Posted on November 18, 2017

Why We Push for an Ethnostate

John Ingram, American Renaissance, November 17, 2017

The election of Donald Trump has pushed white advocacy into the limelight. White nationalism is regularly mentioned, however disparagingly, in the New York Times, and the New Yorker pays attention to it. National pundits such as Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter openly challenge multiracial dogma.

Driving home from work this summer, I listened to an NPR reporter who had done a “deep dive” into the alt-right, and was shocked to discover that many of its supporters are well-educated and even hip. What many want, he said, is a white ethnostate. He said this matter-of-factly, and the host received the information just as matter-of-factly.

I was reminded of the stages an idea goes through before acceptance: First, it isn’t mentioned in polite company. Then, it’s mentioned, but only to be denounced. Eventually, it was what everyone thought all along.

We are witnessing the total ungluing of the multiculturalist forces in America. They have abandoned all pretense of supporting free speech and even condone violence against white advocates.

Some university professors openly call for the mass murder of whites, or describe the formation of white families as “part of the problem.” Their jobs are safe.

A TV ad for the Democratic candidate for governor in Virginia featured a truck waving a Confederate flag chasing down a black boy, a Hispanic boy and a Muslim girl. The ad was pulled after an actual truck driver — an Islamic terrorist — ran over and killed bicyclists and pedestrians in New York City.

The media continue to be shocked by Donald Trump’s comments and behavior, oblivious to the backdrop of white discontent that got him elected. Millions of white Americans simply smile to themselves.

So, what to do with all this energy? Start talking about the specifics of racial separation.

White advocacy, in its modern form, is a few decades old. It has largely consisted of a seemingly small number of men who meet, write, and speak on a handful of taboo topics. One of the biggest: inherent racial differences and how they make co-existence impossible. This topic is considered unacceptable for public discourse. Liberals seem to fear that acknowledging inherent racial differences is the first step towards genocide.

Proposing an ethnostate avoids this problem. When our opponents know what we really want, they can’t impute base motives to us or conjure up violent outcomes we don’t envision. So long as we make it clear that separation will be gradual, mutual, and voluntary, people are more willing to accept it. If we do not make clear what we want, non-whites and white liberals really do imagine crazed rednecks running children down with trucks.

We are in the middle of an undeclared race war. To end a war you have peace talks. We should focus on specifics: Who’s going to get what? Which counties in our state should be for whites? Which ones for blacks? Which ones will be “multiracial”? Let’s get out maps and start marking them up.

White ethnostates, along with corresponding black ethnostates, Hispanic ethnostates, etc., cut off just about every complaint of unfairness by non-whites. You can’t discriminate against people you don’t live with. If Ta-Nehisi Coates says white racism is incurable, this is the solution.

All races can talk about ethnostates in a positive and forward-looking way, without dragging in tired discussions of the past or uncomfortable conversations about IQ. It’s easier to call yourself a supporter of a white ethnostate than a white separatist, white advocate or identitarian. You support something — you aren’t yourself something, and this depersonalizes the conversation.

If non-whites complain that we “owe” them something or that they couldn’t make it without us, they are conceding that we are better at building and maintaining civilized societies. Of course, as John Derbyshire has noted, blacks almost certainly will be worse off, materially anyway. But what about psychologically? Is the average African villager happier than a black American man in state prison?

The most we need to acknowledge is the simple and observable reality that races don’t get along. This observation assigns no blame. You could call it the “irreconcilable differences” grounds for divorce.

Many will dismiss ethnostates as a pipe dream, but don’t sell human ingenuity short. When you present people with a concrete idea — even a very big concrete idea — they’re good at extrapolating and filling in gaps with their own ideas.

“The Picnic” by Thomas Cole (1846).

Many blacks support reparations; most whites are opposed. But the ethnostate discussion can include that issue. After all the billions — probably trillions — whites have spent on blacks over the decades, they’re probably willing to shell out a few more bucks to be finished with the problem.

Whites, of course, aren’t the only ones to think of an ethnostate. The Nation of Islam has pushed for one for a long time.

We need to popularize the idea. A gruff white worker will say to another, after witnessing typically black behavior, “Maybe it’s time for that white ethnostate.” Blacks could add their voices. Instead of screaming “racism” after an arrest, they could say, “I can’t wait for my ethnostate.”

Some will see introducing the idea of racial separation as incendiary. I disagree. I predict an incredible cooling effect simply by discussing it.

Much of our mental health depends on what we imagine for the future. We can tolerate miserable circumstances if we know they can improve. Thinking about ethnostates will help us all.

I remain convinced that out-of-control multiracialism has taken an incredible toll on America’s collective mental health. The 11th “Stress in America” survey, released by the American Psychological Association, reports that about two-thirds of Americans say they are worried about the future of the country. Fifty-nine percent of those surveyed say that the “current social divisiveness” is one cause of their distress.

Government should study the matter. It might result in a legislator calling for “the formation of a committee, made up of residents of all racial and ethnic groups, to begin studying the feasibility and mechanics of separation.” There could even be a lobbying group — ideally multiracial — devoted to the single issue of ethnostates.

America is already pretty well segregated, in both neighborhoods and schools. Liberals constantly complain about this. The idea of an ethnostate would stop whatever desegregation efforts continue.

Instead of “segregated schools” we’d have schools with “cultural integrity.” For the workplace, I envision a complete obliteration of the anti-discrimination laws that have only made whites miserable and non-whites scarcely better off.

The criminal justice system is a major source of racial friction. Ethnostates would solve the problem: White police and the white court system would stop enforcing “white laws” against blacks or Hispanics. Black police and court systems would handle offenses by blacks in ways they saw fit. You could be tried by a jury consisting only of your own race. There would have to be some kind of agreement on handling the increasingly rare case of crimes that cross racial lines.

Ethnostates would not require a racial “trails of tears.” There might be little need for people to move. It could be recognized that wherever you live now, you can stay until you die, but no one would move into an area set aside for people of a different race. “Aliens” living in an area that belonged to a different race might be required to give up the right to vote.

I predict that so long as a given race knew an area was “theirs,” they would not actually care very much about the presence of people of other races. They would be treated well because they would not be a threat. Commerce would continue to cross boundaries freely.

We must push the “right of association” as a basic human right. People of all races have the right to associate with each other and exclude non-members. This right will override anti-discrimination laws.

The Trump phenomenon proves that whites are capable of marshaling their forces, even if they are not yet engaging in explicit white advocacy, and that non-whites screech and become violent even when whites engage in implicit white advocacy. This rage is based on a mistaken idea: that we can all “just get along.”

Modern Israel started as an idea in Theodor Herzl’s head. Today, it’s a nation.

There’s only one way out: esthnostates for all.