Posted on February 2, 2009

Islamification of Britain Continues: New Police Uniform Features Hijab

BNP News, February 2, 2009

The Third World colonisation of Britain proceeds apace with the news that the official police uniform has now been adapted to allow for the wearing of the Muslim hijab.

The police hijab is plain black and apparently made of a flame-retardant material. Officers will be able to wear a standard police hat on top of it if they wish.

A number of forces around the country have already introduced the hijab, including Thames Valley and the Metropolitan police.

The police’s annual report for 2007/08 showed women made up about 23 percent of the force’s officers. The number of officers from black and Asian communities stood at about six percent–short of the official fifteen percent target. The intention of introducing the hijab is to encourage Muslim women to consider joining the police force.

It would be unthinkable for any Islamic nation to adapt its official uniforms to allow Christian or any other religious artefacts to be incorporated into its emblems.

This sort of thing only happens to a nation which is being occupied and colonised by foreigners. This is the very definition of colonisation: the forcing of an alien and foreign way of life upon another people.

A further example of this process was seen recently at the announcement that the world-famous William Gladstone Library in Hawarden, North Wales, is to open a Muslim Reading Room and library.

Readers will however be glad to hear that John Walker, BNP Hawarden Community Councillor, is actively on the case. “It is absolutely impossible to even consider a library in any Muslim state opening a Christian Reading Room and Library,” Mr Walker said.

“In fact, it is actually illegal in many Muslim countries, including that religion’s homeland, Saudi Arabia. The mere propagation of Christianity in those countries is a criminal act.

“Britain however, is being colonised by the Third World, and the Labour and Tories expect the British people to meekly accept it. Well, I have news for them: watch this space, and see what happens in Hawarden in the near future!” Mr Walker said.