Posted on June 13, 2005

Children To Be Labeled ‘Criminal’ by Age 3, June 13

A leaked 250-page report on proposed crime-fighting strategies, drawn up on instructions of UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, recommends training nursery workers to target children as young as 3 years of age as potential criminals.


Eighty-five percent of prisoners in UK juvenile detention facilities have histories of bullying in school, say researchers cited in the report, while 43 percent of male adult prisoners have children with criminal records.

“There is perhaps too much concern about the potential negative impacts of targeting on children and their families,” the report reads.

The document proposes parenting classes when a child is identified as a potential criminal and intensive foster care for children who are not “under control.” So-called “soft” measures — improving reading, language and social skills — are also recommended for “potential offenders” who are caught early enough, reports the London Times. The UK education secretary is expected to announce a $780 million program tomorrow that implements similar measures, providing breakfasts, after-school sports and art classes as part of a 10-hour school day.