Posted on September 15, 2006

Hols Fiend Gives 6 Girls HIV

Neil Syson, Julie Moult and Nick Parker, The Sun (UK), September 14, 2006

AIDS timebomb Everson Banda lured women for sex sessions at his holiday campsite caravan.

The African asylum seeker — who was in Britain illegally and nicknamed himself Ace — bedded scores of women trippers and 13 co-workers in three seasons at the resort.

But immigration officials arrested him in a targeted July swoop. And a search of his caravan found letters from lawyers of women who claimed he had given them HIV.

They named up to five distraught lovers infected with the virus — which causes deadly Aids — after having sex with Banda.

And panic spread through the Orchards Holiday Village at St Osyth, near Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, when a staff member ALSO tested positive. The shattered worker confided that 29-year-old Banda was the only man she had slept with.

Last night campsite bosses were braced for more anxious calls from other girlfriends who were unaware Banda was HIV positive.

The burly caravan salesman, whose own health had been failing, is now back in Zimbabwe after being “removed” by the immigration service on August 19.

He was arrested for overstaying and kicked out after he admitted his claim that he faced imprisonment, torture or death back home was false.

A Home Office source suggested Banda could have been investigated by police if it had been known he was HIV positive before he flew home. Carriers of the virus who knowingly infect sexual partners have already been convicted of assault occasioning grievous bodily harm in British courts.

Banda entered Britain in 2000 — most likely on a tourist visa — but overstayed illegally.

He lied about his immigration status to land a job at the holiday village — first as a security man in 2004, then later as a salesman.

Banda lived in a grim tower block in central Southend, Essex, but was given use of a site caravan.

Sources said he wooed girls at the campsite’s pubs and bars — plying them with drink before walking them back to his berth.

In April 2005, he was told he must apply to become a registered security guard if he wanted to continue working.

But he could not provide a passport or visa for the post and tricked bosses into appointing him as a caravan salesman, selling mobile homes priced from £17,000 to £75,000.

He became the lover of a fellow salesgirl — whose name The Sun will not reveal — but she has so far tested negative for HIV.

One of those believed to have been infected is another colleague who regularly became ill with colds. She went to the doctor for tests and was horrified to discover she was HIV positive.

Banda’s most recent girlfriend was a Polish barmaid who regularly declared her love for him, saying she wanted to marry him.

She left at the same time as her lover and returned to Poland unaware of his dark secret

A source at the camp said: “In the three seasons he had been here, Banda’s health had been slowly deteriorating.

“His skin had been falling off his face and scalp, and he had been losing his hair.

“He started out quite muscular but in recent times he had lost a lot of weight. At the time people blamed it on stress, they said he had immigration problems.

“When the guys went into his caravan, they also found a lot of medication, tablets in silver foil wrappers. Perhaps he was leaving them as a sign to say what he had done and to tell his lovers they must get tested.”

The source added: “I can think of 13 past colleagues he has slept with, but there must be literally scores of holidaymakers.

“Jumping into bed with them was always at the front of his mind. He was very much a ladies’ man who always dressed well in a suit and shirt with cufflinks.

“He was even known to offer girls money to sleep with them — he was so highly sexed. Since he has scarpered we believe he has received other legal letters — presumably women he slept with are trying to track him down. He did a runner because the net was closing in.”

Trippers come to the popular seaside site from as far away as Belgium, Poland and Germany.

Home Office sources confirmed Banda had been “removed” back to Zimbabwe after dropping a political asylum claim made following his arrest for overstaying.

A source said: “It wasn’t until after his arrest that we became aware he was HIV positive.

“This has no relevance to our handling of the case but came to light in the course of inquiries.

“Banda claimed asylum soon after his arrest for overstaying — then dropped his claims and agreed to be removed back to Zimbabwe.

“Perhaps he realised it was a good opportunity to get away from the terrible situation he’d created.”

An immigration service spokeswoman declined to give details of Banda’s case or explain why he was allowed to overstay so long.

She said: “We do not comment on individual cases.”

A spokesman for The Orchards Holiday Park said: “We are very grateful to The Sun for alerting us to this worrying situation.

