Posted on April 7, 2011

The £650m Apology: Forget Our Ailing Education System, That’s What Britain’s Giving to Pakistani Schools to Make Amends for Our Imperial Past

Tim Shipman, Daily Mail (London), April 6, 2011

David Cameron vowed to hand hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money plus vital military secrets to Pakistan yesterday to make amends for offending the Muslim nation last year.

The Prime Minister pledged to invest £650million in Pakistani schools at a time when the education budget at home is being cut.

Britain is also to give highly sensitive military technology to combat roadside bombs to the Pakistani security services, which are widely blamed for funding and arming the Taliban.

In a huge gamble with the lives of British troops in Afghanistan, Mr Cameron agreed to spend millions more on a centre of excellence for the country’s soldiers and spies near Peshawar, a hotbed of militancy.

The gesture came after Mr Cameron sparked a diplomatic rift last year when he accused the country of ‘looking both ways’ on terrorism.

The technology deal sparked fears that the Pakistani intelligence service, the ISI, would hand details to the Taliban, enabling them to build more effective improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

The huge cash injection for schools by the Department for International Development will make Pakistan the UK’s biggest recipient of overseas aid.

It is designed to get four million children into the classroom–17million currently get no schooling. Pakistan spends just 1.5 per cent of its national income on schools but is placing billion-pound orders for six Chinese submarines and 36 fighter aircraft.

The UK will have no control of the curriculum in schools receiving funding, meaning taxpayers could see their money pumped into madrassas peddling extremism.

Mr Cameron defended the payments, saying it was ‘in our interest’ to help Pakistan.

He said: ‘If Pakistan is a success we’ll have a good friend to trade and invest and deal with.

‘If we fail we’ll have all the problems of migration, of extremism, problems that we don’t want to see. So it’s in our interest that Pakistan succeeds.’

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani said he believed a ‘root cause’ of terrorism was illiteracy.

But Tory MP Philip Davies said: ‘Particularly at the moment when we’ve got no money, there’s absolutely no justification for increasing the amounts that we give to other countries.

‘That is especially the case with countries that can afford to spend billions on defence. If they can afford submarines they can afford to educate their own people.

‘We need to concern ourselves with our own schools because countries around the world are overtaking us in educational attainment.’

In a speech to university students, Mr Cameron vowed to get over the ‘tensions’ sparked by his comments last year and create a ‘new start’ in relations with Pakistan.

But he also said Pakistan had to raise taxes and stamp out corruption to justify British generosity. ‘Understandably, the British people want to know every penny we spend is going to the right places.

‘I need to convince them that it is. But my job is made more difficult when people in Britain look at Pakistan, a country that receives millions of pounds of our aid money, and see weaknesses in terms of government capacity and waste.’

Mr Cameron, who was accompanied on his one-day visit by Tory party chairman Baroness Warsi, who is of Pakistani origin, ducked questions about whether he could guarantee that the ISI will not hand the anti-IED technology to the Taliban.

The £650million investment for Pakistan schools will come out of the existing aid budget.

The reputation of Britain’s international aid programme is at risk because of lax controls to prevent fraud and corruption, the National Audit Office warned last night.

It said the Department for International Development was doing too little to prevent taxpayers’ money being siphoned off by corrupt officials in deprived countries.

International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell insisted that weaknesses in the systems set up by Labour had been addressed.

PM Blames British Empire for ‘Many of the World’s Problems’

David Cameron sparked a backlash last night after telling a Pakistani audience that Britain is responsible for ‘many’ of the world’s problems.

The Prime Minister sought to blame the British Empire for the situation in Kashmir which has been a running sore in Pakistan’s relations with India since partition in 1947.

But he laid himself open to the charge of running down Britain on an overseas trip.

At a university in Islamabad, the Prime Minister was asked how Britain could help end the row over Kashmir.

He replied: ‘I don’t want to try to insert Britain in some leading role where, as with so many of the world’s problems, we are responsible for the issue in the first place.’

His gaffe could lay Britain open to legal action by relatives of those killed in Kashmir or other conflicts sparked by the end of empire.

Mr Cameron’s claim is not even accurate about the fate of Kashmir, which has been the subject of three major wars between India and Pakistan in 1947, 1965 and 1999.

