Teen Mob—Bait Car

YouTube, October 23, 2012

The following is from a truTV show called Bait Car where police leave a car unlocked and unattended in a conspicuous place as bait for would-be car thieves.

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  • Puggg

    Nice car with a lot of expensive stuff in it in the ghetto.  If I was into stealing cars, I’d recognize this as planted bait right away.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Yes, but my bet is your IQ is well over 100.

    • The__Bobster
    • Mercerian Jed

      The blacks just assumed it was legit and belonged to a college girl who “just felt inspired” to go into the ghetto on an outreach mission of hope and healing.

      When buck nasty voodoo Diversity isn’t planning it’s next assault on our White privilege, it is laughing at the antics of our evangelical White daughters…

      • danlieb7

        I did not get your point about white evangelical daughters. Most of them that I know of are quite conservative and would never go alone into a diversity “enriched” neighborhood alone. And even if they did so as Christian missionaries, these racially conscious beautiful white evangelical girls have the good sense to go along with a whole bunch of strong white Christian men and/ or pack enough heat ready to use if and when there is an undesirable advance from a “youth gang”  or some “Mestizo gangbangers”. Don’t underestimate the power of the white women.  

        • There are many, whose deaths we have covered here, that just don’t get it. Never underestimate the lunacy of some white women.

    • Dr. Möbias

      Many of the car thieves on the show mention this, but it doesn’t stop them, i.e., they’ll say as they’re driving away, “I hope this isn’t one of them bait cars”.

    • pc must go

      What are you talking about? Blacks drive “fancy cars” all the time, the second the can get any credit they are spending every cent they own leasing a “nice” fancy car… that’s all they care about- that and sneakers.

  • Maresy_doats

    How many were actually arrested?

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      Looks to me like no one was. All it was was some free goodies for everyone. Made for some very true-to-life TV, however!

  • Tim

    There was a guy on there once  who stole a car and drove off at 70mph keeping his door ajar so it wouldn`t lock him in…

  • KD_Did

    They need to change their tactics to shooting a large net over the area….as in Planet of the Apes movies.

  • I love Trutv! My favorite show is “Hardcore Pawn.” Here is a little snippet–


    a yiddish family in the dead-center of dying Detroit. I love it!!!

  • Why is it I know, I will never see a flash mob of whites do this?  Is that really a side effect of poor blacks acting out from lack of jobs? If so, I still don’t and won’t see a group of whites be that destructive. I am reminded why whites will not live in the hood/ghetto.

    • Mercerian Jed

      These blacks seemed sober.  If the perps had been White, they would have looked like OWS druggies and drop out meth heads.

      Each one of these Diversities will get an Affirmative Action Multicultural scholarship based on “life’s difficulties”.   The same as Whites would be denied college admissions as “troublemakers”.

      • RisingReich

         “Each one of these Diversities will get an Affirmative Action
        Multicultural scholarship based on “life’s difficulties”.   The same as
        Whites would be denied college admissions as “troublemakers”.”

        Happens every day.  Every, single, day.

  • Look at ’em, like flies on sh… sugar.


    Have you ever seen a troup of monkies attack a house or an unlocked car — it looks EXACTLY the same.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    I kept expecting Marlin Perkins to show up.

    • I was expecting Jane Goodall.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      It reminded me of a pack of hyenas on a antelope carcass.

    • ImTellinYa

      Ha ha. Your comment is powerful and disturbing, as well as funny.

  • CaptainCavemen

    They should rig the car with knockout gas. It would make rounding them up so much easier. 

    • They should have rigged it up with napalm.

  • Lee

    Blacks have learned that if they congregate in large enough numbers, they can do almost anything and get away with it.  Funny that they had to break into the trunk through the back seat – even though they had the keys and there was probably a button to unlock it as well.

    • ncpride

      I was thinking the same thing. But then again, look who we’re talking about here. A race of people who have never been known as problem solvers, or logical thinkers.

      • JohnEngelman

        Mathematics teachers have told me they have difficulty understanding concepts as simple as negative numbers and fractions. 

        • Mercerian Jed

          “If accepted science teaches anything at all, it teaches that the heights of being in civilized man have been reached along one path and one only—the path of Selection, of the preservation of favoured individuals and of favoured races. The deadly enemy of the whole process of uplifting, of theDrang nach oben, of the course of history itself, is pammixia. Only give it play, and it would inevitably level all life into one undistinguished heap. Now, amalgamation of Black and White is only a special case of pammixia. The hope of the human lies in the superhuman; and the possibility of the superhuman is given in selection, in natural and rational selection, among the children that are to be, of the parents of the men to come. The notion of social racial equality is thus seen to be abhorrent alike to instinct and to reason; for it flies in the face of the process of the suns, it runs counter to the methods of the mind of God.”

