Posted on August 29, 2005

Parents Disgusted by Unsanitary Conditions at Detroit School

Val Clark, WXYZ (Detroit), Aug. 29

Parents were appalled Monday when they took their kids to school and found filthy bathrooms at Detroit’s Rosa L. Parks Middle School.

“The toilets are filthy, the walls are filthy, the floors are filthy and just the stench in the building alone is enough to take anybody out of here,” said Delores Toney, a concerned parent.

Parents who bought toilet paper and cleaning supplies were allowed to bring it into the school. Since custodial crews are supposed to handle cleaning they were not allowed to clean up the mess themselves.

Some parents, especially those whose children have asthma, took their children back home Monday.

Friday the district told Channel 7 that the cleaning crews within the district’s 230 buildings had cleaned 32 million square feet. Parents have made the school district aware of the problem at Rosa L. Parks Middle School. On Monday at noon 7 Action News had yet to hear from the district about the situation.