Posted on May 5, 2006

Sister ‘Killed Over Love Affair’

BBC News, May 5, 2006

A woman was murdered by her brother for falling in love with the wrong man, an Old Bailey jury has been told.

It is alleged Samaira Nazir, 25, was stabbed 18 times and had her throat cut after asking her family if she could marry a man from Afghanistan.

Azhar Nazir, 30, and a 17-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, deny murdering her at the family home in Southall, west London, in April 2005.

Her parents allegedly wanted her to marry in the Pakistani family circle.

Asylum seeker Salman Mohammed befriended Miss Nazir’s brother shortly after arriving in the UK on the back of a lorry in 2000.

The court heard he and Miss Nazir kept their relationship secret.

Sally Howes, prosecuting, said the situation reached “crisis point” when Miss Nazir suggested that she would like to marry Mr Mohammed. Her brother reacted angrily, the court heard.

She said: “Following a heated argument about her relationship with Salman, she was attacked and killed.

“It would appear she lost her life for loving the wrong man.”

‘Diminished responsibility’

The court was told that neighbours reported hearing screams and saw Miss Nazir’s arm come out of the front door before she was pulled back into the house by her hair.

A 999 call was made from the family home and a man told the operator he had killed Miss Nazir.

When police arrived both defendants had blood on them while Miss Nazir’s body was in the hallway, the court heard.

Miss Howes said Mr Nazir’s defence was he did not take part in the stabbing.

She also said the 17-year-old accepted carrying out the stabbing but claims diminished responsibility.

The trial continues.