The disputed province, which has a predominantly Muslim population, would probably have joined Pakistan when it broke away from India had it not been for the intervention of the state’s Hindu Maharaja Hari Singh, who insisted on remaining with India.

Sean Gabb, of the Libertarian Alliance, said yesterday: ‘It’s a valid historical point that some problems stem from British foreign policy in the 19th and 20th Centuries, but should we feel guilty about that? I fail to see why we should.

‘Some of these problems came about because these countries decided they did not want to be part of the British empire. They wanted independence, they got it, they should sort out their problems instead of looking to us.’

A No 10 official said: ‘Sometimes a bit of humility goes a long way.’

10 responses to “The £650m Apology: Forget Our Ailing Education System, That’s What Britain’s Giving to Pakistani Schools to Make Amends for Our Imperial Past”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    The second article within this post is circularly ironic when viewed in light of the first. The only reason Cameron is funding Pakistan is because it once was part of the British Empire. So in that sense, it is responsible for at least one problem — Native born white Britons being less well off economically speaking, and in other ways.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We’re giving this money to an unstable Muslim country that views the West as a massive “Gibs me Dat” and a group of countries in the West that Pakistanis feel an ever increasing entitlement to invade and leach upon. -Just look at the UK immigration figures and these are just the “official” ones.

    They have Nukes, -How ready and deployable these weapons are is open to massive speculation, but the fact is through traitors, spies and incompetence these “enlightened” people have them. How did that happen? Most of their people don’t have clean running water.

    How long do you think it will be before some psychotic Muslim fanatics decide to use these Nukes….No false flag here (and I know the powers that be would have you worry incessantly about this) but seriously, why give that much “Aid” to a country that is spending a cool £billion on Nuclear Submarines?

  3. Old White Jim says:

    Every time I read an article like this I end up spending way too much time pondering what has gone wrong with people of European origin. Why are so many of us determined to follow a path that leads to our extinction?

    I just now formed a theory. Many Whites are behaving like lemmings for the same reason that lemmings behave the way they do: It is hardwired into their genes.

    Every living thing is genetically predestined to respond a particular way under certain conditions. External stimuli can even trigger physical transformation.

    A full grown hog that has spent its entire life in a pen living the easy life, slurping slop out of a trough, will have a short snout and tiny tushes. Turn that pampered porker loose in the woods and in six months it will have a snout like a warthog and tushes as long as your index fingers.

    Many species of mammals exhibit ineffectual mating behavior when overpopulation threatens to exceed their food source. Ewes will mount other ewes and will not let a ram mount them. Bull elephant seals turn into baby rapers. Rats will hump anything that they cannot possibly reproduce with.

    I don’t think humans are much different than the lower species when in comes to automatic responses to the conditions that surround us. Mother Nature, or God, or whatever you believe created us, has equipped lemmings and some of our kind with an ejection seat that only works in tunnels.

    Scientists will probably never be allowed to pinpoint the trigger mechanism that turns on the gene that makes many of our brethren want to line up for a march into oblivion, but I suspect that it has something to do with the chemicals released when humans feel sympathy and empathy.

    Pictures of hungry African kids holding out bowls on television and in the ads in National Geographic Magazine in the 1960’s triggered sympathy and empathy in many White people. As a result, they financially enabled do-gooders to interfere with nature’s remedy for dead end species. Now the children and grandchildren of those sympathetic, empathetic Whites are still sending checks to feed the great-great grandchildren of the kids who were holding out the bowls in the pictures in the 60’s.

    The people who have long enabled the do-gooders are the same people who deny racial differences and advocate putting the interests of stone age denizens of the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa ahead of the interests of the White people who created the only free societies in the history of the world.

    My theory holds forth that nature has long had a plan for dealing with those who interfere with the necessary culling of species too mentally feeble to survive on their own. Those sympathetic souls who are too over-amped on girly feelings and the resultant brain-addling chemicals to let nature take its course have doomed themselves and no amount of conversation or re-education can save them.

    My theory does not attempt to explain why our suicidal brethren want to force the rest of us to join their lemming march, but we must separate ourselves from them before they make that happen.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Brits are even more insane than we are. Who controls the British anyway? Who controls their Parliament, the Royals, their media, their schools, their entertainment media? Must be the same as those who control ours.

