Posted on September 12, 2005

BNP Newspapers Seized at Dover

British National Party Website, Sept. 11

Breaking news — the entire consignment of the September issue of the party newspaper “Voice of Freedom” has been seized by Special Branch at Dover docks.

In the early hours of Sunday (11th) morning the lorry driven from the Slovak Republic where our papers are printed, en route to our distribution facility in Leeds was stopped by HM Customs accompanied by officers from Special Branch, the political police force. Although the two Slovak drivers have been released after interview, the entire print run of 60,000 copies remains impounded.

Publicity tool

VoF is one of our most effective publicity tools, with tens of thousands of copies sold each month in high streets, at party meetings and on doorsteps across the country.

So far no reason has been given for the seizure but it is a blatant attempt by the New Labour regime to silence the only genuine opposition to its creeping totalitarianism.

The folly of the repressive State by undertaking this kind of action is highlighted by the fact that the entire version of September’s issue will shortly be made available on our website. Each month a selection of stories is presented online.

Patriotic duty

No doubt a few eyebrows will be raised upon learning that the BNP, the party that wants to put British workers before cheap imported labour should have its monthly newspapers printed in central Europe.

Here is the reason; no British printer will do the work. Frightened off by blackmail threats from hacks working for Labour supporting newspapers, frightened off by quiet words from “friendly police officers” that other printers have had their premises attacked and frightened by demands of higher premiums by greedy insurance companies, no British printer will work for us. We now have a trio of printers in two eastern European countries which are both member states of the EU who are happy to work for us. That is the fact of the matter. It is our patriotic duty which demands we get our message across to the households across Britain regardless of where the newspaper is printed.