Police Chief’s Polygraph Targets Racist Applicants

Sheila Bruke, My Way, March 8, 2013

A police chief hired to rebuild a tiny Tennessee department dismantled by scandal is using a lie-detector test to keep racists off his force.

Coopertown Police Chief Shane Sullivan took over the department in November, becoming the 11th chief in as many years. He was hired on the heels of a series of police scandals that for a few months left Coopertown with no police at all. Years before that, a mayor was voted out of office after the local prosecutor accused him of racism and running a notorious speed trap.

Law enforcement experts say Sullivan’s polygraph approach is unusual, though some departments use the devices for other purposes during the application process. Others try to root out bias in other ways. One polygraph expert warned that lie detectors can’t accurately predict racism for reasons that include people’s inability to recognize their own racism.

Sullivan said he doubts racists will even apply for the force if they know about the tests.


And he believes the policy is working, because he says it’s already discouraged some applicants. “I’ve told a couple of ones about the polygraph who have not called me back.”

Before Sullivan’s hiring, the sheriff’s department had overseen law enforcement in the town 30 miles northwest of Nashville while the department was temporarily disbanded.

First, the only full-time patrolman was fired over a road rage incident. Then the reserve officer was dismissed after a dashboard camera captured him using a racial slur to describe a black motorist. The dash cam video was later aired in the media. Soon after that, the police chief quit.


The rural community of about 4,000 people that is 95 percent white earned a reputation as a notorious speed trap, with about a third of its revenue coming from speeding tickets handed out by city police during the former mayor’s tenure. {snip}

In 2006, the county prosecutor asked a court to oust then-Mayor Danny Crosby on allegations he was running a speed trap and ordering police to target Hispanics, out-of-towners and soldiers from nearby Fort Campbell, Ky., for traffic tickets.

Although an appellate court agreed with a lower court’s finding that Crosby’s conduct and statements were strongly suggestive of “bigotry, sexism or utter foolishness,” it refused to remove him. Crosby was later voted out of office and the speed trap is gone.

One lifelong resident said he’s fed up with the city government and the police department making the town look bad.

“It’s put a black eye on the city,” Wayne Brown said of Coopertown’s controversies. Brown, a mechanic and football coach, said he thinks there should be no city government or police department because they aren’t providing any services.


The new chief intends for his lie detector idea to help clean up the Coopertown’s image. Candidates are required to answer whether they have ever committed a hate crime or a race-based crime.

“It doesn’t ask if you’ve ever made a racist remark or slur,” the chief said. Nor does the test ask people if they are prejudiced against any ethnic or religious minority.


Bob Peters, a spokesman for the American Polygraph Association, said asking about factual matters is a better approach than using subjective questions about prejudice or racism. He says a polygraph can’t accurately predict whether someone is racist.

“There might be people whom I might think have racist attitudes but they might not think so,” said Peters, whose association has established best practices for use of the polygraph.


The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department requires job candidates to undergo a voice stress test during the interviewing process, department spokeswoman Kristin Mumford said. Would-be officers are asked about bias during the test.

Voice stress tests are similar to polygraph tests, but instead of measuring heart rate and blood pressure, they detect changes in an applicant’s voice pattern.

The department, she said, also uses an extensive background check and psychologically evaluates its job candidates.


Carolyn Murray, a professor of psychology at the University of California Riverside, supports other types of testing to detect bias, such as ones that use images of different racial groups and gauge reaction time when they are described as either “good” or “bad.” Still, she applauded Sullivan’s approach.


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  • The Thought Police are here!
    I have a feeling no black applicants will fail this portion of the test.

    All you’re going to do is sit and whine about, while your teenage son makes snide comments about how racist you are.

    • SmithandSmith

      I find it to be High Time that parents start disowning their children that turn against them. Let the children go to those they put before you for their needs. Trust me, they’ll be back before you finish closing the door.

    • Thor Bonham

      So what are you saying , we’re all lazy POS’s here ? Think about it, what CAN you do?
      Go out there with a sign and protest ? There is only one way to get this country back…
      I won’t say it here but, use your imagination ..

