Posted on September 4, 2008

Gang Warfare on the Streets of London As Asian and Black Youths Battle Outside Julie Christie’s House

Niall Firth. Daily Mail (London), September 4, 2008

Armed with metal poles, sticks, a screwdriver and even Wellington boots, two gangs of black and Asian youths fight it out in broad daylight on the streets of London.

The terrifying scenes were captured by a photographer who had been waiting in the street to take a photo of the actress Julie Christie, who lives nearby.

Instead he was faced with a brutal illustration of life in modern Britain as gang warfare erupted around him in broad daylight.

In one picture, a gang member threatens another with a screwdriver, while in another, even a Wellington boot is used as a makeshift weapon.

A group of Asians take on a group of Black youths with screwdrivers, spades, metal poles and sticks outside Julie Christie’s home

One gang member attacks another with a screwdriver as the two gangs confront one another

Some of the gang members wear masks as they charge down the street waving sticks and other assorted weapons.

The dramatic confrontation took place yesterday afternoon in streets near Columbia Road, in East London, home to the popular Sunday morning flower market.

The battle lasted around 20 minutes and involved at least 10 youths.

According to reports the fight appeared to have its origins in a dispute between a local Asian man and some youths who he had accused of vandalising his property.

Metal poles and sticks are used as weapons as the running battle continues

While the area lies in the heart of London’s East End, its terraced houses sell for up to a million pounds each and it is surrounded by fashionable cafes and shops which have sprung up around the flower market.

Scotland Yard said it had received numerous calls about the battle and officers were investigating.