Posted on May 10, 2006

Asst. Principal Accused of Telling Student to Videotape Sex (Orlando), May 10, 2006

DELAND, Fla. — Prosecutors say an assistant principal at DeLand High School tried to get a student to videotape herself having sex. The state attorney said Tyrone Tinsley also asked two girls to have sex with each other.

When students at DeLand High School get into trouble, they have to see the assistant principal in charge of discipline. According to charging paperwork, a trip to Tinsley’s office could get you much more than detention.

Tyrone Tinsley’s family appears to be standing behind him as he faces two felony charges, calling the charges lies. The case concerns his conduct at DeLand High School two years ago.

According to prosecutors, when a student spoke to Tinsley about a bad break up, he asked her “if she ever taped herself having sex with her boyfriend” and told her to try it “so he could watch the tape.”