STDs in California on the Rise

Kathleen Miles, Huffington Post, August 15, 2012

Generally, you expect to see preventable diseases decline in advanced societies. Not so with some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in California.

Syphilis cases in the Golden State jumped by 18 percent from 2010 to 2011, according to new data released by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). There was also a 5 percent increase in chlamydia cases and a 1.5 percent increase in gonorrhea cases.

Across the board, the STD rates among African Americans continue to be strikingly high, especially in comparison to the other racial groups.

In regards to why African American women contract STDs at far higher rates than women of other races, Robert Fullilove, a clinical sociomedical professor at Columbia University Health and chairman of the HIV/AIDS committee at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said on “Fresh Air” that it is partly because fewer African American men are available.

Because of incarceration, homicide and AIDS, Fullilove said, “A large number of marriageable men were taken out of the community. When you have this kind of population imbalance, many of the rules that govern mating behavior in the community are simply going to go out the window.”

“The competition for a man becomes so extreme  . . .  all of the prevention measures [like condom usage] that we’ve been trying to create over the last 30 years go out the window.”


{snip} Here is the racial breakdown:

Chlamydia rates (per 100,000 population):

African American—1,030.3


Native American—216.4


Asian/Pacific Islander—118


Gonorrhea rates (per 100,000 population):

African American—303.8


Native American—37.7


Asian/Pacific Islander—17.2


Syphilis rates (per 100,000 population):

African American—16.6



Native American—4.9

Asian/Pacific Islander—2.3



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  • TonyWestfield

    The professor from Columbia University said “many of the rules that govern mating behavior in the community are simply going to go out the window.”
    Didn’t the mating rules go out the window fifty years ago with the welfare state and The Great Society?  That’s when the government made it more profitable for females to make babies but not get married.  Funny, though, nobody in my family followed these incentives.

    Seriously, this article really puts a damper on my weekend plans to go find me a nice brown bubble-butt to ride — because I look considerably less attractive in a HazMat suit.  Darn.

    • B

      They never went out the window. They weren’t in the house to begin with.

  • I would be curious to know what the STD rates are in Mexico.  It’s pretty obvious that the rise in STD rates directly correlates with the massive demographic boom of young mexicans in CA.

  • Ulick

    “Generally, you expect to see preventable diseases decline in advanced societies. Not so with some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in California.”

    Well, there’s the problem right there.  The liberal Huff Post author assumes that California is part of an advancing society, but California is a regressing society.  This may be a shocker to you Ms. Liberal Huff Post Author, but there’s an easy way to tell if a certain area is advancing or regressing — look at the number of lighter skinned people vs. darker skinned people.  If the latter is increasing precipitously at the expense of the former (as is happening in California) then that area is very likely regressing (as is California).

    • TonyWestfield

      Ulick, you should be ashamed of yourself for that comment about skin color!  In human history there are PLENTY of examples:
      1. The population of a town or region grows darker.
      2. The town or region grows safer, cleaner, more orderly, more prosperous.

      No example on the tip of my tongue…still thinking…well, let me get back to you.

      • Strider73

        Give it up, already. Diogenes will find 1000 honest men before you find a single place that meets those criteria.

  • JohnEngelman

    Do Orientals have lower levels of SYDs because of white racism? 

  • potato78

    Wow. Asians are really more abiding law than whites.  They are more clean and high IQ population.

    • The__Bobster

      I hope that was sarcasm. We don’t need another John Chinaman here, derailing discussions with off-topic Sinophilia.

      •  A dozen anecdotes do not trump decades of national crime statistics or international IQ statistics….

        If there’s one thing I respect about Jared Taylor is his intellectual honesty. AmRen’s reputation and thus fate rest upon the continued veracity of its claims and positions.

        I’ve watched many interviews of Mr. Taylor on youtube, and the one thing I’ve noticed that no interviewer attacked was his statistics. They question why he’s doing the studies he does, the implications of his studies, and his motivations, but none of the ones I’ve seen challenged his numbers. Frankly, they try to avoid even mentioning the results of the studies (i.e., the numbers), since that may open their viewers’ eyes to the surrealistic reality in which we find ourselves.

      • JohnEngelman

        What is that supposed to prove? That Orientals commit crimes? Everyone knows that. Nevertheless:
        “In total, blacks had the highest incarceration rate at 7.2 times the white rate, followed by Hispanics, at 2.9 times the white rate. Indians and Pacific Islanders were imprisoned at about twice the white rate, and Asians at only 22 percent
        of the white rate.”
        – Jared Taylor, from The Color of Crime      

    •  I bet if they’d separate out Pacific Islanders (think Samoans, Maori, and Hawaiians), from Asians you’d find Asian, esp East Asian, rates of STDs to be astonishingly low.

