Posted on June 29, 2011

Children’s Minister: Asian Communities Hampering Child Sex Inquiries

Telegraph (London), June 23, 2011

He claimed that a combination of political correctness and racial sensitivities have kept cases of child sex grooming by Asian gangs “under the radar”.

Mr Loughton made the comments in an interview for the BBC Politics Show in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, which has been investigating claims that girls as young as 12 have been targeted by organised Asian gangs.

He said: “In many cases we are dealing with some closed communities. Closed in terms of things being able to go on under the radar and away from the public glare. I think that political correctness and racial sensitivities have in the past been an issue.

“I want to send out a message loud and clear that although we have to be aware of certain characteristics of various ethnic communities and be sensitive as to how we deal with them, a BME (Black Minority Ethnic) tag is not an excuse for us not to investigate vigorously any abuse that may be going on.”

Earlier this year, the former Home Secretary Jack Straw was criticised after he suggested that some men of Pakistani origin saw white girls as “easy meat”.

But the Labour peer Lord Ahmed of Rotherham said more needs to be done to find out why a minority of Asian men were drawn into a world of grooming young girls.

Lord Ahmed said: “It’s a new crime, a new trend and we have to talk about it and be robust about it . I have never been politically correct about this thing, I have always come out and condemned it.

“I have always said these people need to be brought to justice. I have been criticised by my own community because I started talking about it. We need to put it into context. Ninety eight per cent of the community are engaged in fantastic work within the UK.

“There is a small minority involved in drug related crime and this heinous crime of messing with young girls is outrageous.”

A five month investigation by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) is expected to reveal that more British children have been exposed to grooming than police and social services had originally thought.

A string of vulnerable young girls were targeted for abuse by a gang in Derby. The CEOP inquiry was launched after a string of vulnerable young girls were targeted for abuse by a gang in Derby.

Victims were given alcohol and drugs before being forced to have sex in cars, hotels and rented houses.

Ring leaders Mohammed Liaqat and Abid Saddique were given indeterminate jail terms in January.

5 responses to “Children’s Minister: Asian Communities Hampering Child Sex Inquiries”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s very important for a group like AR to, at every opportunity, point out that the term “asian” in this context is essentially a lie. We are not talking about chinese, japanes, koreans etc. We are talking about black and arab muslims.

    This term is inappropriate….and intentional fabrication of use of the term designed to mislead. Similar to the term “youths” used in American news stories whenever you mean adult black murderers, rapists and thieves. Same with the term “student” whenever applied to the middle east….starting around the iranian revolution. Student of what school? None. No book learning of any sort goes on at the organizations these people belong in….only hate indoctrination and practice at murdering people.

    Manipulations, lies, fabrications and propaganda via distortions of language. Newspeak in a literal sense.

    Just because the enemies of all who are good and decent think they can get away with 1984 tactics doesn’t mean we have to cooperate. And that includes the term racist.

  2. Sardonicus says:

    There’s no doubt about it: being called a “racist” or being racially insensitive is worse than raping or abusing white children in the sick minds of some of the powerful, but brain-washed, diversity-loving liberals. In many cases, the powers- that-be prefer to ignore the issue of immigrant Pakistani Muslims raping and abusing indigenous British women. Anything that interferes with the belief that “diversity is our strength” must be ruthlessly suppressed by the privileged British elites.

  3. BritishActivism says:

    In relation to the first comment, it is normal for British people to categorise and state that Pakistanis, Bangladeshi’s, Afghani’s, Indians, etc are “Asian”.

    It is one of those things that does not travel well over to the United States, where I believe Asian is the description of what we used to call “Orientals” here in the UK. (I do not know, nor care, if “Orientals” is the “correct” label in Britain today!).

    We used to get Americans coming into the British section of some nationalist sites years ago and saying thing like “damned the yellow peril” or other such epithets when we were discussing Asians taking over our towns and cities. We kept having to point out that we did not actually mean those.

    Even here in the UK the term “Asian” when related to crimes like grooming annoys some other pockets of “Asian” communities – for example, very few Sikhs and Hindu’s (Indians)are responsible for sexual grooming of our white teenagers, for they are almost exclusively Muslims from Pakistani backgrounds. However, “Muslims” is not a racial/ethnic description so in my view Asian needs to be applied whether they like being lumped in or not.

    Perhaps the anomaly over the descriptive term/category of “Asian” needs to be clarified as a standard footnote on AmRen articles pertaining to Britain so that potential confusion does not arise.

    I think Amren have simply copied the article header from the papers here, as is normal practice. I do not believe for a moment is was in order to “mislead” or “misrepresent” the ‘Orientals’ or anything.

    We also get the “youths” treatment here in the UK, where “Seven youths” might have gone on a rampage and stabbed somebody or something…”youths” has almost become a substitute for “black” or other “BME” groups.

    It is my understanding that our journalists, if they operate to the code of practice laid down by the National Union of Journalists and similar bodies and unions, are instructed not to mention race or ethnicity or religion unless it is absolutely of importance to the crime or issue at hand.

    There was even a pressure group set up the other year or so which (effectively)wanted to get newspapers to sanitise immigration/asylum related stories.

    Seeing as the papers are full of “Nigerian asylum seeker with 7 kids lives in £1.2m mansion house” – they wanted to make them be hauled over the coals for their part spreading “hatred” “xenophobia” or whatever, or at the very least just make them say “Family on welfare living in mansion house” where “A man, aged 43, was found to be…..”


  4. Who In Their White Mind? says:

    I like the distinction that is being made on the blog. I would think that far East Asians are grinding their teeth on this. They are lumped in with Middle Eastern Pakis & Arabs. And of course the lame stream media doesn’t want to offend Muslims. And how many Chinese, Japenese, Vitnamese, Laotian, and Koreans are Muslims? Now go a little further South and West of these places and all you have is Muslims. .

    Yes they love White women. Too bad we can’t love their women because we don’t know what they look like under those tablecloths. Then again, maybe they are doing us a favor.

    We, as Whites, have no more excuses to be indoctrinated in such a massive brainwashing. The world wide web has been our friend. Let’s educate our kids about crimes against Whites.

  5. ATBOTL says:

    “We are not talking about chinese, japanes, koreans etc. We are talking about black and arab muslims.”

    Wrong. We are talking about Pakistanis.