Posted on August 12, 2011

Nick Griffin Addresses the Nation

Nick Griffin, BNP TV, August 11, 2011

[Editor’s note: Mr. Griffin predicted the timing and nature of the riots almost perfectly.]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I want to give Mr. Griffin full credit for his prediction and the sense he talks here. I only have a problem with his suggestion that blacks and Muslims will have a place in Britain. While he pronounces the end of Multicultural Britain, he seems to be acknowledging that it will continue IF they learn to behave. I think it is good that he illustrated that some blacks are returning to their homelands. What he needed to say is that Britain will not pay for incarcerating them, but rather deport them. I think he could get away with saying something about the acceptable number of foreign residents. He needs to say something about leaving the countryside clean of blacks and Asians so the British heartlands can survive, and on and on.

    I dislike the use and concept of the phrase “white trash.” It is a continuance of class oppression of some whites who rather than lumped with the undesirable immigrants, need to be singled out and “reeducated,” as English people with a right to be part of society. After all, it is they who lost out of the jobs that all the immigrants moved in an took. I don’t believe we ought to look on any class of white as dispensable. Especially if you still think you are living in a Christian country, but even more so if you don’t.

    But it is a complicated problem now. I read that one million English citizens are now classed as “mixed race.” That’s a lot of people who will be difficult to deal with, racially. So they will have to be dealt with on a case by case basis, meaning that they would be deported to their immigrant parents homeland if they engage in anti-social behavior. But their very existence illustrates that the Multicults have gone a long way to their goal already.

    But perhaps Mr. Griffin will address these problems/concerns in a future speech?

  2. Wayne Engle says:

    The most sense I’ve heard a politician utter in many a moon. Of course the MSM in Britain and the mainstream politicians will continue to brand him and his movement as “racists” and “haters,” and try to marginalize the BNP. Establishment Britain fiddles while its cities burn.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The same for the USA. Robert Welch of the John Birch Society in 1958 delivered a speech which is nothing less than chilling in its warning of the present plight of America. Here he is in 1974 quoting from his 1958 speech.

  4. Anonymous says:

    #2 anonymous rights, But it is a complicated problem now. I read that one million English citizens are now classed as “mixed race.” That’s a lot of people who will be difficult to deal with, racially.

    Nope. Easiest thing in the world. Repatriate them all to S Africa. In fact, that’s where they should start sending all the looters and rioters and their families right now. If anyone complains that it’s too cruel of a punishment just tell them that its the same kind of multicult paradise they want to turn Britain into.

  5. Jeddermann. says:

    “I dislike the use and concept of the phrase ‘white trash.’”

    That term is an import from the U.S.? And not out of place. White Britons would not have behaved in such an unseemly manner prior to WW2. The black corrupts everyone he comes in contact with. Including those lower class white English.

  6. Banastre Tarleton says:

    Everyone keeps insinuating Griffin is a “sell-out”, claiming he’s going back on his old principles. People, namely Britons who are disillusioned now with the party, need to understand this is the first time in over fifty years that a nationalist party has entered the mainstream. He HAS to say things like, “they’ll have a place in our society”. If the BNP actually won over Britain, I think Nick would take the harsher stance we all want him to.

  7. Reg says:


    Mr Griffin has had to moderate his communications to widen the net of potential supporters. Without doing so he and the BNP have little or no hope of getting the number of supporters they need to enter parliament. The UK electoral system is rigged to stop all but members of the large established parties. On top of this the UK police and legal system have been used to subvert what little democracy there is in the UK. Members of the BNP have been arrested and imprisoned days before elections and then released when it is too late to contest the election. The charges they have been arrested with are insubstantial and therefore the BNP candidates are never prosecuted. Their imprisonment is used simply as a tool to suppress opposition to the government.

    I bet Americans would never believed actions like this take place in Great Britain. I am very sorry to say these last ten years the UK government acts more like North Korea’s kim jong il the second than a European country.

    Something which is even more upsetting is the fact that the media in the UK do not report these actions.

    The reason for all this is down to a Marxist(Communist) occupied government and press. We have sleepwalked into a George Orwell Novel.

    Any publicity the BNP can get in the US is very welcome as the only people who will see the video above are already BNP supporters. The BNP and Nick Griffin have been vilified to such an extend by the Marxist occupied media that ordinary Brits believe voting for Nick Griffin is not in their interest and they refuse even to listen to what Mr Griffin has to say.

    Unfortunately to this day the British are still heaping their funeral pyre.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well, here it comes. Coming to the USA also…we will not be allowed to defend ourselves from the hordes of the 3rd world.

    Contact Amazon and tell them what you think of their treachery and NEVER do business with them again,

  9. george00 says:

    Nick said: “I’m not being racist about this, my party has black members, several of whom serve this country in uniform, they’re as good as any of us but their community is desparatly sick and now it’s infecting the rest of our society.”

    So according to Nick Griffin, if a black guy is in the BNP and is in the military in England he sees nothing wrong what-so-ever with this black guy marrying and having 10 kids with this white women because he’s “as good as any of us”. That idea is stupid.