    • toldev

       You have to remember that these studies count some Hispanics as white. Also, the white STD infection rates are further inflated by coal burning/ oil drilling.

    • JohnEngelman

      Don’t sound so surprised.     

    • JohnEngelman

      The races differ in how often they like to have sexual intercourse. This affects 
      rates of sexually transmitted diseases. On all the counts, Orientals are the least 
      sexually active, Blacks the most, and Whites are in between.
      – Professor J. Philippe Rushton, from RACE, EVOLUTION,  AND BEHAVIOR 
      Professor Rushton has spoken at American Renaissance conferences. 

  • If I’m reading these stats correctly, the chlamydia rate for blacks is 1%; the rates for blacks for the other STDs are well under 1%.  This is quite low.  I would have thought it to be much, much higher.  I guess the rates probably jump when the population is narrowed down by age group.

    • toldev

       This study only counts the cases that are reported to the health department. So, if a person has a STD and doesn’t seek treatment, it doesn’t get counted. Your belief that the actual numbers are much higher is likely correct.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Chlamydia Shampain is a very popular African-American female baby name.

    • Allan477

      I suppose it is no worse than LaTrina or Vagina.

  • “Because of incarceration, homicide and AIDS, Fullilove said, ‘A large
    number of marriageable men were taken out of the community.”

    None of these men are marriage material.  Silly DWL.

    •  “Because of incarceration, homicide and AIDS, Fullilove said, ‘A large
      number of marriageable men were taken out of the community.”

      How about, because of their own psychopathic behavior, these men were taken out of the community.

      • IstvanIN

         Well, perhaps a black female’s view of marriageable is a tad more open minded than yours or mine?

    • SLCain

      “Because of incarceration, homicide and AIDS, Fullilove said, ‘A large
      number of marriageable men were taken out of the community.”Hahaha!

      None of these men are marriage material.  Silly DWL.”

      Nor, it must be added, were they really taken out of the mating pool.

      How many times have we read about some “youth” (aspiring rapper, no doubt) who bleeds out his life on the floor of some liquor store he has attempted to rob, or who is caught using his victim’s ATM card and is sent to prison, who has already spawned three or four little thuglings?

      How many black women are “making the Youth with two backs” with their paroled boyfriend/baby-daddy, who is perhaps also on the down-low, in or out of prison?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Teens today live in a 24-hour, highly sexualized society — sex is packaged and sold to them everywhere (I believe to weaken American culture, particularly White culture), and it is especially targeted at young teens.  As a high school teacher, I see it in their magazines, their TV shows, their movies, their music, clothing and their sexually charged language.  Does it matter?

    New research…found that promiscuity on-screen promotes promiscuity in real life. Adolescents who are exposed to more sexual content in movies start having sex at younger ages, have more sexual partners, and engage in riskier sexual activities. 

    Young teens who viewed movies with sexual content were profoundly influenced by what they watched. They initiated sexual behavior earlier than their peers who viewed less sexual content, and tended to imitate the on-screen sexual behaviors they saw-which included casual sex, multiple partners, and high-risk behaviors.

    The higher STD numbers make sense for blacks:  They are less likely than Whites or Asians to delay gratification and more likely to be impulsive.

    Defining ‘sexual content’ as anything from heavy kissing to actual sex scenes, researchers found sexual content in more than a third of the G-rated movies, more than half of PG-rated films, and four out of every five R-rated movies.


    From Scientific American:

    Gonorrhea is becoming resistant to all standard antibiotic treatment…the number of drug-resistant cases has grown so much in the U.S. and elsewhere that gonorrheal infection may soon become untreatable, according to doctors writing the New England Journal of Medicine.


    • In regards to Scientific American; Wow!  Not to be cold blooded here but, this will help clean out the population so to speak.  It’s really sad but they can’t practice depravity and expect to have no consequences.

    • JohnEngelman

      Teens today live in a 24-hour, highly sexualized society — sex is packaged and sold to them everywhere (I believe to weaken American culture, particularly White culture).               
      – Bon, From the Land of Babble          
      That is not a conspiracy “to weaken American culture.” It is the way the capitalist marketplace works. Hugh Hefner became a multi millionaire selling high quality soft core pornography in his magazine Playboy, and promoting what he called, “The Playboy Philosophy.”
      When Helen Gurley Brown took over as editor of Cosmopolitan she changed it from a magazine catering to married women with children to a magazine promoting female promiscuity. Circulation of Cosmopolitan increased dramatically. Mrs. Brown also became very rich. 

