. They hope to make an impact on the economy. Of course, they need many to participate.

            They are sick and tired of government corruption, Obamacare, want Obama impeached, and to return to the Constitution.
            They are conservatives.

            Many White truckers are participating as are others. Individual state coordinators are handling the logistics as was done by the bikers.

            Don’t know why White websites are not following this closely. 99.99% are Whites. This might be the start of something.

          • Franklin_Ryckaert

            What such people should demonstrate against is non-White legal immigration, which is the greatest danger to their survival. All other problems, corruption, Obamacare etc. are secondary.

          • Talltrees

            I agree with you. I think from what is being said on their previous and current website, the non-White invasion changing our government and culture, non-representation by government, a Muslim president, traitorous lawmakers indicates an underlying unspoken theme.

            Statements, such as “We want our culture and country back,” fighting liberals, Muslims, freedom of speech, impeach Obama, traitors, Constitution, Founding Fathers, quotes from Jefferson, Adams, Washington and so on, Socialism, Marxism, Communism, revolution, etc., can be interpreted as “We want the White country we had before” without saying it.
            Although, conservatives, they consider Republican legislators corrupt traitors wanting all of them removed.

            Fears, such as those here on Amren prevent them from speaking out on non-Whites, the third-world invasion, and White identity; although, they have been open about illegals, amnesty and Muslims. And, of course, they’d have no Facebook page.

            Their first Facebook page was removed because supporters were saying “God Bless America.” They maintain a second page as backup, now, in case the current page is removed. That made them furious. A group of truckers from California are going to deliver a copy of the Constitution to Zuckerman on October 11. What will that do? Probably, nothing, now, but it’s a start.
            The Truckers Ride For The Constitution coordinators say they are suing Facebook for not being permitted to say “God Bless America.” They have a lawyer helping them.

            So far, bikers and truckers may be taking an indirect route to their goal now, but might become more emboldened later and speak up. I certainly hope so. I think all White websites should help to spread this around and be supportive.

            I will not purchase a thing for those three days. They are also asking that no one go to work on those days; although, that won’t work. Would like to go to DC in support, but can’t. I’m placing signs on my car and driving up and down a major interstate dominated by 18 wheelers to alert more truckers to the event. Most of the truckers going will be independents or working for small companies closing for three days in support. Those that can’t go are shutting down their trucks for the three days. For those truckers who can’t afford to go, there is a site for donations. Cars, bikers, and all kinds of trucks, pickups, garbage, etc., are invited. It appears most of the trucks will be 18 wheelers, probably without their trailers; although I would like to see them attached for a more impressive demonstration.

            So far, bikers and truckers have been peaceful and law abiding, but talking tough. Let’s see where it goes.

          • Spartacus

            “Decent Southern whites also were turned off by the violence aimed at
            keeping the blacks in “their place” especially the Church bombing in
            Birmingham that killed those little black girls in the basement of their


            And now an even worse violence is being committed by groids against them. Those four welfare-queens in training were worthless forms of life, who would’ve never done anything worthwhile in their entire lives, nor through any of their descendants .

          • Jesse James

            Except to be fair things weren’t like they are today back then Spartacus. I have lived in the South my entire life except for time spent away in the military. Black family structure was not the train wreck it is today. Most still had fathers at home and the corrosive effects of liberal welfare policy has since had sixty years to corrupt and addict the Negroes to their present state of government dependence. Don’t forget that there has been sixty years of government instruction designed to stir the black against whites reinforced by the evil lies fed to everyone by television and the movie industry. I never saw the hatred in their eyes when I was younger – at least not near as much as you do today. Race relations were better in the 70s than they are today. Whites were of stronger resolve back then and the blacks still feared us to a certain degree and thus had more respect for us.

          • Spartacus

            That could never have lasted. The negroes were better off then because the Whites forced them to be, not because they were “uncorrupted”. You just got weak, and their inner-selves came out, that’s all it is . It would’ve happened regardless of the System’s propaganda .