  • MekongDelta69

    Does he ‘interrogate’ non-whites?

    It’s put a black eye on the city…
    Uh-oh. RACIST.
    Nyuck, nyuck

  • SargeInCharge

    There is not a single majority black community that would be wringing their hands over an anti-white mayor or police force. In fact, they prefer it.

    • And there’s the root of our whole problem, no unity.

  • 5n4k33y35

    Those cops should be tested for racism against whites by the same techniques.

  • Jss

    Why not just go all the way and ban White applicants all together? That way they could just kill 2 birds with one stone. That way no White privilege to poison the department. Has any diversity applicant been turned away over the polygraph I wonder? When the stupid Chief here starts noticing diversity is way more racist then White privilege I wonder if the test will go away or only be selectively enforced on Whites.

    • They could always bring in blacks from the surrounding large cities?! That would fix the problems, just like it has in so many other cities.

  • Nathanwartooth

    If this is legal than why wouldn’t it be legal for every government agency to start doing this?

    It would be a legal way to keep Whites out of any government position.

    What is worse is what happens when you are denied because you failed the polygraph? Are they going to start labeling them like they do with sex offenders now? You have to go to every house in your neighborhood to let them know a racist lives there?

    This could get really out of hand really fast.

    • thurlow

      Better start sewing those white Klan hoods you have to wear on your shirts so everyone can know who you are.

      • The__Bobster

        Wearing a white blanket will suffice.

    • Bill

      Government agencies like FBI and CIA already do lie detector and stress analysis and psychological tests prior to hiring and routinely after hiring. Especially in non-union jobs and jobs requiring very high security clearances. And STILL you get traitors, fags, and psychologically unfit hires. The tests are only indicators, maybe at best, NOT admissible in courts. Fail the test. you bear more watching for something that might turn up that is actionable, but that is ALL these tests can do. However, with the CIA and other intelligence agencies, failing the test is good enough not to hire. And you will never know why you weren’t hired.

  • thurlow

    Actual questions asked:
    Is Al Sharpton a lying piece of dog doody?

    Answer: No – Machine goes off – lying and racist.

    Answer Yes- Machine goes off – telling truth and racist

    Does Michelle Obama have a big backside?

    Answer No – Machine goes off – lying and racist

    Answer Yes – Machine goes off – telling truth and racist

    Do you think whites who voted for Obama are morons?

    Answer – No – Machine goes off – lying and racist

    Answer Yes – Machine goes off – telling truth and racist.

  • libertarian 1234

    This character is a shining example of the results of brainwashing designed to create a politically correct stooge.

  • David Ashton

    Wait till “they” invent something like Peter Simple’s Prejudometer which gives off a signal when it detects “racism” in brains (only whites need be tested in any case).

  • Oil Can Harry

    Lie detector tests are junk science. They don’t work.

    Any white man turned down for this job because he flunked this arbitrary test should sue the pants off of these p.c. dorks.

    • sbuffalonative

      We’re going to have to wait and see if this test is given to everyone. If not, that’s cause for a discrimination lawsuit.
      It would be interesting to see blacks fail this tests and be deemed ‘racists’ and denied a job.
      When it has a disparate impact on blacks, that’s when we’ll see lawsuits filed and this witch hunt stopped.

      • a multiracial individual

        It’s racist to deny black people a job for being racist.

      • MBlanc46

        Blacks don’t have a very good record of passing tests of any sort,

    • martin stuart

      polygraphs are a joke. i have taken three. 2 i lied and pssed and one i was truthful and flunked.

  • Paleoconn

    If it weeds out the racists then how will they hire all the blacks they want?

    • Wayoon

      …Because the town is 97% white. The unreliable (and inadmissible in many courts) “lie detector” will be used against only one particular ethnicity.

      • Paleoconn

        Well, only Whites can be racist, dontcha know!

      • liberalsuck

        Yes, a majority white town racist, a majority black town diverse. Can the government and the big money groups please leave us the F—k alone??? We don’t want you!

    • The__Bobster

      Libtard professors say that spoonies can’t be racist because they’re not “empowered”. Thus, they get a pass..

