Posted on May 23, 2021

A Better Way to Stream

Hubert Collins, American Renaissance, May 23, 2021

Robert Hampton’s recent blog, “Affirmative-Action Hollywood” was yet another reminder of how anti-white the film industry has become. Unfortunately, most streaming services reflect this and offer plenty of contemporary multi-culti content with relatively few classics. Tubi is an exception. It started in 2014, it’s free, and it has commercial breaks like regular TV. More importantly, it has more classics than anything else. American Renaissance readers will have no trouble finding movies worth watching on Tubi. Two particularly good classics available now are Dirty Harry and Zulu.

Tubi also has many Westerns, probably the most pro-white film genre, including John Ford’s masterpiece Stagecoach. Hundreds of documentaries are also available, such as Cocaine Cowboys, which covers the fall of Miami.

You can create a free account with Tubi by clicking here.