          • Jesse James

            Maybe so Spartacus, we will never know what might have been nor does it really matter. We must deal with that which greets us in cold clear light of each day’s dawn. You are correct about getting weak as a people. My father tells a story of when he was a teenager hitch-hiking across the South in the mid 1950s. Him and his cousin caught a ride in the back of an old farmers pickup truck. They were passed recklessly by a car load of young strong black men. The old farmer – who was one armed by the way – chased the car down and forced it off the road. My dad says him and his cousin didn’t know what the heck was going on and that they were pretty damned scared. Another fellow was with the one armed farmer but he just stood quietly by the older man as he faced off with the pack of negro bucks. He turned and whispered to the two boys, “everything will be OK boys just don’t run.” Anyway the blacks outnumbered the whites as they piled out of their vehicle and my dad wasn’t sure exactly how things would go down. The old one armed farmer pulled an old revolver out of his belt and held it to his side as he dressed the blacks down for disrespecting him. (Yes I am well aware of the irony of where the black culture of “Don’t diss me” comes from.) After a bit they hung there heads and apologized and the farmer told them to be on there way. I don’t tell this as a morality tale one way or the other just as a small anecdotal example of what is required to maintain racial dominance particularly when outnumbered. It used to be second nature to white Southern men but most now have no knowledge of it.

          • Spartacus

            That one-armed man wasn’t an anomaly, there are still tons of people just like him in the South. The problem is that you guys stopped fighting, and the solution is to start fighting again. This is an obsession of mine, but have you tried to start an all-White fight club? Getting into fights regularly is a great way to “man-up” as it were .

          • Jesse James

            I’m saving all my brags about murder and mayhem for the World Star Hip Hop channel 🙂

          • Spartacus

            Erm… A fight club doesn’t involve murder or mayhem. You and a bunch of other guys meet and beat up each other. Haven’t you seen the movie ? 🙂

          • Romulus

            *sigh* majority rule….. Majority rule!.
            I don’t give a d*m what they were like three decades ago. My maternal ancestry has been in the South since 1607. The reason we have so many problems with the negroes, is because their STILL HERE. Two groups of equal proportion that occupy the same territory, only ONE can rule. You will never get all whites and blacks on the same sheet of music because you cannot make once race from both. One or the other will dominate.

          • curri

            “Decent Southern whites also were turned off by the violence aimed at keeping the blacks in “their place” especially the Church bombing in Birmingham that killed those little black girls in the basement of their church.”

            Yeah, effectively commit suicide because of the actions of a handful of loons-or even a government informant. Only whites are crazy enough to do it.

            I can’t find it now, but on the net I once read an account of the Birmingham Klavern in 1963. It said that nearly all the members were harmless and just came around to gripe and socialize. There were only a handful of members with violent tendencies and everybody knew who they were. Of course the Feds knew who they all were as well-one of them was FBI informant Gary Thomas Rowe.

          • Franklin_Ryckaert

            That is the meaning of 2×2=5.

          • Sue

            What an astounding quote! There are several much needed places I will use it. Thanks!

          • me


      • pcmustgo

        No, I think this might be some releasing of white liberal guilt, like “non-whites can be racist too”… to other non-whites of course. They never admit they can be racist to whites.

    • pcmustgo

      I like your sentiment except for your calling Mexicans or other third worlders cock roaches…

      • Spartacus

        Why ? Do you think it’s an insult to cockroaches ?

    • Norseman

      I once watched a debate where a sociologist claimed that large
      third-world immigration into a neighborhood would not significantly
      alter the local culture.

      Subsequently he was confronted with an
      earlier paper he had written that described the fundamental changes in
      local culture in a similar neighborhood and the ensuing stresses
      brought about by gentrification. Apparently this was unrelated to any
      economic pressures. It was caused solely by a transformed local culture.Unfortunately the moderator changed the topic.

      • Spartacus

        Sociology is basically snake-oil – It’s not real, but many idiots think it is…

  • David Ashton

    The Arab “spring” the Western “winter”. With special thanks to George Soros.

  • Puggg

    NBC Latino Website

    Dominican Republic to end citizenship for Haitian-descended residents

    SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — Experts warned Friday that a Dominican court decision to strip citizenship from children of Haitian migrants could cause a human rights crisis, potentially leaving tens of thousands of people stateless, facing mass deportation and discrimination.

    Use your favorite internet search engine to find and read the rest of this article.

    Stateless? Mass deportation? Haiti and DR are on the same island, Haiti is right on the other side of that island. Their own “state” is right there on the same earth sticking up from the ocean.

    • IstvanIN

      They can walk home!

      • dmxinc

        No, these poor “stateless” people will be given asylum in the USA.

        • Puggg

          Haitians are going to the Dominican Republic, and I doubt DR has much if any welfare. There goes the argument that we can keep them from coming here if all we did was deny them the welfare magnets. If they go to no welfare DR, why wouldn’t they come here even if they couldn’t get our welfare?

          • pcmustgo

            And DR’s go to PR… Puerto Rico. Well, Ok, no welfare in DR, but plenty of “gringo dollars”/tourist money, and just better conditions. They’re drawn to the better conditions, the relative prosperity, work available, etc.