          -William Benjamin Smith, THE COLOR LINE: A BRIEF IN BEHALF OF THE UNBORN, 1905

      • Mercerian Jed

        White privilege = problem solvers

        Diversity privilege = problem causers

        When overcome by the Diversity privilege that is empowered by abuse of White privilege by enabler White elites, the problems caused are greater than our ability to solve them; ergo Diversity Wins.

        “But some may deny that the mongrelization of the Southern people would offend the race notion—would corrupt or degrade the Southern stock of humanity. If so, then such a one has yet to learn the largest-writ lessons of history and the most impressive doctrines of biological science. That the Negro is markedly inferior to the Caucasian is proved both craniologically and by six thousand years of planet-wide experimentation; and that the commingling of inferior with superior must lower the higher is just as certain as that the half-sum of two and six is only four.”

        -William Benjamin Smith, THE COLOR LINE: A BRIEF IN BEHALF OF THE UNBORN, 1905

    • Did you hear about the black guy who locked his keys in the car? It took him 3 hours to get his family out.

      • Mercerian Jed

        That’s racist. 

        No, I’m sorry, I meant to say that’s refreshingly racist.

        “It is only the sense of blood superiority, the pride of race, that has hitherto protected the white labourer. Break this down or abate it, and he sinks swiftly to the level of the mongrel. Laugh as you will at the haughtiness of the ignorant Southerner, at his scorn of the Negro, perhaps his superior, it is this very race self-respect that is the rock of his salvation. As Bernhard Moses points out, it wasbecausethe Anglo-Saxon so cherished this feeling that he refused to amalgamate with the Indians—a proud and in some ways superior race—but drove them relentlessly, and often, it may be, unrighteously before him into the sea. It was justbecausethe Spaniard, though otherwise proud enough, did not cherish this feeling, that he did amalgamate with the victims of his greed and descend into hopeless depths of hybridization. So far, then, from doing aught to weaken this sentiment, we should do our utmost to strengthen it; we should studiously avoid offending it. But social equality must deadly wound it and hence drag miscegenation and all South America in its train.”

        -William Benjamin Smith, THE COLOR LINE: A BRIEF IN BEHALF OF THE UNBORN, 1905

    • Mercerian Jed

      Africans built the pyramids and the space shuttle and on the seventh day they rested, so that is why White privilege was able to steal the idea of car keys from their genius imaginations.

    • Xerxes22

      Using keys to get into places is not something that many Blacks are familiar with.

  • Ulick

    TruTV is excellent from a race realist perspective.  Aside from this show, TruTV also runs a bunch of shows like “World’s Most Violent Criminals”, “World’s Dumbest Crimianls”, “World’s Most Violent Mob Attacks”, “World’s Worst Courtroom Attacks”, and so on.  Low and behold if the overwhelming majority of each aren’t minorities, and blacks in particular.  TruTV doesn’t try to hide that blacks commit an alarmingly disproportionate amount of crime.  They just show it.  I wish more stations were as honest.

    • A while back I seem to recall that the producer of COPS, the TV show, was accused of being a racist for showing so much black crime. Not sure who the accuser was, but the producers response was that he actually had to reduce the amount of black crime aired on the show than actually recorded so as to even out the racial balance.

      • Not only is that right, and COPS tried to counter-balance all the black crime with bloodied up shirtless white drunks, but COPS’s stablemate, America’s Most Wanted, actually engaged in fake political profiling against right wingers.

        Besides that, I’ve never been a fan of John Walsh’s act.  I think he deliberately rode his dead son’s body to a small fortune, but that’s not the only thing about his act that bothers me.  It’s his fake phony holier-than-thou only-my-stuff-doesn’t-stink attitude about crime.  He acts like he’s the only person on Earth who is opposed to violent crime and the only person who supports the physical apprehension of violent criminal suspects, and he often leaves the impression that if you don’t care about it as much as he does, and by “caring,” he seems to mean shouting and screaming and preaching and more importantly watching AMW every week religiously and buying stuff from his boutique and AMW’s advertisers, that you actually support crime.

      • The producer of Cops was accused of being racist by none other than the rotund socialist film maker Michael Moore, who claims to love black people, but lives as far away from them as he possibly can. 

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    I’m surprised the police weren’t prosecuted for “entrapment.” People say, “well you can’t lock ’em ALL up. I say, why not? Even if we have to build more prisons, it would be a lot cheaper in the long run.