      • Paleoconn

        I recently saw a vid where Jim Goad appeared on Bill Maher’s old show and the best he could do is say poor Whites are discriminated against through classism and that they have more in common with poor blacks than anybody on the panel. Maher seemed to suggest that nothing holds these Whites down, but Goad should have replied that Whites are discriminated against for their race all the time. Racial preferences is an example. Anyway Maher is a douchebag and he didn’t seem too concerned when he said that White trash seem to be the only ethnic group whom it’s OK to bash. Every other group is protected.

        • Pizza Guy

          Maher was not concerned because those poor whites are a threat to his tribe’s rule in the United States. People of other races are potential allies against white Caucasians. The issue itself is irrelevant. It’s just a front.

          This is the same reason why Maher and his ilk focus on only two religions to bash: Christianity (a threat to his tribe’s authority in the United States) and Islam (threat to his tribe’s authority in the Middle East). Notice that he never ventures into attacking Hinduism, despite massive religious unrest in India with Hindu’s fighting Muslims – a Hindu Harvard professor was fired last year for writing a column urging Hindus to attack Muslims. Why does Maher hesitate to focus on other religions and cultures? Answer: Hindus do not challenge his tribe’s power in the US…or in the Middle East.

          Maher does not attack religion, he attacks other people’s religion. He even said on Leno one time “the only thing I like about Bush is his support of Israel.” If you doubt this, check out this clip where he defends a country (his) with an official state religion….he even wants the Christians he mocks to die for it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeBsVVZ1cJs

          Or this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dL0zbWm6ba4 (Bill Maher Talks About Lebanon – Israel Conflict)

          Or maybe this will convince you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdaNCjp1ni0 (Bill Maher on Israel)

          Here’s some more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izxfchcWga0 (Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu interview).

          Or…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xK33cZ6mKjo (Bill Maher on Palestine – We would’ve nuked them 100 times by now).

          • Paleoconn

            Pizza guy delivers! Thanks for the videos. I really like that Michael Scheuer gentleman. It’s amazing to me that he would say such common sense things and this disingenuous Maher clown would dramatically pause as if trying to catch his breath, pretending that what Scheuer was saying is unspeakable heresy.

            The Netanyahu vid is classic. ‘We have America’. Make no mistake, he means ‘we have America in our back pocket’. Also, I’m happy that even on a show like Maher’s, Bibi barely got any applause. I thought he’d get some standing o’s like at Congress where everybody except Biden and some others, were too afraid to stop clapping (a Stalin reference here).

            Finally, I like Oliver Stone more and more

          • Katherine McChesney

            Maher is a Christ-hating Jew. His type also hates Messianics. I know Messianic Jews in Los Angeles who are despised and marginalized by Orthodox Jews. Rabbi’s curse them.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        Yea, the Obamas are oppressed. We only spend 1 billion dollars a year on them.

  • Tom Iron

    I just showed my wife this article and she said the cop wouldn’t have to test me. All he’d have to do is look at the expression on my face and I’d be out.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      In a better world, we cold swap e-mail addresses and info, and I’d buy you a drink. For now, please accept my up arrow.

      • Tom Iron

        Thanks much Sherman…

  • So CAL Snowman

    But I thought “race” was just a social construct. They might as well just screen applicants for things such as their views on the metaphysics of the soul.

  • This is *so* begging for a lawsuit.

    • liberalsuck

      Because the people they’re harassing are white people; that’s why there is no lawsuit. Next question?

  • Greg Thomas

    So I guess he will have no blacks or hispanics on his force.

  • The__Bobster

    I bet I could pass the test unless if were rigged. As George Costanza once said, “It’s only a lie if you believe it is.”

    It must be pure hell to live in that town. All it takes to lose your job is for some nut case to point a finger at you and yell “racist”.

    • Bill

      Not just that town, all over America. In every venue. An accusation of being racist and a media willing to run with it is a career killer. For whites.

