Black Cardiac Arrest Victims Receive CPR Less

Tyeese Gaines, The Grio, May 11, 2012

Black cardiac arrest victims whose hearts stop outside of the hospital are less likely to receive CPR or shocks to the heart from bystanders, according to new research presented today.

Previous studies have shown that blacks are more likely to go into cardiac arrest than whites. Yet, in this study of nearly 4,000 Philadelphians, and other studies in the past, blacks still receive CPR and shocks less often.

Even among whites, only one-third received bystander CPR in the data released today. But, blacks, on the other hand, received CPR or shocks 28.7 percent of the time.

As far back as 1994, a study out of Memphis reported an even lower bystander CPR rate among blacks—less than 10 percent—compared to 20 percent among whites.

The reasons why this continues to happen is currently unknown.



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  • I have 2 possible reasons.  

    First, many blacks are not trained in CPR.  I haven’t taken classes in years, but when I did there were few blacks.  We tend to be around people like us, so when blacks need CPR they are around untrained blacks. 

    Second, whites perceive blacks as  wanting to sue people for minor issues.  I once was first at the scene of a car accident.  A dump truck flipped over.  The driver was black.  He needed to be pulled out of the cab.  My first thought was this guy will sue me if something bad happens.   I called 911 then helped another person.

    • AlbertSwearengen

       “We tend to be around people like us, so when blacks need CPR they are around untrained blacks.”

      Or sociopathic blacks.

      • Yeah…one goes into cardiac arrest, the others stand around and laugh, saying “daaaamn dis nigga be lookin all stupid and sheeit”…

        then proceed to go through his pockets.  

    • Wise, wise …

    • Rocky Bass

       It’s not training. Jesus, when a black has a heart attack the other blacks just step over his carcass to pick up their carryout chicken! I am sure wherever they fall the blacks around just have better things to do is all.

      • Right…It’s hard to train past the instincts of nature’s little scavengers.  

      • chuck_2011

         Seriously, one  less black to suck on the welfare system and the guilt of YT. To quote a saying I have heard, “the collective IQ of the black community just rose slightly”

    • Rocky Bass

      Maybe we need to invent a new technique, maybe someone can perfect the “curb stomp” chest compression.  Ventilation I am still working on, perhaps a shaken 40oz jammed in the victims mouth would suffice. Ok now what was the ratio again…
      Two blasts of malt liquor froth to four “curb stomps”
      Then again I doubt anyone would waste there malt liquor on this…

    • Rocky Bass

       Very true on the lawsuit crap. All the metro busses here have cams nowadays. Every time a bus was involved in a fender bender 3X the people that were on the bus would turn up in neck braces playing the ghetto lottery! Blacks are just making it to where no one with half a brain would pi$$ on them if they were on fire.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    I only see Compression-only CPR in this case.

    Mouth to mouth is out of the question! I don’t know where ANYONE’S lips have been!

  • Good. Less CPR means
    LESS FREE intensive care bills for De’Vonte

    and less PRISON BILLS LATER for us.

  • It might have something to do with Whites knowing how much blacks hate them.  Why save someone’s life who does nothing but complain about racism even though they’ve never experienced it plus gets tons of privileges over White People, White People who’ve never committed an act of racism?

    I think people are getting tired of being forced to pay for things they never did and so for them to go out of their way to help another is just asking for too much these days.

    • The__Bobster

      Maybe the Whites are just thinking ahead to the next Presidential election.

  • StivD

    Well, in mixed racial company I could understand the reluctance to place one’s mouth on that of a black persons. Let’s face it, they often don’t have the cleanest looking skin and faces. That can only extend to lips and, worse, what’s behind them. But, I’m absolutely not saying that all blacks are unclean.

    It may be as simple as that…?

  • Johnny Reb

    The same study undoubtedly showed that of the 4,000 heart-attack victims in Philadelphia, 3,999 had their wallets  stolen while they were gasping for breath by negros passing by.   The only exception was a man who had already been rolled before his heart attack.

    Seriously . . . big cities . . . especially a hole like Filthadelphia are not known for their brotherly love (even though Philly is the city of).  Run this study in a clean, middle-class white suburb where the neghbors aren’t afraid of each other and I think you’d find that whites will help fellow whites more than 33% (as happened in Philly).

    Of course, blacks would still be allowed to die . . . probably in even higher percentages.

  • They must have seen the study about how blacks are the largest group of HIV carriers. In Philly they perform CPR by first removing all jewelry and wallets.

    • “…they perform CPR by first removing all jewelry and wallets”

      That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.  Thanks for the laugh.

    • The__Bobster

      On female victims, they remove the very constrictive bra and parties. Da woman’z gotta breeve, nome sane?

  • Blacks won’t even help blacks.  Blacks should return to their homeland.  They were forced here against their will and remind us of this 24/7.  A simple law could be used to urge them to go.

    • Yes. Along with an acknowledgement that bringing the first ones over here was the biggest mistake our White ancestors ever made.

      • The__Bobster

        Our White ancestors didn’t bring them over….nor did they enslave them.

  • Mouth to mouth component…..sorry, bleah.

  • Anon

    a study out of Memphis reported an even lower bystander CPR rate among blacks—less than 10 percent

    If I was walking down the street in Memphis (unlikely!)  and saw a black keel over…I’d get out of there fast before I got blamed.  “Dat whitey done kilt Trevarious!  Beat his azz!” 

  • radical7

    This is  classic example of raical bias.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Be honest not-so radical 7, blacks are usually around other blacks. So the one’s not giving them CPR is other BLACKS. Racial bias is everywhere apprently.

  • Notice there is no mention of the race of those who do, and do not, offer to administer CPR to victims, of whatever race. Therefore, one wonders what the point of the article is, unless it is to (surprise, surprise!) put another “poor, put-upon Negroes” guilt trip on Whites who read the article.

  • KenelmDigby

    Is there such a big difference between 28% and one third?

    But seriously, there is nothing, absolutely nothing that some professional race-hustler won’t try to pick apart and exploit in order to show that blacks are victims and Whites are villains.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Black EMT who let a woman die because he was on his break gets shot and dies.

  • slobotnavich

    The statistics quoted here aren’t significantly divergent enough to be conclusive.  Plus, most blacks are found in black neighborhoods, surrounded by other blacks.  However, one reasonable hypothesis one could derive from this fact is that blacks are less likely to offer CPR to other blacks than whites are to perform CPR on either whites or blacks.  

  •  Come on, you know that statistics that condemn or prove white racism need not be based on anything solid or sound! Just as any stat that proves black superiority requires nothing more than the authors good intentions. 
    General rule #1; Black  = Good
                                  White = BAD

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    I have attended CPR, First Responder classes regularly in my life and I am currently certified.  The technique of blowing breaths into the mouth of the victim was discarded some time (years) ago.  They have found that compressions alone does enough to save lives, or maintain oxygen supply until the professional responders arrive.

    Also, in all the years of taking these classes, I don’t think I have every seen a black person in one, although they must take them as requirements for any healthcare education.  It is safe to say that blacks in general don’t care too much about health care or life saving in general.  If you ever do go to a hospital and have black nurses, run – if you can.

  • vladdy1

    Well, whites are more likely to get knocked out for walking down the street, so it all evens out.

  •  That is all you should do, under modern guidelines, anyway.

  • Given the reports of whites falling into a trap trying to help a black by giving them a dollar, a cigarette, or gas money, some would imagine a black lying “unconscious” on the ground may have four friends hiding somewhere, waiting to spring on them.

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