          • Puggg

            I hear it’s so bad in Haiti that Haitians are sneaking into Cuba.

    • 1stworlder

      If genetics had no bearing then the Dominican Republic should actually be worst off than Haiti.

  • IstvanIN

    The King married a Palestinian, the Queen is actually quite a looker, but he darn well better repatriate the Syrians and Iraqis or his nation, people and throne are done. And history shows that the overthrow of a monarch rarely ends well for anyone in the affected country.

    One Race, One Realm, One Ruler.

  • joesolargenius

    I was in a store in Raleigh,NC yesterday and there was two Black female employees working with four Muslim females with their head covered whom were laughing and joking in their native language while ignoring the two Black co workers completely. The look on those two Black females face was one of unhappiness as they can’t really cry discrimination for being left out as those Muslims were almost as dark as themselves.

    • Sick of it

      No no, they were playing nice. When muslims discriminate, you end up with a Darfur situation.

  • leftists are delusional

    Can you imagine a NY Times story about the United States and mestizo immigrants with the same quote – “We will become minorities and guests in our own nation.”

    I can’t either.

  • Jesse James

    “We will become minorities and guests in our own nation.”

    Welcome to the club. “Pissed on, Betrayed, Un-represented and Forgotten About”

  • RHG

    Fret not Jordanians, I am sure that when all is said and done I am sure most of them will wind up somewhere in 1st world, westernized countries.

  • kjh64

    The funny thing is that Syrians are the same race and religion as the Jordanians and they still don’t want them.

  • Garrett Brown

    Welcome to the club, Jordanians.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    This is the result of the global elite, and especially those who shall not be named efforts to break people’s ties to their land, to each other and to their heritage. The ruling elite are turning our nations into a society where everything is in a state of flux, where everyone is estranged from each other, does not trust one another, and have no roots. They are rendering our lives meaningless, without a past or a future. That is what the net result of all these people being driven out of their nations means for the native citizens of other nations refugees are flooding into. Now the Jordanians know what is being done to us in our lands.

  • fuzzypook

    The Palestinians were also firing on Israel from Jordan. Kind Hussain didn’t want any part of that. He kicked them out and they went to Lebanon to continue their mayhem. They then got the local muslim population involved and war broke out. Lebanese muzzies who had been living side by side with Christians for hundreds of years turned on them. Bridgette Gabriel was a teenager in Lebanon at the time and lived for years with her parents in a bunker behind their restaurant. Read her book “Why They Hate.”

  • Romulus

    See, here we go again. Even when groups that have nearly identical mutations but different cultures try to occupy the same territory, their will be conflict. Diversity has NEVER unified anybody.

    Millions of people migrating all over the globe. (unwanted passive invasion)
    This will inevitably lead to more and more conflict when there isn’t enough to go around.

  • me

    Mr. Stompy Foot in the Spite House can’t wait until ‘Whitey’ is displaced in his own country. It’s that mulatto’s favorite wet dream, as well as that criminal Holder.Would that our ‘leaders’ in Congress would wake the hell up! A country is only as good and as strong as the people who inhabit it.

  • IstvanIN

    They do have different tribes. And the Persians were a distinct ethnic group. And the Lebanese. Plopping a bunch of Ashkenazi Jews in the middle east pretty ruined things.

  • Northern American-Nationalist

    “. . . ‘the United States absorbing the entire population of Canada.’”

    . . . I wish. . . The Austria to our Germany . . . maybe one day.

  • Northern American-Nationalist

    By the way, the issue here is two fold.

    Those Bedouin tribal rulers are only there in Jordan because they made a deal with the British after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire to get a door prize after their real goal was taken from them by the Saudis and British Real-Politicking. They are originally from the Arabian Peninsula and lost it. Think Norman (Frankish/French) nobility conquering and ruling Angles, Saxons, and Romano-British people in England a thousand years ago.

    The other thing is that Syria’s rulers have had designs on the entire Levant (which includes Jordan [and Lebanon and Israel {making sense now?}]) since the same time period a hundred years ago and “Greater Syria” has a better chance of coming to fruition now with the influx into that territory of this variety. Imagine if a civil war south of the border brought millions of Mexicans to settle in the U.S. southwest after all the colonization the Gringo has already suffered; this is akin to that situation.

    This is pretty genius politics for the Syrians. How could any people condemn this humanitarian-infused colonization?

  • Northern American-Nationalist

    “the United States absorbing the entire population of Canada.”

    . . .I wish. . . The Austria to our Germany . . . (sigh) Maybe one day. . .