  10. jack in chicago says:

    To 8 — Anonymous who notes that UK Amazon has withdrawn selling police style telescoptic batons and possibly some baseball bats to sales to UK residences (Do Brits really play American baseball?). Don’t worry, there are always other options.

    Folks should shop for similar clubs, one-handed and two handed. My favorite is the Target store’s $12 T-ball bat, short and light enough for a one handed club, but very strong and also effective for two handed blows. Keep one of these T-ball bats (Plus a ball and glove for cover from authorities – say you play with your niece).

    Also effective are strong walking canes. Learn how to strike with one hand then revert to two handed blows – practice on rubber “Bob” dummys and also use cushioned clubs using armor with your friends. Don’t get got in a mob action, riot with nothing but your own body.

  11. Laager says:

    @ 1

    David Duke said the same thing 34 years ago.

    Take a look at:



    @ 4

    Why South Africa?

    The minority whites in SA are experiencing the worst siege of any white community in history at the hands of a black majority. About 40,000 whites randomly slain since “freedom” (ie black majority rule aided and abetted by white liberals in the west) since 1994.

    Read all about it on:

    go into the archives for all the gory detail.

    No, the 1 million mixed-race, mulatto, coloured (SA designation) Britons should be re-settled in Hampstead, Chelsea, Kensington etc. These are the upmarket (virtually exclusively white) suburbs in London where all the multi-culturist-left-wing-liberals live. Let them live their dream instead of talking about it.

    I have also proposed a repatriation policy in another post.

    See comment 25 in: Wisconsin State Fair Mob Attack

    Despite the onslaught against the BNP by the media, main stream political parties and police, these riots have been like mana from heaven for them. Even if the BNP never succeeds in gaining political power they are fulfilling a valuable role as a catalyst and forcing the other parties to take action on immigration and law and order for fear of losing support to the BNP. In the conversations I have had this last week I detect the average Brit is waking up and is seriously hacked off at what is going on. Whether this gets translated into action at the ballot box in the next election remains to be seen.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Griffin’s strategy is right. Political correctness is very deeply ingrained in the minds of the British. He has to take a somewhat moderate stance on race if the BNP is to get anywhere. The absolutely vital work of the BNP is to put an end to the current let-everyone-come immigration policy.

  13. Anonymous says:

    At #9

    That’s exactly the problem today with whites. We only say something politically incorrect or “racist” if a nonwhite says it first. While I’m glad there are nonwhites out there with common sense, why do we always need blacks or browns or whatever to validate our views? Why can’t we just say, “This is my honest observation and opinion about (fill in the blank) and I would like for someone to explain why I’m wrong instead of just calling me a racist and getting emotional and nasty.”

  14. ehunt says:

    Nick goes off track at about 10:00. The pretense that some kind

    of rapprocement between blacks and native Englishman via a

    adult debate is delusional. The very idea that “debate” ie

    rational addressing of a “problem” is wrong to the core.

    You cannot change genetics by debate, you cannot treat it

    as a problem that will go away. It just is. Its not going away.

    To pretend that it is going away is to just going to set up the

    next cycle.

  15. Sardonicus says:

    I have to agree with “Reg” that Nick Griffin has an extremely difficult time even keeping the BNP together. Its legitimacy is under constant attack by the establishment and controlled media. Major efforts have been made to ban the BNP from elections.

    Furthermore, there is the issue of “respectability” in Great Britain and the BNP is always derided as a lower middle class “yob” party, where the facts are that the “yobs” imitate the black culture in music (hip hop) and social pathologies (high rates of crime and illegitimacy). Of course, mentioning this disagreeable but irrefutable fact is enough to end your career, as historian Dr. David Starkey has found out.

    I support Nick Griffin, but the level of brain-washing and thought control is so severe in Great Britain that it makes any headway in examining racial positions problematic.

  16. SS says:

    Dear Anon #1,

    I agree and wholeheartedly so about your comment regarding “white trash” or what I call, “white” people and re-educating.

    I have been very hard on “white” people and going forward, I will not be. Our uninformed and ill informed White People do deserve to be taught the Truth and we owe it (I believe) to them too. Thank You Very Much for reminding me!

    Also, when it comes to mix people, I myself have yet to see any mixy side with their White Side. And, I really don’t want these mixed people mixing with White People so there can be even more lost White Blood.

    I guess it can be said that White can be bred back in but for me, I don’t want to sacrifice the couple of generations of White Blood in order to do that. I think White People can just have more kids to cover our losses.

  17. jamesbrownfuhrer says:

    Racism now means = When blacks are treated equally. […..?….]

  18. Anonymous says:

    Anon #4: You can send all of the blacks to South Africa, as long as we get all of the White Boer Afrikaners in return.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Reg #7: Maybe you should suggest people in Britain watch the movie “‘V’ for Vendetta”.

  20. Anonymous says:

    SS #16: Yes. Let’s start with stopping abortion at the ballot box.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The last truly Nationalist British Party leader was Oswald Mosley.