    •  No one FORCED these little orcs to loot and vandalize the car.  Having the OPPORTUNITY to commit a crime does not equal entrapment.  Who else but blacks (and possibly mexicans) would do this to a random car?

      • Mercerian Jed

        Dey ooked and eeked “gimme dat” and Obama declared, “Because It’s Da Right Thang To Do!”

      • Magnus Von Magnus

        In all the countless episodes of Bait Car that I’ve seen, they only collared one white guy, and it was a random hit where they ran a plate and found an outstanding warrant on the guy.

      • Up to my neck in CA

        They have ZERO regards for other peoples personal property. I guess I’m a racist because I didn’t listen to Celine Dion and just “let them touch it”.

        • Magnus Von Magnus

          I had to look up the reference to Celine Dion there. Wow. The things some people say.

    • JohnEngelman

      They should be sent to slave labor camps modeled after Soviet prison camps. In his “Politics” Aristotle said some people are good for nothing but the status of slaves. 

  • Rob

    Instead of trying to get blacks trying to do property crimes, they should try to nail a few of them doing more serious physical assaults, such as mob attacks, which blacks are so good at (Peejay)

    • Puggg

      Who’s to say some of these car thieves haven’t done or won’t eventually do mob attacks?  If they mob a car, they can mob a person.  Nailing them for this car thievery gets ’em in jail long enough to preclude their participation in a mahogany mob.

  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

    i do not think that blacks are civilized or intelligent people if indeed they are people at all and i do not think that others should have to live work and shop where there is a possibility of contact with them

    • Mercerian Jed

      There was a time when White women thought like you do, but sadly, that time is past, and now we pass into darkness…

      “To set forth great things by small, we may take the instinct of the family, with its imperious and uncompromising demand for absolute female chastity. It is not here, in any controlling measure, a question of individual morality. We make no such absolute demand upon men. We regret, we condemn, we may infinitely deplore sexual irregularity in son, or brother, or husband, or father, or friend, but we do not ostracize;—we may forgive, we may honour, we may even glorify the offender in spite of his offense. But for the female dissolute there is no forgiveness, however we may extra-socially pity or even admire. A double standard—an abomination! But while none may approve, yet every one admits and applies it—for reasons deeper than our conscious logic, and irresistible. For the offense of the man is individual and limited, while that of the woman is general, and strikes mortally at the existence of the family itself.

      “Now the idea of the race is far more sacred than that of the family. It is, in fact,the most sacred thingon earth; and he who offends against it is an apostate from his kind and mounts the apex of sacrilege.”

      -William Benjamin Smith, THE COLOR LINE: A BRIEF IN BEHALF OF THE UNBORN, 1905

  • JohnEngelman

    I am glad one television station has become candid about the reality of black crime. I hope others follow. 

  • Mercerian Jed

    Bait Car and youtube are racist, obviously.

  • The only bad thing about CourtTV becoming TruTV is that they showed Diane Dimond the door at just about that time.  You knew that when you saw her snoot a lot all of a sudden that someone famous was about to go up the river.

  • 5n4k33y35

    Great concept for a TV show.

    • Mercerian Jed

      Not so fast. 

      Didn’t you notice that the enriching Diversity privileged swarm was 100% Blacks Only?  Where were there Whites they made friends with at the SPLC Teaching Tolerance Mix It Up Day?   Did the Whites revert back to ancient and shameful racist habits at the end of the lunch hour?

      If it’s made into a TV show, the Color of Change will force advertisers to insit on mixed race robbing crews.  If Whites don’t comply, then the show will be cancelled.  Maybe too much of a gamble for Hollywood.

      • 5n4k33y35

        You’re right. It wouldn’t make a good TV show. They’d pretend that the criminals were diverse, that there was honor and racial egalitarianism among thieves. And they’d require producers to keep a quota of whites criminals to join the blacks.

        In reality, these groups would randomly attack solitary white guys as a mob, rather than sharing the stolen goods. The reality of segregation is that segregation is caused by black-on-white violence.

        They want segregation from us, because their women want white men, and they’ll offer themselves. That’s why blacks attack white guys, because black men will settle for nothing less than segregation where they call home. They only want to mix where we call home.

        White men are seen as the threatening interlopers, the threat of a more capable man, more desirable to black women than their own men. So they are violent to keep us away, and we are blamed for segregation.

        • Dr. Möbias

          This IS a TV show on TruTv — called “Bait Car” and it is hilarious.