      • liberalsuck

        That’s the problem with whites. We fear job loss or social ostracism. Think of all the hell white men for generations went through to get us where we are now. They were willing to be thrown in jail, tortured, jailed, killed, yet we’re afraid of being called names or losing our jobs? Seriously? Pretty soon we’ll lose more than our cops if we don’t speak out, so it’s gotta start sometime. There will never be a ‘good time’ to start speaking out. You have to just start.

  • Actually any one of the readers of AMREN could pass the test.Its the anti-racist that would fail.Since they are some of the most intolerant bigots on the planet.They tell you no to read this or not to watch that. Liberals like to treat conservatives with open contempt no matter what kind of person they are otherwise.

  • There are White people that wish to preserve their unique history, heritage, culture and genetic stock. These people value integrity, self-reliance, and above all Truth. We call these people Racists. There are other people that have no qualms about destroying White history, heritage, culture and diluting our genetic stock. They completely ignore facts and base their entire worldview and rationale on a very distorted view of equality. Many people call these things anti-Racists, but I just call them Crazy People.

    Racists and Crazy People. The world really is that simple if you choose for it to be.

    • ms_anthro

      The “racist” smear has no power if you own it proudly. When someone calls me racist, I smile, nod, and say “Reality is racist.” They never have any response to that except to sputter and start telling you how sorry they are for your children, how unevolved you are, etc. It’s all nonsense ad hominem. Just tell the truth and let the hatefacts speak for themselves.

      • It is much more effective for our cause, especially in public, to reduce their accusation to a personal opinion. “In your OPINION I’M A RACIST, you’re ONLY saying that because I’m white”. This will undermine EVERYTHING that they say from that point on.

      • liberalsuck

        What I do is say “You’re only calling me/them racist because I’m white” or I’ll say, “Why can’t you liberals ever actually debate and explain to us why we’re wrong instead of calling us names like racist, homophobe, xenophobe and all these other knee-jerk words? It doesn’t further your argument.”

  • guest

    So basically they want failing police force. It seems the only ones they see as racist are the ones who are actually willing to do their job and are not afraid to tell things as they are, whether or not they’re seen as offensive. The ones they want to hire would most likely be like the liberals who make up excuses for a criminal’s behavior and do nothing to stop crimes by non-whites. But as long as they’re not racist, that’s all that matters, right?

  • Ralph

    This cop is a weak seed puke.

    One has to wonder what his definition of “racist” actully is. Is it hating other races? Is it realizing the truth of nature that there are different races? Is it not wanting to miscegenate?
    Is it liking White people? You can probably add many such questions, yourself.

    • The catch is that “racist” has been used to describe everything from homicidal maniacs who literally want to kill everyone who isn’t the right color to middle-aged business men who had to fire the black guy because he was too incompetent for the job he was hired to do.

      Fact: Every White person on this planet(dead or alive) is a “racist” if they aren’t of the Timmy Wise variety and wishing for all of the other White people to die.

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        Every White person on this planet (dead or alive) is a “racist” if they aren’t of the Timmy Wise variety
        I don’t think so. I’m looking forward to the day that Tim Wise is hoist on his own petard and accused of racism (and not racism against Whites). Given that dandruff and hangnails are proof of racism in this psychotic world, no doubt Tim will get his someday.

        • liberalsuck

          He’ll get his someday when he and most of his enemies least expect it.

      • Timmy Wise is a Jew – pretending to be white while he works for our genocide.

    • pcmustgo

      Is it acknowledging, even, CULTURAL DIFFERENCES? Is that even acceptable?

    • SmithandSmith

      A “racist” is the notion that one’s own ethnic stock is superior and “racism” is the discrimination practiced based on that belief. I am one and I commit the other every day, all day.

      Never allow anyone to change definitions in order to suit their own agenda.

  • Luca

    First question: Do blacks commit more crimes?

    If you said “Yes” you’re racist and if you said “No” you’re either lying or an idiot.

    Moral of the story; they’d rather hire lying idiots.

    • SmithandSmith

      Luca, you’re right about everything except this and I just have to call you out on it!