“We are now carrying out a full investigation and are in contact with the Home Office and Immigration Directorate to discover how Everson Banda was able to enter this country with forged documents and gain employment.

“This is a most unfortunate situation and we are co-operating fully with the Home Office, police and any other interested parties to find out the truth of the matter.”

The scandal is the second involving Zimbabwean illegals exposed by The Sun in recent weeks.

Two months ago we told how Joseph Dzumbira got a job at the Home Office after entering Britain as an asylum seeker.

Dzumbira, 35, was suspended from his job at the immigration centre in Croydon and faces a criminal investigation after boasting he could get ANYONE into Britain using fake documents and IDs.

Dzumbira, part of a gang of bent officers, solicitors and an ex-cop, charged illegal immigrants up to £2,000 for his services.

Last week, we told how cops arrested a crooked illegal immigrant after discovering him working as a guard at the Old Bailey.

A former lover of Aids fiend Everson Banda blasted his holiday camp sex romps yesterday — saying: “He’s put those girls, and possibly me, on death row.”

The Sun told how HIV-positive Banda passed the virus to at least SIX unsuspecting women after bedding them at the caravan site where he worked.

He was sent home to Zimbabwe last month after immigration officials found he was in Britain illegally.

But horrified bosses found legal documents in his caravan blaming him for infecting the women. And it is feared he may have passed the virus to others after luring scores of holidaymakers into bed.

Yesterday shaken former girlfriends, lovers and colleagues came forward to tell of their HIV fears.

One possible victim met Banda, 29 — who nicknamed himself Ace — while working at the Orchards Holiday Village, near Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, during a break from college.

She is today expecting the results of an HIV test she took this week after learning his deadly secret.

The tearful 25-year-old was studying to be a nurse but worked as a barmaid at the site. She said: “It’s been devastating. I haven’t been able to eat or sleep since I heard.

“My mum told me. She still lives in Clacton and says gossip about Ace having Aids is rife in the area.

“She was absolutely distraught when she rang me. She could hardly get her words out.

“She said quietly, ‘I think you should have an Aids test’ — then went on to tell me why. I was at work and burst into tears. I couldn’t believe what she was saying and immediately went to my doctor. I was shaking all over and she confirmed I had to have a test.

“I haven’t felt ill or showed any symptoms, but my doctor said it’s possible to have HIV and look and feel fine.”

The woman added: “I’m taking my mum and a friend with me to get the results as I don’t know how I’ll cope.

“It’s not just me I’m worried about. I have a boyfriend and haven’t been able to tell him what’s going on — I just can’t bring myself to.

“The last few days since I’ve found out what he’s done seem impossible to describe. I’ve been unable to deal with anything. All that’s going through my head is the fact Ace might have given me Aids.

“He must have known he had HIV, yet he slept with us. I think it’s horrendous. He’s put those girls and possibly me on death row.

“If I find out I’ve got HIV I’m going to go to the police and make a statement.

“I don’t see why he should get away with what he’s done.”

Banda worked for three summers at the holiday site, bedding at least 13 co-workers as well as a succession of guests.

One former colleague, who worked alongside him in his job as a caravan salesman, had an HIV test last week, but discovered she did NOT have the virus. The woman stormed: “This has been the worst week of my life. I could kill him for what he’s done.”

She added: “He was a real ladies’ man and very highly-sexed. We had a night together after going out for a Chinese meal. Before I knew it, it was too late to think about a condom. I feel so stupid now. He went on a sex rampage after that and was always seeing someone. I can think of at least 20 he slept with after me.”

The woman told how she nursed ex-security worker Banda when he later fell ill, blaming diabetes and low blood sugar.

She said: “Everson was often sick. He’d take time off and go missing when he was meant to be working.”

Another woman, a friend of a caravan owner, was yesterday said to have tested positive for HIV.

The single mum of two is in her early 30s and met Banda after staying with friends at the camp.

One source told how Banda left his Polish girlfriend heartbroken with a string of secret affairs. The 24-year-old waitress — seen with him with her face obscured in our main picture — declared her love for him. But he ended their relationship.

A source said: “He was always seeing other girls. She was told last week he had HIV. She must be in a right state now.”

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