  5. flyingtiger says:

    Pakistan was freed 65 years ago. Someone born the day the British left is a senior citizen. Pakistan’s problems are caused by Pakistan. Let them solve their own problems.

  6. Kenelm Digby says:

    …and exactly the same time this measure is announced, thousands of British university students are protesting because the British government refuses to subsidise higher eduaction for the sons and daughters of British taxpayers.

    By the way, the current British govenment is a Conservative led coalition.The Conservatives are supposedly a ‘nationalist’ party.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh please.


    Mr Cameron defended the payments, saying it was ‘in our interest’ to help Pakistan.

    He said: ‘If Pakistan is a success we’ll have a good friend to trade and invest and deal with.



    187,342,721 (July 2011 est.)

    country comparison to the world: 6

    Spread over about 800,000 square kilometers.


    Comparatively, Texas covers 700,000 square kilometers and has a population of 24,782,302.


    Pakistan, an impoverished and underdeveloped country, has suffered from decades of internal political disputes and low levels of foreign investment. Between 2001-07, however, poverty levels decreased by 10%, as Islamabad steadily raised development spending. Between 2004-07, GDP growth in the 5-8% range was spurred by gains in the industrial and service sectors – despite severe electricity shortfalls – but growth slowed in 2008-09 and unemployment rose.

    Textiles account for most of Pakistan’s export earnings, but Pakistan’s failure to expand a viable export base for other manufactures has left the country vulnerable to shifts in world demand. Other long term challenges include expanding investment in education, healthcare, and electricity production, and reducing dependence on foreign donors.


    Pakistan is an arid, elevated, hole whose only excess production capacity is cousin breeding.

    There is nothing there to improve relations with. Something the other Islamic states know only too well in refusing to help -either- Pakistan or Afghanistan improve their position as Muslim states with that of the comparatively ‘flourishing’ Indian economy.


    ‘If we fail we’ll have all the problems of migration, of extremism, problems that we don’t want to see. So it’s in our interest that Pakistan succeeds.’


    Islamabad is 3791 miles from London. The British no more need worry about ‘uncontrolled migration’ from ANY of the SWA hell states than they need to shut down the concourses for international air flights from them.


    Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani said he believed a ‘root cause’ of terrorism was illiteracy.


    And Pakistan wouldn’t be back in the IMF’s hurt locker were it not for a 50% public debt ratio and a collapsed narrow:broad currency valuation deriving from their militarization. A militarization that has failed, utterly, to defeat the tribal region ‘guerillas’ who are sheltering UBL and Company.

    Guerillas which will never fear submarine attack…


    But Tory MP Philip Davies said: ‘Particularly at the moment when we’ve got no money, there’s absolutely no justification for increasing the amounts that we give to other countries.


    There never was. Let the Arabs, who are far closer to and VASTLY more dependent on, Pakistani cheap labor, help their poor country cousins out. The cultural mismatch is not nearly as bad and I can guarantee you the Saudis would have no problems ‘dealing with’ the Pakistanis on terrorism.

  8. Question Diversity says:


    You mentioned Pakistan’s textile industry. Most of that is courtesy of various American defense/foreign relations/foreign aid programs enacted after 9/11, to import Pakistani finished textile products tariff-free, under the theory that poverty breeds terrorism, and if the Pakistanis can work in a textile mill, they won’t join AQ.

    One of the “convenient” things that “fell out of the design” is that so many American textile mills in the South have closed, and the big name garment makers experienced a nice bump in profit margins. Meanwhile, the sons of so many laid off textile workers in states like South Carolina are in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and everywhere else, “fighting terrorism.”

  9. Question Diversity says:

    Pakistan in the news again: USAID to fund a version of Sesame Street for Pakistani children:

  10. Anonymous says:

    “Illiteracy is a root cause of terrorism”.

    Do 10 minutes of research, look up the terrorist acts committed in the West by Muslims in the past 10 years.

    Most of them were:

    a) Born in the west

    b) Well educated, about 25% had PhD’s

    Why can’t a newspaper cite such examples (available on wikipedia or bbc or anywhere) to refute such idiotic claims?