Posted on July 1, 2020

Twitter Stupidity of the Day

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, July 1, 2020

Every day, Twitter has a new artificial controversy. The platform will identify someone who said something scandalous, and the Twitter mobs begin to howl. Recently, it was Terry Crews’s turn.

Terry Crews Backlash

The black actor is known for comedy. For example, he was President Camacho in the prescient 2006 film Idiocracy.

However, Mr. Crews is not a clown. He’s very honest about Hollywood’s dark side and his own failings. He’s struggled with pornography addiction. He claims he was sexually assaulted by a Hollywood talent agent. D.L. Hughley, Russell Simmons, Tariq Nasheed, and others found this accusation funny.

Mr. Crews did not criticize the Black Lives Matter movement in today’s “controversial” tweet. If anything, it was banal.

Mr. Crews is trying to say something positive, but plenty of people didn’t see it that way.

Can we honestly say that blacks today are not a “special favorite of the laws?” With affirmative action, preferences in government contracts, and ethnic lobby groups, blacks have tremendous collective power. Whites have none. If blacks require “trillions” of dollars and “decades” of effort to be equal, whites should ask if there will ever be an end to this egalitarian crusade. If blacks believe they built they country over “400 years,” are we doomed to subsidize them for the next 400? Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor predicted that affirmative action won’t be needed by 2028. Nice try.

Mr. Crews’s call for children of God to act like brothers and sisters is idealistic, but it’s clearly not the message blacks want to hear. Blacks want concessions until we reach “equality.” In practical terms, this means forever because whites and blacks do not have the same average intelligence. “Equality” means a blank check with no expiration date.

No society can function this way without consuming itself, and perhaps Mr. Crews senses this. But it’s hard to fault blacks for demanding more and more and more. The question is: Why do we keep giving?