      You know it’s not lying idiots they want, it’s non-whites and they contribute so much more than just lies and idiocy. They provide a Natural Hate for America and Americans and that is the goal. Fill America’s Best and Most Important Positions with the most hateful and you can Ring in her Death much sooner than planned. It’s all about beating the ETA for the destroyers. I mean, the sooner they can destroy her, they sooner they can own us completely (shoved down to the lowest rung of the ladder in all categories).

      • Luca

        We’re both right. The elites are small in number so they need useful idiots and liberals willing to lie and deny realism. The useful idiots are the sheeple who vote and run errands and the liars are put in positions of authority. And the elite sit back and laugh at what they have created and destroyed. They laugh all the way to the bank that they own.

        • SmithandSmith

          I get it now. Thank-You!

  • Bill

    Dohrn would pass the test. David Duke would flunk. Who would YOU rather have as a cop in your town. The answer to that question by the way probably would indicate as to whether YOU would be a good cop in your town.

    • SmithandSmith

      The Good Doctor of course!

  • ye ol’ swampyankee

    Gee wiz,

    If 95% white bothers the new chief in Tennessee, how would he react if he took a position in a northern state where 95% is common outside cities? Would he go into convulsions or something? I’ve lived in both regions and can attest that when hard pressed, not many northerners have a problem with 95% white where they live.

    Heck, a 95% white place in the south is something worth preserving.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    It’s the thought police! They in yo’ head, whitey!

  • What I would love is for the Chief to allow me to interrogate evaluate his propensity for certain things by giving him a lie detector test.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Test message to register with discus. Delete as needed.

  • Blain

    Most of you bigots would fail the test miserably!

    • sbuffalonative

      Well, if they succeed in weeding out all the racist candidates and blacks are still found to be committing a greater percentage of crimes then it will prove that blacks are criminally inclined.

  • sbuffalonative

    Years before that, a mayor was voted out of office after the local prosecutor accused him of racism and running a notorious speed trap.
    All they’re going on is unproven accusations of racism and a ‘notorious’ speed trap.
    I’m guessing that more blacks were speeding so more blacks were caught in the speed trap, hence proof of institutional racism.

    • Katherine McChesney

      The speed trap also focuses on soldiers from Fort Campbell, Ky.

      Sounds like the bigots in Columbus, Ga. who were prejudiced against Fort Benning soldiers during the war in Viet Nam.

      Two years ago when a black guy made a sexual overture toward me, I called the police as we had one exposing himself to women in my community. The first thing the officer asked me was ‘was he Mexican?’.

      Mexicans, Somalis and Kurds are creating huge problems in Nashville.

    • liberalsuck

      I got pulled over for speeding by a Hispanic cop a few years ago. Was he ‘racist’?

      • sbuffalonative

        My one and only speeding ticket was issued by a black state trooper on speed trap on the Boston turnpike.
        I was young and naive. I should have challenged the ticket on the grounds of racism.

  • SargeInCharge

    Official Test Question:  If you come home to find your house has been broken into, your large screen TV has been stolen, and your wife has been raped — Who is more likely to have committed the crime:  an 18 year old black male or an 80 year old white female?

    Official Test Answer:  Trick question.  Neither is more likely to have committed the crime because in New America no person is more likely to do something than another person.  Except whites.  They’re more likely to be racist.  If you answered the black male, then you’re definitely a racist and I must now report you to the Feds.

  • JohnEngelman

    Liberals understand black crime to the point of forgiveness.

    They should dedicate some of their understanding to figuring out why many police officers do have a low opinion of most blacks.

    Years ago I saw a “New Yorker” cartoon. A well dressed husband and wife – presumably representing the affluent liberals who read “The New Yorker,” were listening to a police officer. The police officer was saying, “We’ve had courses in black sociology, black psychology, and black literature. I still hate them.”

    Some things you can’t learn in books.

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    They’re going to have a problem finding enough applicants to pass the tests. The solution will be to ship in Black Panthers from Chicago and use them to supplement the police force. Once tests like this go national, the government will have to setup a program so police departments across the country can bus in “non-racist” “diverse” “activists” to fill in empty police slots nationwide.

  • pcmustgo

    oh , sh>>t

    Well , hopefully they run these polys on Blacks and other groups too… then everyone will fail.