      • Nohhhhhht Realllly. The usual hollywood drivel, sex and violence, doesn’t do that well at the box office. Every once in awhile they produce something with positive values and they use the huge profits from that to bankroll the next couple years worth of cultural sedition.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble


        Brown and Hefner merely exploited the so-called sexual revolution after Freud and Kinsey set down the groundwork for them.

        Kinsey set off the process of the “anything goes and is acceptable if it feels good” sexual revolution with the express purpose of weakening American culture. 

        We are paying the price for this garbage to this day.

        Jack Cashill writes in Hoodwinked:

        Kinsey, acknowledged that part of his purpose was to give a scientific gloss to the normalization of promiscuity and deviancy. He laid the blame for the sexual dysfunction then presumably rampant in America “at the door of the Christian Church.  He wanted to use science, the greatest weapon he commanded, to attack the conventional morality that had caused him so much pain.

        As Kinsey saw it, Christianity channeled the essential animal nature of man into ‘cultural perversions’ like celibacy and asceticism, perversions that ate away at the American family.

        According to Kinsey, 70 percent of American males patronized prostitutes, 37 percent had indulged in homosexual sex and at least one out of every six farm boys had had sex with animals.  He described sexual activity involving girls younger than 4 and suggested that sex between adults and children could be beneficial.

        For this Kinsey was lauded by the New York Times and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

        The results of Kinsey’s much discredited research were (and in some quarters still are) accepted as dogma in academia and the Kinsey Institute receives funding to this day.

        This is the reason Human Events lists Kinsey’s book as the Fourth Worst Book Ever Written.

        As for Hefner:  

        ’I wrote an editorial about it,’ remembers Hugh Hefner, ‘and commented that I thought it was the most important booklet of the year.’ 

        As a graduate student at Northwestern, he did an extensive report applying Kinsey’s findings to U.S. laws. ‘I said that the laws were inappropriate and should be changed,’ says Hefner. ‘I had these dreams.’

         In 1953, Hefner converted those dreams into big dollars when he launched Playboy magazine. ‘The sexual revolution began with the Kinsey Report,’ he observes. ‘I’ve said many times that Kinsey was the researcher and I was the pamphleteer.’

        Here are two excellent essays about the sexualization of Western Culture:

        Research on Pornography and the Sexualization of Western Culture



        Masters of Porn: The Systematic Promotion of Sexual Deviance


        Is a high, blatant level of sexualization on every level destroying our culture? 

        Read the articles and then tell me it’s not.


        • JohnEngelman

          In Alfred Charles Kinsey’s Sexual Behavior in the Human Female , published in 1953 Professor Kinsey said that half of American brides were virgins, and that half of the remainders had only been intimate with their grooms.  
          At the time many Americans were shocked at the number of brides who were not virgins. I think of the number who were, and sigh at what we have lost.
          Although I agree with your comments, Bon, From the Land of Babble, they do not refute mine: Hugh Hefner was a successful capitalist. He found a want and satisfied it, becoming very rich in the process. That is the way the capitalist market place works. It rewards talent more than hard work, and is indifferent to morality.  
          Honesty, hard work, and common decency will keep one out of prison. They will usually keep one off of welfare. They will not make one rich. Many rich people exhibit none of those qualities.