          The cars are left in places where a lot of car thefts are taking place, like outside a black housing project.  Keys are left in the ignition or there is a set up where a driver (usually white) is pulled over by the cops and hauled off and the car left in plain sight with the keys on top as if they were forgotten.  

          The cops don’t have to wait long before the car is stolen with the blacks inside talking about visions of riches, etc. some of them even say they hope they’re not in one of them bait cars,  until BAM the doors lock and the engine stops.  That’s when the real fun starts as the blacks try desperately to exit the car by breaking the windows, as the cops stroll up, usually laughing.  Then the excuses start: It my mama’s car.  That guy tol me I could have it and left the keys.  

          It is highly entertaining and gives a good look about the behavior of ghetto blacks who think everything belongs to them.

          • 5n4k33y35

            I gotta see more of this. 

        • KD_Did

          I saw one episode where the thief said he was taking it to the police station cuz he knows what it’s like to have stuff stolen.  He was helping.

          • 5n4k33y35

            That’s ridiculous. 

        • pc must go

          Do you really think it’s that? Their fear (more like hatred) of white men “stealing” black women?

           Or their desire to GET REVENGE on whites for slavery, racism, etc… or BLAME their problems/generally lower status on us?

      • Commenter

         To quote Brian the dog: from Family Guy: “Oh no, it’s a multiracial TV gang, including white guys!”

  • tickyul

    The Mad Maxing of USAtard…..prepare for much more of the same.

    • Mercerian Jed

      Add Christine Cook, White 87 year old widow and grandmother, who hired a Diversity yard man without running a background check:

      Kate Waring, Channon Christian, Eve Carson, Brittny Watts, Anne Pressley, Carissa Horton, Nancy Strait, Kristen Warneke, Pam Gentry, Emily Haddock, Lauren Burke, Julie Love, Eugenia Calle, Beverly Melton, Sandra Rogers, Heather Mueller, Karen Grammer, Marie Schneeberger,Jennifer Koon, Laura Dickinson, Ashley King, Sharlotte McGill, Shannon Collins, Jacqueline Gardner, Nancy Harris, Brianne Ginty, Nicola Furlong, Elizabeth Hucheson, Jackie Wisniewski, Thirza Sweeten, Megan Boken, Mary Parnell, Brittany Killgore, Celeste Fronsman, Heather Jackson, Fredia Collins, Amber DeLoach, Autumn Pasquale, Christine Cook

      Amber Deloach was killed on September 20, Cook killed on October 18 and Autumn Pasquale  on October 20.

      Leading up to Black Privilege Diversity Obama vs. White Privilege Gentile Romney, the only White on black crime ended up being a self infliced hate crime hoax.

      If this many Whites can be killed and Obama still wins, won’t historians need to add a footnote that, “Even under deadly attack, a few voting Whites still swung the election in favor of Diversity”?

      Who will be next and how soon?

      • tickyul

        NO turning things around….best to prepare for the worst….guns and ammo!!!

        • Mercerian Jed

          Remember the Alamo- our defeated Americans defeated many of “the Other” before final our final defeat- glory in reducing their numbers!

      • Mercerian Jed

        Add Helen Wells, killed with her husband in Greenville, S.C., by Diversity.

        S.C. is becoming a killing fields for Whites.  Why won’t the Gov. put out a public safety warning?  

        Jared Taylor should next go hold a rally in S.C. and demand answers. Why isn’t the Civil Rights Community doing anything to stop black’s murdering Whites, he should ask. Raise awareness.  The time is right, right now!

        • MSNBC Derangement Syndrome

          Add another unarmed White girl shot dead by armed Diversity-

          Teressa Ann Bass

          • You Are Now Enriched

            Taylor Fitting kbtb, 16 years old.

  • bluffcreek1967

    These “youths” are nothing more than feral Blacks, the progeny of at least 3 generations of welfare and low IQ Blacks. They have no respect for the lives and property of others. And why should we expect them to? Aside from their inherent lack of intelligence and impulse control, most of them have been raised in broken families, with no moral authority in the home, with drug usage and violence seen as normative, with an intense hatred for the White man (fully reinforced at their public schools), and a complicit media and societal attitude that excuses every vile act they commit! Scenes like this make me sick, and it shows the true fruits of political-correctness and multi-culturalism!

  • Jay11

    Just innocent sons of obama redistributin’ the ill-gotten gains of evil whitey.  Nothin’ to see here.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Low IQ, no class black “woman” sees a camera and has to show how hard she is. Not staged, just predictable.

  • Oh no, I believe you- everything on tv is staged and phony. But really, blacks just make me laugh. They’re so comical. Pity they’re real.

