Study: Minorities in Poor Neighborhoods Less Likely to Receive CPR, Survive

CBS DC, November 2, 2012

Minorities who suffer heart attacks in poor neighborhoods are not nearly as likely to receive proper CPR compared to if they were to suffer from cardiac arrest in affluent white neighborhoods.

A recent study from a group of medical researchers found that blacks and Hispanics are about 30 percent less likely to be aided by CPR than white people, with the odds being the worst when it involves a black victim in a low-income black neighborhood. Comilla Sasson, the study’s lead author from the University of Colorado in Denver, found that socio-economic status actually makes more of a difference in a person surviving than a neighborhood’s racial makeup.

Of the 14,000 cardiac-arrest cases that were examined, the data discovered that those people in poor minority neighborhoods who did receive bystander CPR were twice as likely to survive.



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  • Maybe blacks and latinos should learn CPR. It’s free….

    •  Yes but you are forgetting the key word here : “LEARN”

      • I got the “free” part right!

    • IstvanIN

       Free doesn’t count.  It is free to pick your kid’s report card and the average black won’t even do that!

      • It really is an all around loss when it comes to blacks.

  • Puggg

    When I first read this article, and it indicated that the reason they weren’t getting CPR was not because of first responders not doing it, but because of bystanders not doing it, I thought to myself:  Of course.  Who wants to stick their mouths in ghetto mouths not knowing where those mouths have been and what has gone inside of them?

    Legit first responders have special mouth condoms for CPR to allay those concerns, but the average person can’t be expected to carry those around everywhere.

    Also, can you really expect ghetto bystanders to know CPR?

    • Because the new CPR no longer requires mouf to mouf, maybe more Congoids will use it.

      Nah, they prefer to stand back and do nuffin.

      • Puggg

        Maybe that’s why the new CPR was developed, because of “diversity.”

        • I am almost 100% convinced of that.

          CPR’s purpose  is to move oxygenated blood. If the lungs aren’t removing the CO2 and in-taking oxygen what good is it really doing if the heart doesn’t restart by the time paramedics get there.

    • IstvanIN

      You are correct.  I shall try to be delicate. A black women I work with described other black women’s “private parts” as a sewer because they allow any man who comes along to dump “whatever” in her private parts no different than a street sewer.  She went on the describe in vivid detail the difference between men’s and women’s anatomy and why women shouldn’t treat their bodies like sewers.  I think most of you will get the point. god knows what they put in their mouths.

  • Well ambulances and first responders are not likely to be attacked in affluent White neighborhoods, so there’s that . . .

    • IstvanIN

       and if da white ambulamps driva gibs a freezing man a blanket he be loosing his job.

  • I remember during the Rodney King case, one of the police officers, a sergeant, confessed that he once gave mouth-to-mouth to a black tranny. I kid you not. I honestly don’t think I could do that. I just couldn’t.

  • APaige

    Help others? That is for white people-or the government. Black people would rather see another black person die then to help.

  • JackKrak

    You’re a typical ghetto resident & one day you see someone collapse to the ground while clutching his chest. You can see that he’s still conscious and breathing, but something in the back of your primitive mind tells you that something is wrong. Do you –

    A – immediately call for help using the phone that your President gave you
    B  – start administering CPR (whatever that is)
    C – rifle through the man’s pockets and take anything of value and several things of no value, making sure your friends make a video of it so you can share it on World Star Hip Hop

    Easiest test ever.

  • Jesse_from_Sweden

     So worst case scenario is a black victim in a black neighbourhood.
    I’m a bit surprised, I thought the worst case would be a white victim in a black neighbourhood.