    • The popular American culture was “Africanized” in the twentieth century. European norms and morality were discarded and “African” norms were adopted. The whole theory of the “Noble Savage” , promoted by people such as Margaret Mead, led people to adopt the idea that European societies were flawed, and that more primitive peoples lived more vibrant lives. This transformed into the “If it feels good do it” mentality of the 60’s.Such ideas are diametrically opposed to the traditional European values of looking ahead and considering the consequences of one’s actions and making choices based on those consequences. The European world view was that there were values that were greater than ones pursuit of pleasure in the now and that those values are the ultimate things to consider when choosing one’s actions. Therefore, one doesn’t fornicate unless one is married for several obvious reasons.The advent of drugs that could cure STD’s, as well as birth control,  basically turbocharged this new “ethos”. It appeared that the only thing holding people back from living for pleasure was sheer white stuffiness, a kind of dour puritanism. Blacks had always mocked white people for living for something higher than the here and now, and with the advent of birth control and penicillin, it seemed to many like they were right.Popular culture enthusiastically adopted the african world view, and mocked the European world view. Music became more excited, more manic, more dependent on beat and less dependent on melody and harmony. Whereas it was once a vehicle to unite a couple or a group in a dance it turned into a vehicle for people to “shake their groove thing” for the purpose of display. Dance changed from a synchronized cooperation to a syncopated gyration. Instead of a fun way of interacting it became a “cock of the walk” strutting, each person competing with everyone else for the most attention-and being as lewd as possible in the process. Black people often state that white people can’t dance, what they don’t get is that white people can’t debase themselves so easily. Art and entertainment became pornographic and gratuitous, with a total absence of any higher purpose than to excite.
          The party did not last that long though, basically just two generations. Then incurable diseases started popping up again, first Herpes, which some tried to brush off as a minor nuisance. Then AIDS. And now all of the previously curable STD’s  have drug resistant strains. Female birth control has become an environmental hazard as the water supply and environment is being contaminated with it and it is feminizing men.The whole african thought process of “you can have your cake and eat it too” is becoming discredited. Personal survival now depends on ones choices. Neither doctors nor government can save one if one makes the wrong choice, not anymore. 
          Men learned, or should have learned by now, that when it came to fathering children, if you choose the wrong woman then you are totally lost, divorce lawyers and child support lead to nothing but a life of heartbreaking slavery and alienation. Modern feminism was a necessary reaction to men’s adopting the african mindset towards women. Men have payed dearly for their foolishness in believing that sex makes them a man and that women are just objects of pleasure. The puffed up feeling , the arrogance many men display towards women, motivates those women to seduce and then destroy the men.The strong families of yesterday have become families of today, where mom is a pole dancer and this is thought noble by the men who come to ogle and grope her because she is a “working mom”. Of course, white people can see the objectionable nature of such a scenario when it is spelled out for them that way. Black people can’t.The old European idea of family norms, and the one that is still current in most of Asia. Is one where the man respects the woman, treats her in a gentle but firm manner. The man is dominant, but not brutal. He is not controlled by his desires so the woman can not control him though them. Since she can’t control him that way, she does not despise him for that weakness, Such models of fatherhood were represented in old TV shows such as “Life with Father”, “Lost in Space”- (but mostly in just the first season, the show became ridiculous after that) and other shows such as “Ozzie and Harriet” etc. After the seventies, families were depicted by shows such as “Alice”- about a woman that so detested her husband she took the children and started a new life as a waitress because anything was better than living with the children’s father. “One Day at a Time”-another bitter divorce just “trying to get by”, and a whole slew of other such shows. When men are depicted in family shows, they are now depicted as buffoons, just overgrown children that need the “mother” to take care of them as well. All of this has been presented to us as “PROGRESS”! Yes, we have exchanged “Life with Father” for “My Mother the Pole Dancer”, and it is due solely to the desire to africanize a once noble European culture.
          STILLL, after all that propagandizing, what we see is that white people STILL consider the consequences of their actions, and black people don’t, and this is reflected through many measures, but very clearly in the rate of STD’s! What this shows, is that culture is genetic, it is based on the cognitive abilities of a population. If a population is lacking in the ability to think abstractly, their culture will reflect that, and their physical state of being will reflect their culture.

      • OPersephone

        Great analysis. This one’s going in my “Keepers” folder.

  •  “Don’t misunderstand” you? You don’t understand what this thread is talking about.

    This thread is talking about potato78’s statement that Asians are: (1) more law-abiding (although he reversed the order of the words); (2) “cleaner” (in the context of this article means having lower rates of STDs); and (3) have high IQs. Each of those 3 statements are objectively true. Be a man (if you are male), admit it, and get over it.

    If you wanted to start a discussion comparing “scientific, religious, technological and economic” achievements, go ahead and start one. But that’s not what potato78’s post was discussing.

    No one in this thread has claimed East Asians can “maintain” Western Civilization, should replace whites (“whites 2.0”), or that whites should “simply disappear[].”

    If whites want lower crime rates, lower STD rates, higher IQs, or beat Asians, esp East Asians, according to any number of measurements, we’ll just have to focus on those goals and either achieve them or not.

  • Dan

    I wonder what percentage of Whites were infected with these STD’s from interracial sex. I would be willing to bet it’s a significant number.

  • Yeah, but even without blacks and browns, extreme secularization erodes society’s fabric, especially re sex and marriage:

  • haroldcrews

    I wonder if they would have accepted Monopoly money or some use paper currency like Zimbabwe script? 

  • “Generally, you expect to see preventable diseases decline in advanced societies. Not so with some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in California.”

    Since when are Mexicans and blacks “advanced?”

  • LOL, “I R Baboon”, chuckle, no more correct than “I B Baboon” , but if they had called the character “I B Baboon” then the reference would have been too clear and they would have been censored for being “ray-ciss”