  • pcmustgo

    Well , most cops are young… young and naive… People generally don’t become “racists” and like go on amren and stuff until around age 30, after years, and years and years of horrible experiences with Blacks and pent-up frustration and bitterness about the entire racial shenanigans in this country.

    • liberalsuck

      I’m over 30 and have far more conservative ‘right wing’ views on race than I did 10 years ago when I was fresh out of college and naive about how the world really worked. Then again, coming across Jared Taylor’s writings in my 20s starting my slow awakening.

      • Everyone, remember this the next time we want to jump off a ledge for the lack of young people thinking the way we do.

        • Andy

          My brother, sister, and I are 16, 19, and 20 and all believe in racial differences. Young people tend to be very opposed to affirmative action, and I think a lot of them will come around in time. Most young whites feel no white guilt and resent being attacked for their race. They’ve been brainwashed, but it won’t last forever.

          • This is where the anti-whites are lousing their own pooch. All three of you probably believe in racial differences because you’ve had real world racial differences involuntarily shoved in your faces for much of your conscious lifetimes, mostly in education. It’s Patterson’s First Axiom at work. This makes you immune to idiotic egalitarian preaching, and the the older all of you get, the more immune you’ll become.

  • ye ol’ swampyankee

    Believe it or not, many southern whites have become overly hypersensitive about accusations
    of racism against blacks. Trying to live down the racist past probably has something to do with it. So there is arguably circumstances where a growing number of southern whites will react more quickly and for less cause. Maybe this new sheriff is an example of this?

    On the other end. What kills me is lots of northerners are still under the impression the south’s accurately portrayed by Hollwood films like MY COUSIN VINNY. And so they go on vacation,or move south. Yet cling to their outdated and stereotypical views of the supposed racist south as they leave their 95% or more white communities behind. Talk about a house of glass.

    It kills me how things are so turned around.

  • fakeemail

    In polite society, being a White racist is considered infinitely more morally contemptible than being a black murderer.

    • ms_anthro

      All the more reason to say this in polite society. The more of us who are unafraid of that silly little word, the more people who silently agree will stop being silent. It’s like the final days of the USSR. When the people started openly mocking and defying the ruling powers, the Big Lie society fell apart in short order. We have that ability too, all of us here.

      Plant the mustard seed and see what happens.

      • The charge of racism is no more than a personal opinion. And usually from a traitor, at that.

      • liberalsuck

        If Jared, the Political Cesspool guys, Craig Bodeker and Matthew Heimbach (a college kid) can talk openly about race, why not us? We need to keep making excuses why. Our ancestors went through a hell of a lot more than being called names or losing their job.

  • NorthernWind

    Polygraph tests are notorious for being unreliable. A certain number of potentially good cops will be labelled “racist” and blocked. It’s BS in my opinion.

    • Black Lagoon Creature

      This is simply another conditioning tool to keep Whites in line.

  • Junkyard Fred

    Where is that pill that can cure racism?

  • Zackers

    “It’s put a black eye on the city”

    Too funny!

    • Michael Harreskov

      I’m just an average man with an average life. I work from 9 to 5, hey, Hell I pay the price. All I wants to be left alone,, in my average home, but why do I always feel, like, i’m in the Twilight zone. I always feel like sombodys watching me,,, and I have no privacy,, tell me is just dream…. I always feel like sombodys watching me,,, and I have no privacy,,,who’s playen tricks on me…… Artist, Rockwell.

  • SmithandSmith

    No comment section on the original article. Now why does that not surprise me?

    And here we have, one more American Town on the Road to Ruin. I swear to God, this whole damn thing is set-up from top to bottom.

    There will be no “racist test” for the non-white candidates and you can bet your bottom dollar, they’ll find “racism” with every White Man who dares to apply. As for the speed trap, that’s how Small Town America gets their money. They need money to help pay for the services they get like the Fire Department for example and their little Local Clinics and such.

    As for the people “embarrassed” by their Town, throw them in the ghetto and forget about ’em for they deserve nothing less.

  • Thor Bonham

    And he believes the policy is working, because he says it’s already
    discouraged some applicants. “I’ve told a couple of ones about the
    polygraph who have not called me back.

