Florida’s Rick Scott Chided over Immigration Stance with Billboard

Fox News Latino, February 9, 2012

Florida Gov. Rick Scott received a sarcastic pat on the back for welcoming undocumented immigrants from a group in the state that wants stricter immigration laws.

The Pompano Beach-based nonprofit Floridians for Immigration Enforcement is delivering the tongue-in-cheek message on a billboard that went up Wednesday on Interstate 75, between the Georgia border and Interstate 10.

The billboard reads: “Welcome Illegal Immigrants: We offer jobs, health care, education and benefits.” It suggests that undocumented immigrants thank the Republican governor.

It also features the iconic yellow-and-black graphic of a family running that often appears on roads near the U.S.-Mexican border to alert motorists to immigrants crossing.

The governor’s office declined to comment on the sign.


The group is angry that bills that would require companies in Florida to use an online federal program to identify whether a potential new hire can legally work have stalled in Tallahassee. The E-verify program is voluntary at the federal level. Yet a small but growing number of states now require many employers use it. {snip}


Last year, an attempt to incorporate some E-verify provisions into a broader immigration bill passed the Senate but died in the House amid opposition from the state’s powerful agriculture and hospitality industries.

As one of his first acts in office, Scott issued an executive order to state agencies and their contractors to use E-verify for new hires. Scott told The Associated Press last summer he would review the results of this existing program and talk to business leaders before deciding whether to push to advocate in favor of making E-verify mandatory statewide.

The Miami-based Florida Immigrant Coalition called the sign a message “from a very small group who also support anti-immigrant and racial profiling laws like the ones that Georgia and Alabama have.” {snip}


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  • Anonymous

    Is it possible that Amren could rent some aerial real-estate like this? According to LAMAR advertising co., a bus stop bench ad could be run for a month for a little under $1000. I certainly would be willing to contribute.

    • Anonymous

      here is great youtube video that promotoes an idea on how to spread any message to hundreds of thousands of people for almost no money, just a little  personal risk, I am surprised no one in the immigration conservative movement has used it yet.

      How to reach 100,000 people for under $1.00


    • Anonymous

      Paul Kersey (sbpdl.com) is planning to put up billboards in poor neighbourhoods in response to the accurately named unfair campaign. Some places are more like $10 per month if you want to send a message to black people (or some hope to white people stuck near them). If you then alert the media to what you’re doing, that’s a lot of people who’ll see your propaganda for a bargain basement price.

  • If Governor Baldy is scared of the Hispanic vote, he shouldn’t be.  Most Florida Hispanics are PRs (American citizens anyway) and Cubans (legal when toe touches beach sand).  And only the Cubans are reliable Republican voters.  Only 14% of all voters in FL-R on January 31 were Hispanic, and almost all of those were Cuban I suppose.  This means that 85% of Florida Republican voters are white.

    • Anonymous

      Even the Cubans will have forgotten about the Mariel Harbor trauma and Castro’s regime in a generation or two. They will be staunch democratic allies of their fellow Hispanics by then. Watch the trend in 2012.

      • Anonymous

         This may be true.  The big thing keeping the Cubans in the Republican camp is Cuba.  Once that is not an issue, why should they really care? 

        That the Republicans are in bed with illegals is testimony to their ties to agri (and other) business.  Republicans are not the friends of the white middle class, at least those from a  Christian heritage.    With Mitt the likely candidate, I will likely vote Obama this year, since 4 more is really what whites will need (at a minimum) before they start to understand.  If they ever do.

        • Anonymous


          Rivera claimed that he tried to pass an E-Verify measure while serving in the Florida State House, but that it was blocked by the Chamber of Commerce and other business interests. However, he did not mention that he, along with conservative darling Marco Rubio, helped block it:
          Florida lawmakers looking to pass bills targeted at curbing illegal immigration faced one major hurdle this session—convincing South Florida legislators, who hold key leadership positions in the House and Senate, to support their cause. Without the backing of House Speaker Marco Rubio, the first Cuban-American to hold the position, the bills failed to get any major play in their committees. Six weeks into the session, a three-hour workshop was held on the six House bills, but even that failed to produce its desired intent of combining the bills into one larger committee bill. “‘Speaker Rubio outlined the priorities of the session and this didn’t fall under that list,” said [Rep. David] Rivera, one of Rubio’s lieutenants.

          [Miami-Dade lawmakers stymie immigration bills, by Laura Figueroa, Miami Herald, April 17, 2008]

        • Anonymous

          “I will likely vote Obama this year…”

          Don’t do it! Once they understand it will be too late! You don’t realise how irreversible some presidential actions can be. Think about what will happen when he names a judge for the supreme court.

          If you can’t bring yourself to vote for Romney (believe me, I know the feeling) then vote for American third position, or some other candidate. Heck, even Ralph Nader spoke out against the Congressional Black Caucus. People who say a vote for a third party is a vote for Obama are wrong. Mathematically it’s only worth half a vote for Obama. A vote for the Republican party is probably best for white people at this point, but I understand the ideallists who would rather vote for someone they actually like or vote against Republicans they dislike.

  • Great poster. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Excellent sign. 

    My favorite of this genre was the sign in California that featured Osama Bin Ladin’s photo on a California Driver’s license. This was part of a successful campaign to deny California drivers licenses to illegal aliens.

    If you live in Florida, please contribute, work with this group – they do more than just whine, they get things done.

  • jeffaral

    Know who your enemy is: Republicans are even more pro-illegals, pro- affirmative action, anti-White and pro-Israel than Democrates.   Open your eyes!

  • All I want to know is:

    What’s gonna happen when Credit is No Longer Afforded, Population and Congestion is that of India’s and Culture Warfare is East and muslim vs. West and Christian?