Posted on November 6, 2008

Prospect of ‘British Obama’ Growing: Study

AFP, Nov. 6, 2008

A growing number of ethnic minority candidates are winning election to parliament, increasing the chances of producing a “British Obama,” research published Thursday showed.

According to the left-wing Fabian Society think-tank, Britain may elect 10 or more new ethnic minority MPs at the next general election, which is due no later than 2010.

That figure is as much as the total number of new minority MPs elected in the previous four general elections.

“The chances for a British Obama are now much more hopeful than they would have been even 10 years ago,” Fabian general secretary Sunder Katwala said.


“In the Labour Party, you’re seeing organic change over time, and in the Tory party, you’re seeing fast progress from a very low base,” Katwala told AFP.

At present Britain has 15 non-white parliamentarians, out of a total of 646.