    Well maybe it’s because they didn’t like the thought of being screwed with and thought of as a racist if the test didn’t work .. There is a reason that lie detector tests are inadmissible in court, you fool

  • Photos of the gallant “Racist Hunter” (tall, bald guy) are found here:


    Clicking “Job Opening” found none there!

  • Katherine McChesney

    Hopefully, it will ‘deny’ blacks the jobs meant for honest and qualified Whites.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Here is the guy who was fired for making racial comments. What he said on Martin Luther King day was hilarious.


    What we race realists would call this guy is “a good ole boy”.

  • freespeechzone

    Why doesn’t he just hire ALL blacks?

    Never EVER forget that blacks are NEVER racist…only Whites are racist.

    • StillModerated

      They’re not smart enough to pass the tests. They can’t operate a pen to write up a speeding ticket while they’re shaking down passing motorists.

  • jay11

    This morning I clicked on a link to a story in the Huffpost about baby names that are becoming more popular. Every single name was European in origin (Roman, Irish wtc), but for each name the baby stock photo was almost always non-white. I was like, “Hmmm.” Then I clicked on a link there for popular baby names. Again, all from white history and euro languages. Again, nearly all the babies shown were non-white. Ditto for a third link on other popular baby names. I also clicked on a link for another article about how hot couples don’t always have a satisfying romantic life. The ‘hot’ couple featured in the article basically said that the ‘hot’ guy was a dolt and that the ‘hot’ white woman ‘really just wanted to have sex with a black man.’ After four links of anti-white male tirades and images of our ‘diverse’ future, I went back to my home screen and mused about how much better this land was before so much ‘diversity.’

  • jay11

    Recently they identified a ‘racist’ gene we are born with. Funny how they made it seem that it only applied to whites. In the future there will be DNA tests and lie detector tests to check for ‘racism’ before you get any job. I see a very distopian future. Leftists had the Soviet Union, Communist China and a whole slew of nations to experiment in, and that all ended with millions of deaths at the hands of liberal, socialist elites. Socialism/Liberalism mind-control didn’t work inthose places, now they want to try their luck in the Western world.

    • Dirty Genes

      “Recently they identified a ‘racist’ gene we are born with.”

      That is the intelligence gene that blacks, browns, and yellows are born without.

  • The definician of racism created by the anti-white system, first claims that white people that try to defend their living space or culture are racist. Then the anti-white system creates those social constructs, in white countries, that start WITH white people and then ends with a social construct in which there are no white people. AKA genocide.

  • liberalsuck

    Of course they’ll only test white applicants for their ‘racism’, right?

  • MBlanc46

    Polygraphs can’t even detect lies.

  • rebelcelt

    sounds like a safe place to live

  • Alexandra

    So this amounts to discrimination based on your thoughts. Nice.

    I’m sure any big-city cop with a truly open mind would be a realist.

  • Some Guy

    Well judging from your picture you are a racist if I use your stupid logic. You are White and apparently only Whites can be rayciss!

  • Cannot Tell

    This country becomes more and more Orwellian by the day. I’m surprised they didn’t use the Harvard Implicit Bias test instead.

  • Milton Keeney

    I wonder if they are going to ask them if they have ever committed any sex crimes as well? Crimes against children? Well, so long as they have the really important stuff covered.
    The whole Roman Polansky issue kind of brought to reality what I have been telling my wife for years as cynical joke; being “racist” is worse than being a pedophile to these people.
    I noticed that Polanski had no shortage of celebrities defending him. Yet what happens when someone uses a slur against the pets of the white liberal pedagogues?

  • Fr. John+

    “Anti-racist’ is a code word for ‘anti-WHITE.’
    Clearly, now more than ever.
    Secession. Now. Today. Forever.

  • Eusebio

    Poligrafo, not so sure it is that test collections are spies but they could circumvent the test system, provided security and polygraph lie could not identify, however, as little as I can be blunt to say that the CIA has corrected these flaws.

  • Investigacion poligrafica

    I think we all have the same laws, no matter the color of your skin, we all are human