  • Pat Kittle

    Dey b rokit sientis fo sho!

  • jeffaral

    Blacks are treated with silk gloves in Amerika.    Sometime down the road this ultra tolerant approach towards these savages will have to change.

  • Mercerian Jed

    Then you must read C. Vann Woodward’s THE STRANGE CAREER OF JIM CROW.

    And so must Jared Taylor and Henry Wolff read it, and they should speak of it often. It is the primary reference that legitimizes the “sacred innocent black victim of evil, hateful, and violent Whites” narrative, but doesn’t say so in these words.  It never examines the nature of the black as a black, and just presumes that anything Whites do to segregate themselves away from blacks is wrong headed and irrational.  

    Anyone who is worried about the darkness that gathers around us must read it.  We may consider ourselves Race Realists or White Nationalists, but unless we know the history of how Jim Crow was instituted and how it fell, we can’t understand the language of the “ongoing Civil Rights struggle and the push for more democracy through increasing Diversity” and just how much power over us that language has.

    I mention the because he refers to racist literature and includes Charles Carroll’s THE NEGRO A BEAST in the list.

    You, sir, may believe that blacks are a different species, but Charles Carroll offers proof!


  • Marc B.

     That was also backed up by interviews included in a recent book about Hollywood’s post modern leftists.

  • Persephone Gray

    You say that like it’s a bad thing.

  • ImTellinYa

    Wow. It’s like a bunch of really aggressive chimps. No hesitation. Nothing tentative about it. Just third-world savages going for the shiny thing. They should have arrested every single one of them. I can hear the lawyers howling about that now.

  • Dr. Möbias

    Cut the guy some slack.

    Not all of the posters here are from the U.S.  Some are from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, England and other parts of the English speaking world.  They may not have access to Bait Car or other American programs or aren’t familiar with them.

    My English friends talk about shows I’ve never heard of and they’re shocked when I don’t know what they’re talking about, they think everyone in the world watches their particular shows.

  • Blacks and young people didn’t give Obama the Presidency in 2008.  That is because their turnout wasn’t much higher nor was their percent Democrat much higher than what it was in 2004.

    The real swing demographic in modern American Presidential politics are around 10% of voters in 10-15 states, and they are almost entirely white blue collar working middle class lowish-average income and IQ people 35 and older, and most of those 10-15 states are rust belt.

  • Could they be simply succumbing to the pressure of their union leadership? Then behind the voting curtains, not voting Obama.

  • I don’t like bait cars, as they a considerable burden on the taxpayer, who has to pay for the police, prisons, courts, lost tax income & future earnings on the part of each person caught.  Like so many other sting operations, government employees run these schemes primarily to get rich off the taxpayer.  NYC cops do the same with dropped wallets/purses/bags etc. on subway platforms, arresting those who then pick them up (http://gothamist.com/2006/02/27/sub_crime.php), generating crimes in order to justify their positions.  Sting operations like these is a part of the reason why we have more people in prison than any other country, all of it at great taxpayer expense.

    In the city of New York there might be 1.5 million people who would happily walk off with a wallet if they found it on the street.  But only maybe 2000 people drop their wallets on the street, so it’s not cost-efficient to lock up 1.5 million people in order to save those 2000 people their lost wallets.  Furthermore, the entire society has to pay to imprison those 1.5 million, not just the 2000 stupidly dropping their wallets.  Sting operations do not make financial sense for a community, it’s really about the police and courts and prison industry getting rich off the taxpayers.

    • Sting operations like these is a part of the reason why we have more people in prison than any other country

      Blacks are the main reason why we have more people in prison than any other country, and also increasingly, Hispanics.  Sting operations merely guarantee that some of them go to prison by stealing a bait car instead of your car.

      However, I, too, have a big problem with the entrapment paradigm.  If we’re going to use it, we have to be really careful about it.

      • I doubt bait cars are effective in grabbing professional car thieves (i.e., something that might cause a reduction in actual car theft), most of whom have too much intelligence to fall for a bait car.  A bait car, where the engine is running and the keys are already in the car with the windows all down, primarily attracts your local idiots.

  • MarcusTrajanus

    I’ve missed quality nature documentaries like this. Only Sir David Attenborough narrating could make this better. Seriously though, these are clearly a noble people still suffering from the legacy of slavery and crushed under the unbearable burden of of Institutional Racism… I mean “White Privilege”… maybe it was Whitey’s Evil Eye. These poor people just trying to survive by stealing life’s necessities, like Ralph Lauren and and car stereos.

  • marie72

    This is where stereotyping comes from…