Posted on January 3, 2018

Wrath of the Black Apparatchik

Yaroslav Podvolotskiy, American Renaissance, January 3, 2018

At the end of the 1970s, an apartment block was built near downtown Kiev for the scientists of the Paton Institute of Electrical Welding. One prominent worker was assigned a four-room apartment, which, in the Soviet Union, was like a mansion in the Hamptons. No one deserved this apartment more than this scientist, who had been on the design team for the T-34 tank. She was one of the countless unsung people who helped achieve victory over Germany in what the Soviets called the Great Patriotic War.

However, a well-connected member of the Communist Party decided he needed the flat more than she did, and through underhanded scheming, he was able to wrest the apartment from this scientist and her family. After a year of bitter complaints from the residents of the apartment and city officials, however, the party apparatchik decided to give the flat black to those who deserved it.

Something similar to this happened in America on December 18, 2017. Jean-Marie Simon — human rights activist, school teacher, and lawyer — had a first-class ticket on United Airlines, only to discover that she has been bumped into economy. Jean-Marie Simon demanded an explanation from the crew, who explained that Miss Simon must have accidentally cancelled her ticket.

In economy class, she found herself sitting next to a Texas congressman who explained what he thought had happened:

He told me that it was [Sheila] Jackson Lee, a fellow U.S. congresswoman who regularly does this, that this was the third time he personally had watched her bump a passenger . . . then he asked me if I knew whom Jackson Lee represents in Congress: Bush International Airport in Houston.

When Miss Simon complained publicly about what had happened to her, the Congresswoman accused her of racism.

Sheila Jackson Lee has a reputation with air crews. Once in 1998, she berated a Continental flight attendant because her seafood meal was not available on that flight. She yelled, “Do you know who I am? I’m Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. Where is my seafood meal? I know it was ordered!” This sort of thing was so common that Continental’s vice president of government affairs called her to say that if she continued to be rude to employees she would no longer be welcome on Continental Airlines.

The VP apparently hadn’t got the message. “You don’t understand,” she has been known to say. “I am a queen, and I demand to be treated like a queen.”

Sheila Jackson Lee (Credit Image: © F. Sadou/AdMedia via ZUMA Wire)

A year later the congresswoman was on another Continental flight and couldn’t find her purse. She left the plane and went to the terminal to look for it, but had actually left it on the plane. The plane had pulled away from the gate when she got back, and the staff explained that aviation regulations do not allow aircraft to go back to the gate. Again, she blamed racism. But she was reunited with her purse. The pilot tossed it out the cockpit window.

Congresswoman Jackson Lee treats her staff like airline employees. She calls them “stupid,” “morons,” or just “stupid mother fuckers.” One aide said that the experience of working for her was like serving in Iraq. She insists on being driven everywhere at taxpayer expense — even from her Capital Hill home to Congress, which is said to be a distance of only “200 paces.” She insists that drivers run red lights and drive on highway shoulders.

Part of this is, no doubt, the typical self-importance of our rulers, but Sheila Jackson Lee also seems to have a touch of the African “big man” syndrome. Also, some blacks seem to especially enjoy lording it over whites.

Once when I was in the military, a group of sailors were watching the Stanley Cup playoffs on television in the day room at Naval Station Great Lakes. A black petty officer forced them out so that black sailors could watch the NBA Playoffs. There were plenty of other television sets the blacks could have used, but the petty officer simply seemed to want to flex her authority.

Jean-Marie Simon got a taste of this muscle-flexing, but will she learn from it? I don’t know her personally, but people with her resume do not tend to be race realists. They tend to support the very policies that are allegedly meant to right historical wrongs but that disadvantage whites. Such whites no doubt believe that blacks, Muslims, and Hispanics will thank them.

This is unlikely. Non-whites are far more likely to see white retreat as weakness rather than generosity. This will only increase their contempt for us, and as their numbers grow, their demands will increase. Unless we start defending our interests now, we will be no different from the Kiev grandmother who had to give up her apartment to the apparatchik. And when that day comes, we will never get our apartments — or our institutions or our nations — back.