Posted on October 19, 2005

Dealership Still Missing Cars, Wants U.S. Attorney To Investigate

Mary Foster, AP, Oct. 18

The Cadillac dealership that was allegedly cleaned out by police during Hurricane Katrina is still missing over 100 vehicles, and the general manager wants the U.S. attorney to investigate.

“It needs to be handled by the Justice Department,” Doug Stead said Tuesday. “ . . . I think right now we’ve got cops looking for cops.”

The state attorney general is investigating allegations New Orleans police made off with nearly 200 cars — including 41 new Cadillacs — as the hurricane closed in. The investigation is still under way, a spokeswoman said Tuesday.

Police have acknowledged some cars were taken. It was not considered looting because the officers patrolled in the cars, Capt. Marlon Defillo said. Police are cooperating with the investigation, he said.


The cars taken from the dealership included 88 new Cadillacs and Chevrolets, 40 used cars, 52 customers’ cars and a restored 1970 El Camino and 1966 Impala. Still missing are 50 customers’ cars, 40 used cars and 17 new cars, Stead said.

The loss on new cars was estimated at $3.7 million; the used cars were another $900,000.